A Thousand Words Thursday – Family

Cheaper Than Therapy
Tara, my mother and myself just spend three days at Ocean City, NJ with family that Tara and I had not seen in 6 years (and a couple others even longer). My brother Bill, SIL Gerri, and niece, Kristen, live in Austin, TX. My nephew Patrick, wife Holly and my two great nephews, Patrick and Austin, live in Allentown, PA. Bill was in for vacation in Ocean City, NJ for the week, so we headed down for a couple days to visit. We are not real close, but it was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up on lives. Tara feels totally out of place at family events, because she really does not remember any one. I am realzing that being 12 is a really hard time socially. We had a few tense moments, but all in all good memories were made.

This photo was not easy to organize, as we were preparing to leave, others were headed in different directions (or just getting up) and others really don’t like being in any photos (yours truly included!). I felt it was important, because you just never know when (or if) we will all be together again for such a picture. I was thankful that my cousin Bob was there, and when I had pretty much decided I was not going to bother trying, he spoke up and got people together. Thanks to Kelly for taking the photo so I could be in this one!

Front left Tara, Gerri (SIL), Kristen, Brother Bill
Bob (cousin), Austin (great nephew), Aunt Alice, Mom
Patrick (great nephew), Holly (niece-in-law) Patrick (nephew) myself.
(Aunt Alice is my mom’s only sister, and owns the house in which we stayed. Bobby is her son)

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A Thousand Words Thursday – Mother’s Day 2004

Cheaper Than Therapy
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This is my mom, one of FIVE great grandsons (Tyler) and Tara (one of five grandchildren).

Any picture of my mom is one that is really worht 1000 words. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express my love, respect and admiration for her, or the love that she shows her family!

My mom is an amazing “Nana”. She has always been there when needed to give a helping hand, in fact, she helped raise Tyler for the first two years of his life when my niece needed a helping hand (and Mom was 71 at the time!).

This picture was taken five years ago when my mother, brought my great nephew to Orlando for his first visit. Tyler spent a little too much time in the pool and had sunburned shoulders! It was hard enough to get them to stand still for the shot, so I had to take what I got. This was on Mother’s Day 2004. You know when you plan something that you really look forward to, and you think it will be a wonderful memory for everyone? This one turned out to be a disaster. I had made reservations for us to eat at the massive Mother’s Day Brunch at EPCOT. It turned out to be a nightmare with bad attitude (and behavior from my great nephew) and tears from my mom!

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Memories on Monday

I thought I would join in on JAMs Memories on Monday this week. Why don’t you stop by and share some of your memories too!

This time of year holds many memories, both good and bad for me. One very special memory, I will save for Wednesday, so check back in then
Today, I think I will go back to the beginning… well almost. I don’t personally have any of my baby photos scanned, but this is one that my sister shared with me.
That’s my sister Linda, my oldest brother Bill holding ME (the baby of the family), and my brother Robin.

and in 1980 – Martha (22), Linda and Bill.
This was taken as a gift to my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary. Robin was killed in Viet Nam 40 years ago this month.
I would venture to say that this is the LAST photo taken of the three of us together. There are strained relationships all around. My brother is polite to both my sister and I, but that is about it! My sister and I get along, she is in PA and I am in FL. The 80s hair, glasses and clothes YIKES. I LOVED the sweater YIKES.

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