C is for Catching Up!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning, day four of my four day “Staycation” that conincided with my daughter’s spring break from school.
I’ve accomplished NEXT to NOTHING in the last three days, with the exception of some grocery shopping and photo editing, oh and watching the entire (15 episodes) series to date of AMC’s The Killing. I can’t wait for the next episode tonight!

Although I am feeling a bit guilty about not getting to that mental to-do list. I have enjoyed my time away from the store. I did a little shopping in another Walgreens, but did not yet step foot in my store!

I did work part time as the “Teen Shuttle” for my daughter and her friends. Sometimes I get frustrated, feel “taken advantage of”, but then I realize this is a time I can listen and observe and learn a little bit more about Tara’s friends. I have to admit, they are pretty entertaining! One of Tara’s friends who moved to NJ was here for spring break, and Tara got to spend some good quality time with him as well as other friends!

I had hoped to do some CLEANING and COOKING. I cleaned a bathroom and today I will be doing a little cooking today!

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B is for Betty

My mother is an amazing woman.

At 87 (and 1/2) she is still sharp as a tack. She has always liked to read, do word puzzles, and do crafts. She keeps her hands and her mind busy. She even has a few games she enjoys playing on the computer. All things that keep the neurons firing!

Mom was born in 1924, the first of three children.

She graduated from Upper Merion High School in 1942, she went through all 12 years of school in the SAME building.

She met my Dad, Bill, and they married in 1945.

Mom was a homemaker during the years she raised our family. My siblings were pretty close in age being born from 1946-1949. I brought up the rear not being born until 1958.

Once I entered elementary school, Mom got a job in my school. So although she worked outside the house, she was there when I left and there when I got home (and right down the hall all day long!)

Our family lost my brother Robin in the Viet Nam in 1969. The worst loss a mother can suffer. Her strong faith carried her through.

Mom is devoted to her family, and even now will put the wants and needs of others before her own.

My siblings and I have given her 3 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, and so far 5 great grandsons! She was a very involved “Nana” for many years, but as she has gotten older that has proved more difficult.

I have such wonderful memories of our family times. I was one of those odd teens that enjoyed spending time with my parents. We camped and traveled during the spring, summer and fall from 1969 until I left for college in 1976. My parents continued with many great trips. I am glad I had those times during my teenage years with both my parents.

In 1986 my Mother lost the love of her life when my father passed, and we became even close. We enjoyed traveling, shopping, and going to shows and concerts together. We don’t have the opportunity to do those things as much any more with a teenager in the house, and Mom just doesn’t get around like she used too! We’ve been able to do over the years what many mother’s and daughter’s, no matter how close, can do, and that is live together. That’s not to say there aren’t times that it is difficult (with my teenager in the house), but as she get’s older, I am glad that I am able to be close to her!

She has outlived both of her siblings, and in preparation for her 70th high school reunion, she is realizing that there are very few of the Class of ’42 left as well!

I will never be able to repay Mom for all that she has done for me throughout my life. The things I am able to do, just don’t seem adequate!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!


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A is for ABSENT

April 1st arrived and has gone. I was completely unprepared for the A-Z Blogging Challenge I signed for and have been looking forward too.

Last year I believe I made it only 1/2 way through, but I tried.

Not starting off to well this year am I?

I was sure with three days off work prior to April 1st, I would find time to sit in front of the computer and type. Pre-plan, schedule posts. I did not.

It took all day my first day off to recover my previous eight (very busy) days of work.

The second day, I spent trying to catch up on the things I didn’t have time for during the previous nine days.

Saturday, the third day, I spent out of the house from 10:00am until 2:00am. I took my daughter and friends to an eight hour concert, 1 1/2 hours from home! We were there VERY early, because the “fan girls” wanted to be front row! They were!

(That’s my Tara in the middle with the ORANGE hair!)

I am too old to hang with the teenagers. I was exhausted and I wasn’t even in the concert! I just “hung out”.

We were in Lancaster, PA – AMISH country if that counts for anything.

The headliner band was Asking Alexandria, to throw in a couple more A’s, and two of Tara’s friends that were there were named Ashely!

So, here it is almost 10pm on April 2nd, and I am just finding the time and energy to update my blog!

So, yes, I was absent on “A” Day, hopefully I will be forgiven and can move on!

I really need to get back into blogging regularly, I enjoy it, I miss it. I need to carve out more time to be creative. I’ve got some more time off coming up for spring break. Hopefully the time I need to renew and re-energize.


Thanks A-LATTE for stopping by!

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A-Z Blogging Challenge … L is for Late

L is for LATE….
THREE days late. I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about for “L” for those three days.  I started to write about my town, Lansdale, but it really isn’t that exciting.

I could write about lattes, or llamas, or Rob Lowe, all “L” things that I like.  I am sure there are more…..

or I could write about how much I really hate to be late.  I do.  I would rather be 1/2 hour early, than one minute late.

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!


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A-Z Blogging Challenge…. K is for Kasper

 K is for Kasper.

Kasper is my married name.  I grew up as Martha Anne Miller.  Simple and easly.   liked my initials too – “MAM” – My father was WAM, my mother was BAM and I was MAM.

When I got married, Kasper seemed like a pretty easy name.
My initials became MAK, I was nicknamed by a co-worker MAK (Mac).  I never really had a nickname before.  Only problem, everyone wants to spell Kasper with a “C”.

Now, when I spell my name out loud for someone, I quickly say, “Kasper with a K”.  I try to get it out before they hit the “C” on the keyboard.

Tara and I have been estranged from my ex-husband (who since passed away last year) and his family for 14 years, so there is no real connection to the name.  Iprefer to not be called Mrs. Kasper, I would much rather just be called Martha.  (One name, like a celebrity!)  Some of Tara’s new friends ask what they should call me… I tell them anything but Mrs. Kasper.  I have recently been dubbed “Frodo” by one of her friends and it is spreading through them all!

Just this week I was contacted by my ex-sister-in-law.  I was thrilled.  I had tried to find her, but there were too many with a similar name and limited personal info, so I could never be sure!  I am hoping that this on line connection will help us reconnect “in real life” and Tara might be able to at get to know her grandparents, aunt, uncle and THREE teen age cousins, who I still remember as only TWO that were 2 and 4 the last time I saw them!  I never wanted us to be estranged, but you know with families,one small misunderstanding can damage relationships for years!

TWO letters to the half way point.  Instead of getting easier it is getting harder.  I have always envied those who could write.  I guess I just need to keep working at it!!!  Or get a more interesting LIFE!  Hmmm LIFE, that’s an “L” word!

This week continues to be a challenge in more ways than just blogging!  I can’t wait until SATURDAY!

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Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! Martha

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A-Z Blogging Challenge…. J is for Joy

 J is for, I really have no clue!  I started this post on Tuesday, but never did think of anything but JOY, so I’m just going to leave you with this picture!

 Life this week has been a challenge… and there are still three days left until the weekend!

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Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! Martha

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A-Z Blogging Challenge – I is for Ill

The most beautiful day of the year,
And here I sit on my rear.
I feel like crap,
All my energy sapped,

I took a headache pill,
But still feel ill.
When instead I wish I could sit in the sun on a hill!!

Another lame attempt at creative writing…..

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A-Z Blogging Challenge- H is for Hero

Sgt Robin B Miller 12/5/1949 – 3/9/1969

My brother, Robin was and is my hero.

Robin was 18 when he enlisted in the Army, and was sent to Viet Nam.  The year was 1968.  I was just 10.

I have many memories of Robin, most of them involved his working on the farm that we lived near or hunting muskrats in the winter.  He loved to be outside and he loved his friends and family.

I remember the day we took him to the Philadelphia Airport.  That was the last time I would see him alive.

I looked forward to the letters he sent to my parents on a very regular basis.  I actually have the box of them in my room right now.  I try to read them, but I don’t get to far before sadness overcomes me.  Even 41 years later.

He tried to make a difference while he was in Viet Nam.  Sharing treats sent from home with the village children they would encounter.  He was a good soul, in a bad bad place.

Robin’s next trip home was in a casket.  He was killed on March 9, 1969.  I never saw his face again. the casket was closed for his funeral.  Our family was never the same again.

Although he had a military funeral and received many medals and honors for his service and his actions on the day that he was killed, most people during that time did not look at the soldiers fighting in Viet Nam to be heroes.  They fought in an unpopular war.

Robin did what he was called to do by his country, and for that he was and will always be a hero to me!

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A-Z Blogging Challenge…. G is for Guinea Pig

I’ve made it through week 1.  It is harder than I thought to think of things each day!  I love visiting and reading new blogs.  I hope to get around a bit more this weekend.  No work again until Sunday evening!  I am very late posting for today.  My early morning was busy, then work, and several Friday evening errands!

G  is for Guinea Pigs… the other animal inhabitants of our home. 

Cavia porcellus (little pig). 

They are not from Guinea, nor are they pigs!

After several pet hamsters, none of which were overly easy to handle, my daughter convinced me to get her a guinea pig for her birthday.  I decided on two after researching and finding they are more social animals and like the company of other guinea pigs.  (I am really bad at saying NO to my daughter!) 

Minnie and Daisy came to join our family.  After a couple weeks, Minnie seemed to be getting fatter!  I packed them up and headed to the pet store… sure enough, Daisy was actually Mickey, and Minne was “in the family way”!

60 some days later, now there are SIX.    Minnie was an over achiever and had four babies!
  Guinea pig babies are so cute.This is just a few hours after they are born…(that’s the dogs nose in the back of the picture, so you can see how little they are, but fully “baked”, with hair, and open eyes!)

Guinea Pigs
Brownie, Oliver, Bing and Oreo

We had such a good time raising the little family.  They happened to be born during summer vacation, so Tara’s little posse of friends came over just about every day to “play” with them.  It was a great way to socialize the babies, and get them used to being handled.  They had outside play time almost every day!

Guinea pigs have quite a language.  Different sounds mean different things.  I find it very interesting.  Tara is much better about distinguishing each sound than me!

  • Wheek -or whistle, when excited, (like feeding time) or used to find a lost pig! About this sound listen 
  • Purring listen 
  • Rumbling – shows dominance, or used when “courting”.  the male will rumble and sway his butt!  It really is quite funny to see!About this sound listen 
  • Chutting and Whining – Made when pursuing another GP About this sound listen
  • Squealing or Shrieking – A high-pitched , response to pain or danger, they will do this if we walk in and startle them. About this sound listen
  • Chirping – GPs rarely chirp, but on several occasions Reese has done it in the morning before I feed him… it can also be related to stress.  They have nothing to be stressed about though!  They lead a life of luxury in a 5×3 ft pen!, About this sound listen 

If they hear a plastic shopping bag being rustled they will wheek in excitement.  I used to keep their greens in such a bag in the refrigerator, so they associate that noise with food.  When we had the whole family, they would “sing” in unision.  It was really quite load! 

We kept all six for several months, until, as with some of our other pets, we had to find homes because we were moving.  It was hard letting them go.  I loved them all!

Mickey the dad, and Oliver stayed with us.  Unfortunately, Mickey had a skin condition we did not catch in time and he passed away. :(.  Oliver had it too, but less severe and $360 (yes $360) he was all better.

Oliver moved to PA with us.  He loves his free time out on the patio.  He seems to know not to go off into the flower beds. 

Last summer Tara convinced me that Oliver was lonely, and Reese joined our family.  Reese is much more “high strung” than Oliver, and a very noisy Guinea Pig. He has calmed down a bit, but still a little crazier than Oliver.  (I can’t seem to find a picture of Reese…)


So, now I have shared a little bit about all our pets.  If it were up to Tara we would have many more species.  She loves animals, but always seems to be TOO BUSY to care for them.  I learned long ago if I brought a pet into the house, not to expect her to be the primary care giver….

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Now, to start thinking about “H”!!!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!


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A-Z Blogging Challenge – F is for Flowers

When I started this challenge, I promised myself that I would come up with topics that were not based on photographs but my written words.  I participate in several different theme based memes on my photography blog, and I wanted this to be different.  However, the only thing that keeps coming to my head for the letter “F” is FLOWERS.  Maybe that is because spring has been here for two weeks now, and I think we have had only about 3 days of anything resembling spring like weather.

Take time to smell the roses.

I love flowers, any kind of flower.  I have patiently waited for the temperatures to warm long enough to help the daffodils bloom along our walk…. yellow daffodils, red roses, purple iris, I love them all.

I love taking pictures of flowers. Living in Florida for several years there was always something in bloom.



EPCOT – World Showcase -Germany

EPCOT – World Showcase – United Kingdom

Plumeria in my FL backyard

Hibiscus from around Orlando

Memorial Day 2010 – My mother’s hands holding a yellow rose in remembrance of my brother killed in Vietnam

Green Lane Park, PA

I can’t blog about the letter “F” without also sharing a picture of my favorite footwear… FLIP FLOPS!

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Thanks A-Latte for stopping by,


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