Camera Critters – Kovu the Ginger Cat

I always enjoyed participating in Camera Critters, but it has been a long time!

Kovu our ginger kitty. I was trying to post a picture of both cats, but Word Press was not cooperating with sizing.






Camera Critters

Check out Camera Critters for more great critter shots!


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Countdown to Christmas – Not a creature was stirring

Day #6


A favorite photo of a sleeping Kovu

A quick post of a favorite holiday photo.

Today was a day off for me, but little time for myself.


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Camera Critters – White as Snow!

“Throwback” Photos from Busch Gardens Tampa.

I hope every one is having a wonderful weekend! I worked today, and work tomorrow (Sunday) as well. Looking forward to having Monday off!

Camera Critters>
Two of my favorite “critters” when we visited just happened to be white.

White Tigers – I just wanted to bring him/her home! So stunningly gorgeous with the blue eyes!

White Peacock, this was the first and only time I’ve seen one! As gorgeous as a peacock is with all their glorious colors, there is something simply beautiful about an all white one!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Alphabe-Thursday – Cats

Jenny Matlock

In our house “C” is for CATS! Who doesn’t love cats? Through the years our cats have brought us great joy and happiness, and wonderful memories!

Well actually, many folks don’t care for felines! I was one of them growing up, never thought I cared for cats until I was in my 20s.

I got a kitten for my niece, and fell in love! Then my sister and her kids came to live with us for a short time, and the cat came along, when they left, so did Sheena.


Shortly after I adopted Ebony. Ebony was a long haired black cat. Not long after I adopted her, I was transferred from PA to VA, and thankfully I had Ebony to move with me on my new adventure. I knew NO ONE in VA, and was moving there on my own!

Ebony 1987 – She was leash trained, she would walk on the leash and I would put her outside in the yard!

Next came Portia, I adopted her in 1988 from an Animal Shelter in Virginia. I wanted Ebony to have company when I was at work and out for long hours. Portia had trust issues with humans from the time I brought her home. I accepted that she would never be that cuddly cat and we loved her none the less. She and Ebony got along well. In fact, when Ebony died, Portia only wanted to be outside, and died a few months later.

Portia – she loved boxes!

I know I have better pictures of the two of them, but apparently I’ve never scanned them!

My daughter was 4 by this time, and she wanted another cat. Instead of one we got two. Sisters… Emmie and Cassie. They came to live with us in 2001.
Cassie – 2001 – 2012
Emmie and Cassie were awesome cats. First time I ever had two kittens at once! It was a great experience! They moved with us to Florida in 2003. They loved the freedom they had to go out by the screened in pool. (we had a kitty “window” that was left open enough for the cats to go in and out.

When we moved back to PA in 2009, we had to downsize our pets as we had a limit of two. Emmie and Cassie went to live with the Stewarts, friends of my mother’s where there were very happy. Cassie died of kidney failure in October. Emmie is still living happy and healthy. I still miss her, but am forever  grateful that the Stewart’s took them in together. I don’t think I could have given them up any other way!

In 2004, (in FL), we were in Petsmart one day, talking to them woman that ran the rescue that we adopted our dog from. They had SOOO many kittens, she asked if we would take one! Of course Tara, jumped at that opportunity, and Daphne came to live with us! 

She was a trouble maker and an escape artist. She would claw through screens or just push them out! She liked to hunt lizards, and one time even caught a frog and brought it in the house in the middle of the night! She was also very lovable, playful and affectionate! She escaped one time before we had a chance to have her spayed…….

and a few months later…. there were FIVE more!

Having 5 kittens, 3 adult cats and two dogs was a house full! 

We kept them all until they were 12 weeks old, and took the three females back to the rescue their mother came from…. they gave us one and got three back! They were however adopted with in the first day there, two of them to the same family! It was very hard giving them away. I wanted to keep them all!

Sarabi – she was my favorite
Nala – sweet sweet girl!

Kiara- she was the most timid, but still very lovable!
The two boys, Simba and Kovu, had bonded the most with Tara, so they stayed with us. 
Simba – he took lessons from his Mom and was an escape artist. He unfortunatly got out one night and never returned. He was 9 mos old at the time.

Kovu – aka Bubba – He is still living with us. He LOVES Tara. He is scared of strangers and generally a bit timid. He got out once when a friend left a door open, and was gone for 18 days!

Just this past February after our dog Princess passed away, we added Jack to the family! Jack come from the SPCA! We’ve made full circle back to having a black cat in the family! He is 9 months old and the funniest cat. He “talks” all the time. Kovu took a little time to get adjusted to having a little brother again, but they love each other. They run and play and keep each other entertained

Wow, when I put them all in one place that’s really a LOT of cats, and even dozen that have been part of our family!

Do you have a cat? 

Jenny Matlock

I threw in a current picture of Kovu to make it a bakers dozen… so I can participate in Thursday Thirteen 

and also Share the Joy – as having cats in the house brings me joy!

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Critters of the Week

I had a couple opportunities to get out for a short time with my camera this week.

First Tara and I took a drive to Green Lane Park.
There we saw these two cuties. They watched us for a bit, then ran deeper into the woods.

YOU looking at ME?

On another drive to a park closer to home, Fischer’s Park we had to stop for the geese to cross the road. Try as I might I could not get a clear picture of the goslings. They just never stopped moving! It didn’t help that I was stopped in the road (in the car) trying to get the pictures. I was afraid a car would come up behind me.

Hurry up Henry, there is a car coming! We don’t want the children to be orphans!
That family from Canada sure has a lot of kids!
As I was leaving our development for work the other morning, I looked to the right and saw this little sweetie sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream watching something. This kitty is either a stray or someone’s pet who is allowed to roam free. She wanders by our place from time to time and drives Kovu crazy when she sits outside my window at night! She is not fearful if I talk to her from inside, and she looks like she is well nourished. (I would hate if she was a homeless cat!)

So that’s my week of critters! Maybe this week I’ll actually get OUT OF THE CAR to take some pictures!
I may or may not be headed to NYC in the morning, so I may, or may not be linking up late! TEENAGERS!
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A-Z Blogging Challenge – C is for Cat

Even with a day off to write this post, (and yes, I did think about it and even started a draft on Saturday) I find myself at the last minute on Monday morning before I have to head out the door to work.  (I am usually off on Monday’s, making the transition into the week a bit easier…)

I love cats.  Do you like cats?  It seems most people either love them or hate them, oh or are allergic to them.

I didn’t think I liked cats when I was growing up.  But through unfortunate circumstances, my sister and your two young children came to live with my parents and I in the early 80s.  Sheena came with them.  She brought so much laughter to our lives.  She even converted my father, who was a definite cat dis-liker.  I think for him, it was the hair on his suits.  He was very particular about his clothes!


Once Sheena left our home, there seemed to be something missing(no, it wasn’t my sister and her too young children that we missed).  So I headed to the animal shelter looking for my first cat.  Enter Ebony into our lives.  She was all black, with gorgeous yellow eyes.

Not long after Ebony joined our family, I was transferred with my job and moved to Virginia. Alone. Did not know a soul.  Ebony was there every night when I came home from work, and she also helped to break the ice with neighbors when I would have her outside on her leash.  She made trips home to PA with me, sitting on my shoulder the entire 3-4 hour drive.  Did you ever try driving with a cat on your shoulder?

Ebony really was my best friend.  She was there for me when my dad passed away just six months after I moved to Virginia.  I was devasted by his death, and had to be in Virginia without my family to mourn.  She would sit with me when I needed to cry!

Ebony remained part of my life for 16 years.  She moved back to PA with me, was there through my rotten marriage, and she was Tara’s first pet!

The day she passed, after a brief illness, was one of the hardest of my life.  I never realized one could grieve so deeply over a pet.  She was oh so much more though…..

I like to think she is still “with us”.  In Florida we had a stray black cat, that would just sit outside of the lanai and watch us, and now back here in PA, we have another who I see frequently in the woods behind our home.

I am sad to realize that I could not find any of the scanned pictures of Ebony this morning… I know I have them, just can’t put my “mouse” on them!

Since Ebony, we have had several more cats in our life, that’s a tale (tail) for another day!

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Week #31 – I ♥ Faces – Pets & Silly Faces

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Cassie one of our cats who is now living with a new family. I miss her (and her sister) every day. This is my most favorite picture of her!

This picture was taken at our favorite sushi restaurant just after Tara tried octopus for the very first time. I was sure to have the camera ready just in case……

Edited to add:(she did not like it… kudos though for trying – I will not – she likes mushrooms, steamed clams, flounder, salmon, asparagus and spinach so I guess not liking octopus is okay! She loves her CA rolls!)

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A Thousand Words Thursday – Emmie and Cassie

Cheaper Than Therapy
Wow, it is THURSDAY again. Time for “The Mom Jen’s” A Thousand Words Thursday, where we can share our favorite photos from the past or present. Click on the button above to join in or just visit other submissions!

Today, I am sharing a collage (or mosaic if you like), and a rather long story! 1,000 words RIGHT? The pictures are of two or our cats, Emmie and Cassie. Emmie and Cassie have been part of our family since May 2001, when we adopted them from a cat rescue We saw them, and instantly fell in love. They have been amazing pets for all of these years, and we love them dearly. Sadly however, we are moving from our home in Florida, to an apartment in PA. While the apartment is near as big as our home, they will only allow two pets, we have SIX! Four cats and two dogs. Emmie and Cassie have seniority, but for several reasons they won’t be two we are keeping. It has been breaking my heart, and really holding me back from moving forward with my other preparations for moving. Well, today, in the midst of bags of trash and donations, my mom called to tell me she found a home for them.. TOGETHER and in PA. A woman from her church will make them a part of their family. They have a cat who is 17, and no kids, just two adults. I CRIED on the phone I was so happy. They will not be separated, they will go right to their new home when we move, they won’t have to be in a cage in a shelter waiting to be adopted…. I had nightmares about saying good by to them. Now we will be able to visit whenever we want!!!!!

Now I just have a 4 year old yorkie and 4 year old cat to place. Less concerns here.. they are still young, and don’t need to be placed together!!!

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