Countdown to Christmas – A Very Disney Christmas

Day #2

Tara and I lived in Orlando from 2003-2009, and hands down my favorite time of year in the parks was Christmas.  Disney had something great for every season, but for me it was most magical at Christmas.



We would attend Very Merry Christmas Parties, and visit Christmas around the world in EPCOT.  MGM (now Disney Hollywood Studios) had the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights. Downtown Disney and all of the resorts were decked out in their holiday finest.


Spectacle of Lights – Disney Hollywood Studios

We started our real Christmas celebration at Disney the day after Thanksgiving, when my sister, Linda and friend Bobbie would visit Disney on their annual girl’s week vacation. It made it extra special to have family and friends to visit the parks. We would always try to attend a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party one night at Magic Kingdom, and another night we would plan a meal a 50’s Prime Time Cafe, and take in the Spectacle of Lights. One year we even met a family from the UK that we I had met on line. We had dinner and attended the MVMCP with them.

Most times we stayed out of the parks the week of Christmas because of the crazy crowds. In 2006, Mom had suffered a broken femur and traveled to stay with us for a few weeks. She arrived Christmas Eve and On Christmas morning we went to Magic Kingdom for breakfast, we left before it got too very crowded, as Mom had to be in a wheelchair and it was a bit tough navigating.


Tara with MIckey and MInnie at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party


Mom arrived on Christmas Eve this particular year and we had breakfast in Magic Kindgom on Christmas Morning.


Chocolate and Gingerbread Carousel at The Beach Club Resort


Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian

We may not have had snow or cold weather for Christmas, but those six years were probably the years I had the most Christmas spirit ever. Looking back it was such a special time in our lives that I am thankful for the memories.

Hopefully some year soon we will be able to make a trip back to Orlando, I would love for it to be during the holidays!

Do you travel at Christmas? What is your favorite destination?



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Ruby Tuesday Too – A Day in Magic Kingdom!

The winter has been long and cold, and it has been 4 1/2 years since we left Florida to move back to Pennsylvania. Both Tara and I have been “homesick” for Disney, not really Florida, well, yes, the warmth of the Florida winter, but especially Disney.

When we lived in Orlando,we visited Disney pretty much on a weekly basis. It was our go to activity if we were bored and had nothing to do. Having Annual Passes made it very easy, we would just hope on 417 and in less than an hour we would be on Disney property.

Here in PA, in the winter, there really is NOTHING to do, well nothing to do that doesn’t cost a fortune.

I decided for Ruby Tuesday Too, I would take you on a virtual walk around Magic Kingdom!

Don’t forget to pay attention to where you park. The parking lots are huge and you will be very tired at the end of the day!
Now hope on a tram, and the fun will soon begin.
Let’s take the monorail today!
Monorail red it will be!!!
Mickey and the train station! Are you ready to go into the park?
If you are lucky you might see the Main Street band.

I think we will take the horse drawn trolley to today and miss the crowds on Main St.!
You can’t miss Cinderella’s Castle, maybe you want to stop for a show?
Now for a spin in the tea cups…..

Let’s drive the the Tomorrowland Speedway

Ready to cool off? How about a thrilling ride on Splash Mtn?
We need to detour back an go to Haunted Mansion! One of my favorites!

Who is that? Why it’s the Genie from Aladdin!
Dinner at Libery Tree with Chip and Dale was always a favorite!
And we end the day with FIREWORKS!

I hope you enjoyed our little visit! Now I think I am “homesick” more than ever!
Stop by and visit more Ruby Tuesday Too entries!
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Alphabe-Thursday – E is for EPCOT

Jenny MatlockI’m late, I’m late for a very important date! I’m too late to officially link up to Alphabe-Thursday, but I’m still going to do my “E” post. I really really want to get through the alphabet with this one!

One of these weeks I will come up with a theme for the letter and get out and take the pictures in that current week, but so far that has not happened!

When we lived in Orlando, EPCOT was pretty much our favorite Disney Park. I originally thought that at 6 years old when we arrived in Orlando that the park would not have for Tara, but I was very wrong!

Of course the first thing you see when you enter EPCOT is Spaceship Earth. (This picture is from 2006, the hand was removed in 2007). We always loved this ride. It too changed over the years from being sponsored by AT&T (my former employer) to Siemens who will sponsor until 2017. Unless the line was really long this was most times our first stop!

EPCOT hosts the Flower and Garden Expo every spring and the Food and Wine Festival every fall.
I always loved the topiaries at EPCOT.

The World Showcase was my favorite part of EPCOT. It was like taking a quick trip around the world, being able to experience a little bit of a several different cultures without leaving Florida!

This has always been one of my favorite photos! I don’t often get sentimental about Tara growing up (she is 16 now!) but when I look back at our Disney photos I do. Those six years we lived there were a very special time for us!

We made some really wonderful memories at EPCOT. This was the one park that I would also steal away for an occasional day by myself while Tara was in school!

The holidays were always beautiful at EPCOT (as well as all of Disney property). You could experience Christmas Around the World.

Some days we would ride the Monorail from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT and back without getting off!

Sometimes not everyone was happy about getting their photo taken! This was after a very trying Mother’s Day at EPCOT. My mother and great nephew Tyler were visiting, and the day did not turn out as special as I had hoped. NO ONE was in a good mood! One of those days were I set my expectations too high!

EPCOT has some pretty amazing fireworks each night. We did not make it to them often unless we had out of town guests!

Good Night EPCOT!

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Monday Mellow Yellow – Pop Century Resort

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of our arrival back to Pennsylvania after living in Florida for six years! This past week was also the 10th anniversary of our arrival in Florida. It was funny how it worked out that way, both moves happened during the same week. It wasn’t planned… just how it happened!

I am really missing Disney. I need to figure out a way to get back there soon. Many things have changed since we left, so we would find plenty of new things to explore! I am a member of a Disney Addicts FB group and I am secretly jealous and envious of all those who are checking in during and after their trips!
I thought I would share some Disney yellow today! (I’m sure some of these are Mellow Yellow repeats, but after all, summer is all about the reruns!  LOL!

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Ruby Memories

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.
Walt Disney

A little more Disney today. I don’t have any new “rubies” to share this week. I’m off for a few days, and hope I get to some photography worthy destinations! The Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! Oh my, how my Tara has changed from the little girl of 9 in 2006, to a 15 year old teen! I am so thankful we had those years in Florida. We lived there for the perfect years in a young girls life, from 6-12!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Capt Hook and Mr Smee from Peter Pan

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Whistle While You Work

Today is my 7th day of work in a row, and I am tired. Tired of getting up and going to work. I am ready for a few days off! So, today, to get through the day, I think I will be singing the song of the dwarfs for Snow White!

When hearts are high the time will fly so whistle while you work.

If you are a Disney character fan, seeing Snow White and ALL seven dwarfs out together in the parks is rare! I waited 3 hours in 95 degree weather to get this shot! It is one of my all time favorite photos I took in the 6 years we lived in Florida!

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs – Germany, EPCOT, Disney World  20-May-2006


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Mellow Yellow Monday – Feeling Nostalgic – EPCOT

Feeling a little nostalgic for Disney today, so I’m sharing some pictures from EPCOT Flower and Garden Festivals over the years for Mellow Yellow Monday.

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Mid Week Blues – Disney Style /Watery Wednesday – Sea World

Visit Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar and play along with mid week blues.  You can interpret “the blues” any way you want!
Click on the Watery Wednesday button and visit Watery Wednesday hosted by 2SweetnSaxy!

Another collage for this week… I pulled BLUE from my Disney folders!

 and this for Water Wednesday, is BLUE as well, from Sea World.

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52/365 and Mellow Yellow Monday

Many wondeful morning cups of coffee have been sipped from this mug.  For now, it is holding pencils!
Mellow Yellow Monday is hosted by Drowsey Monkey each week.  We sure do need some YELLOW today… what a dreary day it is!

52/365 Photo of the Day – a view from the top!  You can check out my 365 Project here.

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Lady in Blue – Esmeralda

Last Wednesday was not a good day, so I totally missed the letter “D” for ABC Wednesday.
This week I am sharing a picture of a character meet and greet at Disney World – EPCOT, of Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  She is also wearing blue, so it qualifies for an entry in Mid-Week Blues!! Character “hunting” was one of my favorite things to do in the Disney Parks when Tara and I lived in Orlando.  If you would like to see other characters you can click here.

Hunchback of ND - Esmerelda

Since I missed “D” – I will throw a “D” character in this week!
Tara and Dale @ the Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club in 2006.  It was one of our favorite places for breakfast, and Dale (along with Chip) were Tara’s favorite characters!  These photos bring back such wonderful memories, during this time of change from my little girl, to the teenager that now inhabits her body!
Dale - Beach Club

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