Camera Critters – White as Snow!

“Throwback” Photos from Busch Gardens Tampa.

I hope every one is having a wonderful weekend! I worked today, and work tomorrow (Sunday) as well. Looking forward to having Monday off!

Camera Critters>
Two of my favorite “critters” when we visited just happened to be white.

White Tigers – I just wanted to bring him/her home! So stunningly gorgeous with the blue eyes!

White Peacock, this was the first and only time I’ve seen one! As gorgeous as a peacock is with all their glorious colors, there is something simply beautiful about an all white one!

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Wild Bird Wednesday – Flamingos

Okay, so they might not exactly be “wild”, as they live at Sea World, but Flamingos are one of my favorite birds. Flamingos make me think of summer!

Flamingos are found in warm, watery areas of many countries. They have long curved necks with black tipped bills that bend downward. This bill helps them feed on small fish, plankton, etc. Their webbed feet help stir up the bottom of the shallow waters in which they feed. They eat by burying their bills and sucking in the water and mud. They have a filterlike structure in their beak that “strains” the food from the water, which is expelled.
Their pink color comes from shrimplike crustaceans. Babies are born gray and white, the pink color takes about two years to develop.
Flamingos are usually found in flocks, as they find safety in numbers since they spend so much time with their head down in the mud! 

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Birds of Florida – Wild Bird Wednesday

One of the things I miss about living in Florida is the abundance of different wildlife. Here in Pennsylvania where I live, the wildlife is pretty basic. I need to go “into the woods” to find more exciting species. As I don’t have much time to get back to nature most of my photos are of the birds and squirrels that visit my patio!

As I just stumbled upon this meme, I am not prepared with any new photos, so I am going to take a trip back to one of our visits to Black Pointe Wildlife Refuge in Florida. This was about a 45 minute drive from our home and we visited quite often. It was a nice “Sunday drive”.

Great Egret
Great Blue Heron
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Blue Jays

Blue Jay, waiting in the tree for some peanuts!
Blue Jays are bossy and noisy, but oh so pretty!

Joining in for the first time for Outdoor Wednesday.
I was sad to see Mid Week Blues has been retired by Rebecca.

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Mellow Yellow Monday and POD #214

I have been trying for weeks to capture these adorable goldfinches with my camera.  I would see a flash of yellow zip by in the mornings when I was out tending to the pool, but they would never land in a place I could see them.  Each morning, I faithfully took my camera out with me, and this morning I was lucky.  I did not attempt to get too close for fear it would fly off again.  Just perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday!

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2010 – POD #30 and Camera Critters – Backyard Friends

I finally was able to get photos of the one last species of bird that I’ve seen at the feeder this winter, the Downy Woodpecker. I shot these through the patio door.

This one is not great, he had the feeder spinning.

Another cardinal shot. I love how he is all puffy in this one!

Totally surprised to see a Robin!

and not to be left out the squirrels.  They were having a conversation about something!

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2010 – POD #24 – Blue Jay (of Happiness)

Another capture I have been trying for… the lovely blue jay.  The past few days we have had two visiting the feeder more often than before, but never would land long enough for me to grab the camera.  Today I saw two other not noticed before species at the feeder, one being a nuthatch and the other still to be identified.
Here is Mr Blue Jay!

Linking up to Mid Week Blues!

and Blue Monday

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2010 POD – Day #6 – Cardinal

I thought I was done posting pictures of Mr. Cardinal, but I finally got his photo on the bird feeder. I think he looks so nice next to his portrait!

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