We will return to normal programming SOON!

I thought for sure I would find some time to blog this weekend, but sadly, I did not…. I hope once Tara is back in school, and the pool is closed that I will be able carve out an hour each day for blogging and visiting. I miss those times sitting with my coffee catching up with friends.

Until then I will leave you with this photo I took of Tara on Friday at Ocean City, NJ. We drove “down the shore” to see what Hurricane Earl was going to deliver. (I knew before we went that it was not going to be really bad weather, but suspected some pretty awesome surf!)  My girl is growing up!

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness!

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Addicted to Blogging

I am so totally addicted to blogging. What took me so long to get “with” it? I mean, I love spending time on the computer, surfing, researching, and I’ve always loved having my own website. (which BTW, I pay $$$ each month and blogs are FREE www.marthaandtara.com) It was a great way of keeping family and friends up to date on what we were doing after we moved to Florida and a way to display my artwork (photographs!) I had been following a few CarePages, and I believe those lead me to Semblance of Sanity and Because I Said So, which led me to more, and more blogs. I look forward each morning to see what people had to say since I last left them, and I laugh and cry with them, as they open their doors and share their lives (and so many of them there deepest thoughts – something I am still not too comfortable with – maybe if my site was more anonymous).

I have “meet” a 30something mom (Monica) who recently relocated from Maine to Florida with her husband and 3 children. Although we are in very different places in our lives, we also have so many things that are similar. I look forward to each post to see what they have been up to! (When I first really started following, and would comment on so many things that Monica blogged about, I almost felt like a stalker….)

I have seen complete strangers (except for a connection through blogging) reach out to a couple in a nearby hospital with a critcally ill newborn, because they followed Kelly’s blog, or followed someone else’s blog who was asking for prayers for Baby Harper.

Being able to make connections with so many people in so many places without ever leaving my family room is truly amazing to me. If I am looking for something to do, or feeling lonely, I can just hop on the computer and “visit” one of my friends. Many never know that I stop by, as I am a quiet visitor, but more and more I try to speak up and leave a comment before I go!

A couple of weeks ago (I think because of Monica’s blog) I discovered “memes“. There are so many out there – ideas to help you blog each and every day. Unlike some folks who have lots of kids, exciting careers, the gift of writing and making even ordinary daily events seem funny, or the opportunity to be out and about all week; my actual life is pretty quiet. I am a single 50 (one month from 51) year old mom, with one amazing child. I work from home, we have a houseload of pets. Some days we really are just plain BORING!

The meme topics give me something to think about. I love the photo topics, I get a chance to look through my thousands of photos to find just the right one for that theme or topic…. revisiting memories! (A Thousand Word Thursday at Cheaper than Therapy by Jen is one great example, I do more of these on my photo blog), I get to share a little about myself that I would never have thought would interest any one (even if it is the fact that many times when Tara and I go to the movies… I fall asleep, only to find out that there are at least THREE other moms who do the same thing)!

Blogging it does a body (and mind) good! I’m off to find a meme for today, before I start my day.

Check out my photoblog too –

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