Playing Catch Up 116-124

Trying to catch up on my Pictures of the Day!
I have just not had the time (nor the weather when I have time) to get out with my camera.
I purchased a new camera for my bag, to compliment my Canon xSi.  I purchased a Nikon P500.  Specifically for the zoom, and the lighter weight.  I think we have a lot of concerts in our future, and this camera will be permissible at most of the venues frequent.  I picked up the camera on Friday evening and we headed out on a weekend trip to Ocean City, MD/Assateague Island.
My Canon is off at the “camera spa”, getting a well deserved cleaning and a couple minor repairs.

Assateague Pony

Assateague Pony

Egret – taken from 3rd floor hotel room.
Guardian Gulls

Sunset over Assateague

Fenwick Island Beach

Assateague Island National Seashore
Mama Robin sitting on her nest on our patio.
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93/365 – 99/365 – Photo of the Day(s)

I am so far behind!  I’ve been participating in a A-Z Blogging Challenge over on The Daily Grind, and my free blogging time has been spent over there.  I worked five days this past week too, which took my “extra” day while Tara was in school!
92/365 – Kovu – I had my tabletop photo studio out and when I turned around Kovu was sitting in it like he was waiting to get his portrait done!

 94/365 – The temperatures are finally warming and the abundance of April (and March) showers are helping the flowers to bloom.  I think these daffodils look like a bunch of SUNSHINE!

 95/365 – Kovu again.  Why are you taking my picture?  Don’t you know I was up protecting the house all night?

96/365 – The only picture I took all day… actually I spent two evening using this product, colored Tara’s hair one night and it wasn’t RED enough, so we tried again the next night.  Today (Sunday) I think I will do mine!


98/365 – This is the MYSTERY CAT.  Quick story.  We had a black cat for many years.  She passed away in 2001. Tara and I moved to FL in 2003, and not too long after that we started noticing a black cat hanging around… I joked that it was Ebony come back to check on us.  I also suspected that it might have been the father to the litter of kittens our cat Daphne had, one of which is Kovu (above).  I would also call it Darth Vader for that reason!

Now that we live in PA, we have another black cat who comes to visit and just sits and stares… it sat on the cable box in the little wooded area out back for close to an hour.   I can’t get too close, I used my 55-200mm lens to capture this.

 99/365 – Sheep – I stopped to check out the sheep next to the Evangelical Congregational “Old Dutchie” Church, 1581 Valley Forge Rd, Worcester after reading about it on my friend Iggy’s blog.  I have ridden/driven by this church more times than I can ever remember during my life as we used to pass it to visit family, and for several years I passed it going to and from work!  The sheep and lambs were busy eating, but some realized there was an intruder nearby and ran toward the barn!

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91/365 and 92/365

The last few days of March were rough…. bad weather, blah attitude….. here is hoping now that April is here, spring will really bloom!

91/365 (April Fool’s Day) we had some snow.  It melted as soon as it hit the ground, but this one bush looked like it had little crystal balls hanging all over it!

92/365 – Saturday, a day off, from work and getting Tara out the door for school! I’ve been able to do what I WANT this morning.

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86/365 and Mellow Yellow Monday


I had to make a quick trip to Philly on Sunday, and on the way home I took the “scenic” route trying to figure out where I could photograph a mural (Philly is known for their street murals) that I see from the “expressway” through Philly.  I found the mural I was looking for, but logistics prevented me from getting any pictures.  I will save that for an adventure some warmer spring day, when I can make the trip alone.

Instead of getting back on the expressway, I made the trip back home through the “neighborhoods” of Philly.  I found this mural as a substitute for the day.  It is called “World on a Turtle“.  It was painted by Dennis Haugh.  If you look closely (I did not notice it until I zoomed in to fix some spots in the picture from my dirty windshield!) the turtles back is a map of the streets of the Manayunk and Roxborough!

I figure the background is “yellowish” for Mellow Yellow Monday as well! 

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