Sokka The Puppy

Since my mother died on Christmas Eve, I have a lot in my head to say, but the words just don’t come together. I am trying to keep my blog active, not so much for readers, but for me, this is a huge time of change, not only for my family, but our country as … [Read more…]

Rest in peace Sweet Mother

My mother, Betty Miller, passed away peacefully at home with my daughter and I close by. She had been declining in ability over the past months, and she was ready to go Home and be with our other loved ones who preceded her! I will miss her terribly, she was a part of my every … [Read more…]

Camera Critters – Kovu the Ginger Cat

I always enjoyed participating in Camera Critters, but it has been a long time! Kovu our ginger kitty. I was trying to post a picture of both cats, but Word Press was not cooperating with sizing.       Check out Camera Critters for more great critter shots!

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Dont’ really have much going on to blog about, so I thought I would share some photos of the crazy kitty we call Jack! Anyone that things black cats are bad luck are missing out! I have owned two, and they were most amazing! Jack came to us by way of the Montgomercy County SPCA … [Read more…]

A Week in Review

Sometimes the hardest part about blogging (besides turning on the laptop) is coming up with a title. With that said, I am simply calling it what it is, which is a review of my last week. It was a good week. The weather has gotten had, really, really hot and humid and cicadas have arrived, … [Read more…]

Half Past Summer

It seems the longer I put off updating my blog, the harder it is to know where to start. I finally made some hosting changes, and now my site will just be Once upon a time, I had time for THREE blogs, before Instagram, Twitter and Facebook took over the social media world. I … [Read more…]