Letters of Condolence

Today, I opened an envelope that I knew contained some documents regarding Robin’s death. A few newspaper articles, and other official papers. What I forgot this folder contained were letters from then President Nixon, General Westmoreland, our governor at the time and other local officials. I wonder at the time my parents received these whether … [Read more…]

Letters from Robin – Fire in the Hole – 9/28/69

On this Eve of Memorial Day, I am taking time to once again share on of Robin’s letters. I had put the project on hold, and like so many things, never got back to it. I have about 23 that I have yet to share. It is a time consuming process, and uninterrupted time is … [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas – Time is moving too fast!

I tried! LOL! I love to blog, as a way of journaling, I wish I could find time do it every day! I really l wanted to share Christmas all month, but Christmas at work is kicking my butt. Last night I worked my first ever “open until midnight” shift. We had just 2 customers in the two … [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas – Celebrating My Parents

Day #8 (I know, I missed day 7, it is coming!) On this day, in 1945, my parents were married. Thanks for all you did for us Mom & Dad. I love you both. I wish they  had more time together, today would have been 70 years. While I am sure they had their disagreements, they … [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas – My Favorite Movies

Day #7 I have been watching Christmas/holiday movies on The Hallmark Channel since the beginning of November, yes a little early but not all of them are all about Christmas. Most are just about families and relationships. Some make me laugh some make me cry! I do have have my “not made for TV” favorites … [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas – O Holy Night

  Day 3 Growing up in the 60s, before cassettes, 8 tracks, CDs and MP3 players and IPods,  we listened to music recorded on vinyl and a machine called a record player (for all you youngins). One of the 33 rpm vinyl records I remember in our family collection was Ernie Ford Star Carol. In … [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas – A Very Disney Christmas

Day #2 Tara and I lived in Orlando from 2003-2009, and hands down my favorite time of year in the parks was Christmas.  Disney had something great for every season, but for me it was most magical at Christmas. We would attend Very Merry Christmas Parties, and visit Christmas around the world in EPCOT.  MGM … [Read more…]