Critters of the Week

I had a couple opportunities to get out for a short time with my camera this week.

First Tara and I took a drive to Green Lane Park.
There we saw these two cuties. They watched us for a bit, then ran deeper into the woods.

YOU looking at ME?

On another drive to a park closer to home, Fischer’s Park we had to stop for the geese to cross the road. Try as I might I could not get a clear picture of the goslings. They just never stopped moving! It didn’t help that I was stopped in the road (in the car) trying to get the pictures. I was afraid a car would come up behind me.

Hurry up Henry, there is a car coming! We don’t want the children to be orphans!
That family from Canada sure has a lot of kids!
As I was leaving our development for work the other morning, I looked to the right and saw this little sweetie sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream watching something. This kitty is either a stray or someone’s pet who is allowed to roam free. She wanders by our place from time to time and drives Kovu crazy when she sits outside my window at night! She is not fearful if I talk to her from inside, and she looks like she is well nourished. (I would hate if she was a homeless cat!)

So that’s my week of critters! Maybe this week I’ll actually get OUT OF THE CAR to take some pictures!
I may or may not be headed to NYC in the morning, so I may, or may not be linking up late! TEENAGERS!
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Hot Dog in a Bowl

I’m going back three years in time for this one!
Before Tara and I left Orlando, one of her favorite things to do was go to our local pet store to to play with the puppies. They encouraged this to social the puppies before they found homes.
This one little guy was just so cute sitting in his food bowl! Not a great technical photo because of the glass and glare, but the cuteness factor outweighs all that!

Camera Critters

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An Evening At The Park

Tara and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful evening on Friday, (and the fact that I had not been on my feet for 8 hours at work) and go for a walk. We headed to a local park.

One of the things I love best about this park is the waterfall and stream!

We first came upon Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. I think they might have had an argument, as they would not stand close to one another! In fact when Mrs. Mallard walked near Mr. Mallard, he took off and walked down the pathway! Later we saw them with their other Mallard friends at the other end of the park!

We also saw two groundhogs, and Tara saw a deer, but I wasn’t quick enough!
I stalked this darned bluebird trying to get a decent shot. Every time I would get in “shooting” distance someone or something would startle it! This is the best I could do!

There are swans in this park, I keep hoping to get pictures of, but they always seem to be hanging at a pond across the road which is private property! We did see this little fellow. Not a great picture, I had to stop on the road, and hope that no cars would came up behind me.
“Whatcha lookin’ at?”

A little farther down the road, there is a big farm. This fellow was keeping watch over things!

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I’m also joining in Scenic Sunday for the first time.

Camera CrittersScenic Sunday

Oh, and because she never lets me take a picture of her any more, and she did not MAKE me delete this one, I share with you the HOT PINK CRESTED TARA! My girl is growing up (she’s 15 now) and she’s got a style all her own!

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Be Yourself!

It has been a month since I updated this blog! “My bad”. The weeks before and after the holiday’s were busy, tiring times for me (as well as every one I am sure!)

I’m joining in for Camera Critters. I miss visiting all the amazing photos. Some day maybe I will find time to visit blogs again!

Camera Critters

“You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now – and nothing can stand in your way!”
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Cocoa Beach, Florida – March 2009
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Squirrel 2.0

I gave the squirrels my pumpkins again when I as done with them inside! I think that they must not have been as hungry this November because they did not dig in like last year. We did have an over abundance of acorns from the oak trees!

Check out Misty Dawn’s Camera Critters. Click on the button below to see more. Join in and add your own!

Camera Critters

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My Critters

 Kovu doing what he does best… well that and look cute!

Princess giving me the “eye”. That sideways/out of the corner of her eye glance! (Yes her claws need to be cut, she has to be sedated to do them, she is that big of a baby!)

Camera Critters is hosted by Misty Dawn. Stop by and see what critters the other participants have to share!

Camera Critters

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Camera Critters – Sea World Revisited

I’ve been on a photography hiatus it seems. The few times I’ve had the opportunity to go out, I found nothing inspiring. I’m either too hurried, too hot or it rains!
I miss creating with my camera. I am looking forward to fall, when I may just have one free day during the week, and cooler temperatures to go out and explore all of the things I know are out there to explore.
For now, since I feel I am neglecting this blog, I will post a favorite critter picture from the archives!  Visit other great critter shots here.

Camera Critters

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