Day 6 – Patience

These are two oranges (1/18/09 – edited to add – actually these are LEMONS) growing on an tree in my side yard. You are probably wondering what oranges (lemons) have to do with patience aren’t you? Tara and I moved to this house in June of 2003, in the yard there was a small, sad … [Read more…]

Day 5 – Shuttle Endeavour

Tonight Tara and I witnessed what is said to be the last night lauch of the Space Shuttle program. We have watched all but two of the launches since moving to Florida in 2003. Each and every time, I am a bit anxious until the shuttle is up and out of sight. I see each … [Read more…]

Thank Goodness it’s Friday….

TGIF – I am so ready for a weekend. Six more work days until I will have six days off in a row. I tend to take my vacation time a couple days at a time, and sometimes that’s just not enough to regenerate, so I am really looking forward to that time off! I … [Read more…]

Day 4 – Morning Coffee

I love my morning coffee, and I love drinking it out of fun mugs. I have several Disney mugs, and mugs with palm trees, as well as a collection of Starbuck’s travel mugs. They were always fun to buy and use when I spent more time in the car with coffee. Right now, I rarely … [Read more…]

Totally boring Thursday

Oh – don’t you just love the Turkey background? Why yes I do! (I have to answer the question myself because at this point, I have no clue if anyone is EVEN reading my blog!) We are on the downward side of the work week slope and I am glad that it is almost the … [Read more…]

Day 3 – Growth

Day 3’s photo is a group of new palm trees that were planted in the recreation area of our neighborhood association. We live in an area called Waterford Lakes, that is made up of several smaller sub divisions. I drive by this recreation area probably 360 days a year….. only time I wouldn’t drive by … [Read more…]

Middle of the Week Blues

I am going to get an early start to my entry for the day, although I am sure it will be a compilation of events and thoughts throughout the day. It seems by evening time, when the day is winding down, so am I! Last night I had good intentions for accomplishing “stuff”, only to … [Read more…]

Day 1 – Like no Otter

Today I am going to post a photo I actually took yesterday. I had planned on starting this blog then, but ran out of energy! Today’s photo is an otter. Not something that I am accustomed to seeing in our ponds. We see many varieties of birds, turtles and yes the occasional alligator, here in … [Read more…]

TGIF 11/7/08

I am so glad that today is Friday. Tara has been saying that the weeks have been going very fast for her, but we both agreed this one felt a bit longer. It does not feel like just last week was Halloween. We had such a fun night and a wonderful weekend, but the memories … [Read more…]