Fabulous Friday

Feeling Beachie

Steely Dan reminds me of of my college days at Paul Smiths (they are on the radio now)
I find coffee very satisfying.
My least favorite people are mean people.
Too bad we need pay for the things we want.


Half-Past Kissin' Time

Friday…what a great day it has been.
I really didn’t do anything special but something I was stressing about in the end worked out okay.

Tara and I headed out to do grocery shopping and I was so excited to come home with bags and bags of food to fill up the fridge and pantry for $117 from Bottom Dollar foods. We are feeding an extra mouth right now and I was all about quantity.

Tara’s friend (boyfriend) is visiting for a few days as well so we have a full house this week and are actually feeding 2 extra mouths I guess. Justin doesn’t eat much though!

We are finally getting Tara’s birthday present tonight. A small tattoo. She has patiently waited a month for this until we had the $$$. I am sitting here patiently waiting, people watching and listening to some good tunes that have been playing.


What else was up this week? Oh, spring is here but it is not yet warm. Every day we get a little closer.

Princess 2 years ago… I miss me sweet girl.

I work tomorrow, and then have off until Wednesday at 10am. Yeah me!

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If it’s not one thing it’s another!

I started a few day weekend yesterday, a FOUR DAY WEEKEND working! I worked the holiday and will work both days of the weekend. I do have MONDAY off, and Tara will be away for much of that day!

It is hot, but it is hotter so many other places, I will try to not complain.

I shattered the screen on my IPhone today. I am ready for an upgrade, but there was nothing wrong with my phone, so I was trying to hold out until the next version came out. I put a screen protector over it (I don’t like them….) to see if I can keep it from totally shattering and maybe I can make it another couple of months! It is always something!

Isn't it PRETTY?

Isn’t it PRETTY?

My car requires over $1,000 worth of work to pass PA state inspection. $800 of it is done, hoping a family member can repair the rest (brakes especially) to save me a little on the labor. It’s always something. Still cheaper than a new car and monthly payment! I like my car! Oh, and I’m driving with one expired sticker, so at any time I could and probably will be pulled over by a police officer at any time!

policeTara is in Brigantine NJ, spending the weekend with her “broken” boyfriend Justin. He is still recovering from his skateboard vs car accident. It’s been almost one month. He had both of his casts changed today and should be able to start limited weight bearing. I hope they have fun. Not much they can really do, but they will be together. It was awesome of his mom to drive basically two extra hours to come pick Tara up. I think they needed to get some things from his dad’s too, so it had a dual purpose! I would love to be near the ocean this weekend! One day soon.

Do you watch Big Brother? Lots of controversy this year with house guests being overly bigoted, using racial and gay slurs. If you don’t watch the live feeds (I don’t) or follow those who do on Twitter or blogs, you might never know there was an issue. Two (Aaryn and GM) of the houseguests have actually lost jobs/contracts for their actions in the house. Glad to see that people are being held accountable for unacceptable behavior.

Tonight is our town’s First Friday. Last month it rained like crazy. This month it is just too hot. I am getting old I guess. I’d rather stay home. It’s not like I really have anyone to go with anyway!

I checked Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, out of the library (bookmobile) over a week ago, and haven’t turned a page. I think I NEED to open that book this weekend. I really enjoy his books, and know once I start I will be okay. Most evenings by the time everything is done and I’m ready to relax, my eyes don’t feel like focusing on a book!



Feeling Beachie’s Friday Fill in is in it’s 119th week! Whoo hoo!

This week’s statements:
1. I don’t like rhubarb. (Some one at work mentioned strawberry rhubarb pie today, which I don’t like, so that was the first thing that came to mind)
2. I have a difficult time using false eyelashes. They really are popular now, with many natural looking lengths…. I got them on once, but every time I try now, I get frustrated and give up!
3. I love suspense movies because they keep me on the edge of my seat. Oh, and movies with cute boys like Chris Pine, Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum, just because!
4. I prefer to read magazines because my attention span has not been conducive to book reading lately (see above about Inferno)

I really should end this random babble and go pick that book up right now! I should do something this weekend to enjoy my “freedom” from teenager, but the heat, it’s just too much! Maybe later this weekend!







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Fragmented Virtual Friday!

It’s late… I’m just getting to my blog for the day (and actually not posting until 5:45 Saturday morning!)

Unknown MamiVGNO Friday

I have been highly anticipating 3 pm today, as it was the start of a four day weekend for me. One with no real plans, but some hope that some adventures might ensue!

I am actually home ALONE for the 2nd night in a row, this NEVER EVER happens! Tara and my mother gone at the same time! Guess, what, tonight, I’m LONELY! boo hoo! I usually LOVE being home alone!

This however, hasn’t been just any week!

Tuesday night at about 10:59, there was a terrible turn of events that threw this week all topsy turvy.

Tara’s best friend/boyfriend (he had just asked her to officially be his girlfriend earlier that evening – they’ve been BFFs for two years) was hit by a car while riding his skateboard home (to his dad’s) from our house. He was here from his mom’s home in NJ visiting his dad and Tara for the week.



He was airlifted to CHOP in Philly. He has some serious injuries, surgery was required, he will have months of recovery, but in the end, if all goes well he should be good as new.

There are many more details, but Justin’s story really isn’t mine to tell!  We are just part of the ripple effect. I have know Justin for two years, I know he is the one person that has ALWAYS been there for Tara and they have a deep connection. I can’t help but care about him and his family as well!

For a 16 year old who has not experienced a serious illness, injury or death of a someone close to her, you can imagine Tara was and still is a mess. We are already battling panic and anxiety issues with her.

Fortunately he was up to a visit from Tara on Thursday.I was off from work, so we took a trip to CHOP. It was good for both of them. I’m always up for an adventure to Philly. Fortunately I’d never had to visit CHOP before. It is a pretty amazing (and huge) hospital. This is the hospital that the little girl Sarah, just received her lung transplant earlier this week after so much controversy.

southstreetbridge (1)

I’m am of course very concerned for Justin, his family, and Tara as well. My instinct is to want to do anything I possibly can to help them, but I am exhausted! What a way to met someone’s parents for the first time!

I’ve learned to ALWAYS make sure I have contact info for Tara’s friends parents. It is so easy to forget about that when kids have cell phones and are many times in contact with their parents while they are with friends.

I also was reminded that LIFE can change in an instant, we should take NO ONE and nothing for granted! This could have been so much worse, and I feared that it might be for a few hours!

So that was my week, how the heck was yours?

It’s time to virtual party with Ann!

I did have an awesome drink when we stopped at Red Lobster for dinner…If I had mint in the house I’d be making one of these babies now! (Note to self, buy a mint plant!)

Strawberry Mojito


1 1/2 oz rum
1 lime, cut into quarters
several leaves of fresh mint
3-4 fresh strawberries
1 tbsp. simple syrup or sugar (You may double that. I like mine on the “less sweet side”)
Club Soda
Muddling the limes and mint for mojitos
Put the lime quarters and whole mint leaves into a tall Collins glass. Using a muddler or strong wooden spoon, gently crush the mint and limes to extract the juice and flavors. When the limes have been juiced completely, remove the spent quarters. Leave the mint leaves.
Crushing the strawberries into the mint and lime
Now add the fresh strawberries and simple syrup to the mint. Muddle again until the strawberries have been crushed. Add the rum and ice. Top with cold club soda, then stir and garnish with fresh mint or a lime wedge or a strawberry slice.

I’m sharing another Imagine Dragon’s song this week. I like this band! “It’s Time”

Now for the party game!

LOL, I’m “No carbs for me Barbie” when in reality, these days, although I should cut out the carbs, I’m more like “Have you Seen my Keys” Barbie (in fact, this morning I had to use my spare set, but apparently my other set were in my purse all the time!)

Which Barbie are you?

“Modern Barbie”
(Use the chart to find which Barbie you are. Use the letter of your first name.)A – C = Sunscreen Barbie
D – F = Is There Gluten In This?
G – I = Lactose Intolerate Barbie
J – L =  Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat? Barbie
M -O = No Carbs For Me Barbie
P – R = Mini Van Barbie
S – V = Have You Seen My Keys? Barbie
W – Z =  Migraine Barbie

Remember, don’t take any minute of your day or anyone in your life for granted!


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Fragging Fun

Wow, I LOVE the new button Mrs. 4444. (It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in the fraggin’ fun!)

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I am glad it is Friday, I still have to work today and Saturday, but then I have another two day “weekend”. I like when I can have two days off together, but it does not always work that way!

I took Melatonin last night to help me sleep more soundly. It seems to work pretty well for me, except that Tara woke me twice and once again I had strange dreams. These were unsettling dreams like times in the past, yet still strange! Tara is on a very strange sleep schedule right now and it is a bit frustrating when she thinks nothing of waking me just because she is awake!

I’ve been a little tired this week. I think last week’s daily blogging of my “Letters from Robin” series, all of the information I was researching and the people I connected with left me a bit mentally drained. If you haven’t visited me lately, I shared one letter from my brother who was killed in action in Vietnam each day for 8 days. I was just 11 when Robin was killed, so there is so much information out that I never knew, and actually my family never knew! My blog was even “quoted” in a local online paper!
Robin_010469 004
Memorial Day was a beautiful day, not just the weather, but the entire day. Our town does a great job of honoring it’s fallen. It’s rather “small” town America when it comes to Memorial Day. You can see photos here We also had a nice family lunch afterward. I wish we had more days like that as a family!


I have been following the journey of a local young man this week. He is traveling from Pennsylvania to Alaska, alone, on a motorcycle to raise awareness and funds for autism. . He is just 22 years old. His name is Jimmy Wittmer. I actually encountered him when he came into my store to by the local paper that the article I linked to was in. I did not realize he was below the fold of the front page until I got home later! He struck me even without knowing of this adventure as a very kind hearted sincere person! First impressions!
He has driven 1700 miles in two days! Please check out Alaska Bound for Autism. Today is payday and I am headed over to make a donation!


For any that read of my struggles with Tara this past couple of months, we are still working on things. We seem to be in a holding pattern with the school on homebound instruction, although I was told it was approved. It’s almost the end of the school year. I think we might need a medication adjustment. She told me the other day she didn’t feel any different. It’s been just two weeks. By accident (well by forgetfulness) yesterday she took 2 doses instead of 1, and said she actually felt better. She was started on a very low dosage, so it may need to be adjusted up. We see the doc for that in two weeks. I am glad that she seems to at least be reconnecting with friends. Some who she had stopped seeing for several months. We just take one day at a time. Life with teenagers is never easy!

Have any of you used Coconut Oil for cooking or in your beauty regime? I am hearing good stuff about it and my store just started selling it, both in oil form and sold (like Crisco) form. I think I might pick some up and start incorporating it where I can.

Jack our crazy “new” cat is still bring laughter and joy to our home! He is a very unique cat, very different in many ways than Kovu. Yes he is still under one, so still a kitten, but he just does some very interesting things. I continue to feel that maybe Princess’ spirit has taken up residence in Jack’s physical body because there are just some things that he does that make me wonder! Right now he is sleeping on top of the guinea pig cage. He loves the guinea pig!
IMG_8904 JACK002


The weather has warmed up to SUMMER temps very quick again! I am thankful Memorial Day was not so hot. I am hoping we go back down to normal June temps, and not these 90 degree days! When it is that hot, being outside is just not enjoyable!


I have been going through things that have been packed in storage since we moved back to PA in June 2009! Sometimes it seems like those 4 years have been 50, and others, just yesterday. It is funny looking back at all my moving preparations! There are so many memories packed away, but so many things I will probably never really use again. We are trying to prepare to have a table at a community flea market coming up! I am trying to remember the advice of some of the “experts” on shows like Clean Sweep, and keep the memories by taking a photo or saving one or two of something and getting rid of the rest!


I am missing Florida a bit. I made the mistake of joining a Disney addict FB page, and now I see people on trips or planning trips or just coming back from trips on my feed. It makes me miss being able to just pick up and go pretty much any day we wanted! One day we will make a trip back down!

I hope you have a great day and a great weekend!


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Freaky Friday

I seem to be forever saying, it’s been a long time since I updated. Linking up for Friday Fragments this week!

Honestly, life is not really all that exciting, and most evenings by the time I get home from work and dinner is over and cleaned up, the last thing I feel like doing is powering up the laptop! This is totally why I think I am a good candidate for an IPad. Anyone want to give me one???? LOL! My Ipad fund seems to pay for concerts and misplaced $70 bathing suits that are a requirement for school! (Not the $70 part, but the bathing suit, and there aren’t too many options except pricey SPEEDOs that meet the requirements of the school!

I actually went to the movies last Friday night.  Tara and her friend (boyfriend) Justin wanted to go to the movies, and their move was at the same time Alex Cross was playing so I decided to take myself on a date! It was good. I honestly don’t mind going to the movies alone!

I am off work today, but I will be working all weekend. I took two days off during the week this upcoming week to take Tara to a concert and then have a day at home by myself after. Looks like we might be dealing with a hurricane on one or two of those days! Please, please, please don’t interfere with the concert. Tara will not be happy. It is in Philly on Tuesday night!

Not minding working the weekend too much. Tara will be gone at her friend Viki’s. They are headed to another concert on Saturday night. This one Viki’s mom Erika is attending with the girls, so I’m not having to chauffeur. They are going to see Jeffree Star.

Work has been busy! We are forever changing things around the store. You know when you know exactly where something is in the store, and the next time you go in it has been moved? Well, we call that resets and revisions, and I have been working on them non stop for the past three weeks. Believe me, at the store level, we have no choice.  They come from the corporate office!  Being busy all day every day does make the work day go fast, not having to look for things to do between customers. I seem to rarely wait on customers these days.

I have not been out with my camera to get foliage pictures this year. I am fearful that I might be too late. Every day I planned on going out the weather did not cooperate or life did not cooperate. I might be going out and having cloudy skies in my picture, I might not get any once the impending weather arrives. Last year we had a Halloween snow storm, this year, it’s looking like Halloween Hurricane! We do not want FRANKENSTORM!

There is still some “family drama” going on. I try and stay out of it and away from it as much as possible. I don’t ask questions. I can’t fix it or even help it, so I choose to keep my mouth shut. It is hard, but unfortunately it is the way it has to be!

Well, that’s it for now. I want to get up and outside for a bit. Except for the overcast sky, it’s an okay day!


Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

Mommy's Idea

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Friday already. Time really flies when you are off work and having fun!

At least I have some fragments for Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments!
Mommy's Idea
Mrs. 4444’s daughter just bought her first car and she asked us what our first car was and if we paid for it or if  our parents did. My first car was a bright orange 1979 Mercury Capri. I bought it in 1980. My father kicked in the down payment and I financed the rest. I think the payments were $123 a month! I kept that car until 1983.

For those that don’t know that word up there in my post title, PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA, it is a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. (Paraskevi – meaning Friday, dekatreís meaning Friday and phobia). This term was derived in 1911. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that one before, but then again, I am not phobic about Friday the 13th, or black cats or much of anything along the superstition line!

We’ve been on the move this week, but not so much that I feel like I need to rest up before I go back to work on Sunday. (Why didn’t I take Sunday off too?)

My Tuesday was spent being the chauffeur for the girls to their concert in Allentown. Instead of having to make to round trips (120 miles total) I decided to stay in the area and go on a photography adventure. I really had a great time exploring, the time went quickly. Once darkness came, I found myself a parking spot near the venue and relaxed in the car watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix on my phone! Technology is great!

I went in search of covered bridges, making it to three of the seven in the area. I spent time communing with nature. Watching the stream flow over the rocks, conversing with a couple of ducks, chasing a butterfly, and being startled by a snake! (Note to self – next time you commune with nature, you might want to wear something other than flip flops!) Two of the three bridges I found are still “working” bridges that you can drive over. Good thing Tara was at the concert and not with me… she is petrified of driving across these old bridges.

We got home after midnight, and although I had hoped to sleep in a bit on Wednesday morning, it was not meant to be. Instead, I took my mother out for her belated birthday breakfast, and for a fun filled shopping adventure at Wal-Mart. I don’t shop there often, but I needed to load up on pet supplies, and the prices are the best. I am hoping I am good now for the next month! I hate running out of dog or cat food, or not having litter or bedding when boxes and cages need to be cleaned!

After Tara and her friend resurrected from their “concert comas”, Tara and I did some errand running. I felt like I was in and out of stores all day!

Thursday found us heading to the movies for an early showing of Magic Mike. (Channing Tatum – yummy!) I enjoyed the story line as well as the “boys”. Tara is mature enough to not be embarrassed sitting next to me while there are men’s tushes on the big screen!  Some many not think the movie appropriate for a 15 year old, but even after seeing the movie, I don’t regret my decision to allow her to see it!

We were both excited that Big Brother 14 started last night! Tara and I have watched all of the seasons of  Big Brother, even before she knew what she was watching in the early seasons, she was still with me while I watched it! In years past, we were a bit too much into it, having both Big Brother After Dark on Showtime and the live feeds. This year we are going old school, just watching on TV. (If I really want a spoiler,  all I have to do is go to any number of websites or twitter!)

That brings us to today, Friday. I am not sure at this point what we will be doing. After today I have another day off!!! I have been taking a lot of my vacation time this month and into next. I think I will have worked 16 days and will have had 14 days off. Trying to spend some time with Tara. Last summer I don’t feel like we ever really did very much!

So far today, I’ve got one load of laundry done. There is a litter box to be changed, a guinea pig cage to clean, a bathroom to clean and more laundry to do. I think later maybe we will head out to Pennypack Preserve, and do a little walking and photography.


Feeling Beachie’s

Stop by and visit Hillary and play along with Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun!

This week’s statements:

  1. My day always starts by letting feeding the dog/cat and making a cup of coffee. (I do this simultaneously – hit the button on the Keurig while getting the food for Princess and Kovu ready.
  2. I prefer (even on a hot day) my first cup of coffee to be  hot not iced.
  3. I never thought I’d prefer my daughter with pink hair until I agreed to let her dye it bright pink! (It so suits her personality!)
  4.  I wish I could sleep, just one night for TWELVE uninterruped hours.


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Sizzling Friday

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~Russel Baker

Mommy's Idea

Joining in Friday Fragments. Head on over and meet Mrs. 4444’s newest family member. Way too cute!

I sure am glad I am able to update this morning! Yesterday WordPress had an update and there was a conflict somewhere and I could not get to my admin page to update. It bothered me ALL day. I was too tired to try and figure it out last night, I am not too versed in FTP, and all the inner workings of my blog! This morning I woke up early and headed right to the computer and Go Daddy had a patch! Thank you Go Daddy!

We are getting an awesome storm right now. The rain hasn’t started, but thunder, wind and lightning. I love storms, especially at night or early morning! We won’t talk about the rest of the weather today, my post title should be enough!

Morning storm (Click for video)

It is Friday, I still have today and tomorrow to work, then off for two,. Then I get to work SEVEN in a row, leading up to a five day mini vacation. I will be working on July 4th. It’s my Mom’s birthday, but it is a Wednesday, and we can celebrate at dinner, or on the weekend!  She will be 88, so I personally celebrate every day I have with her!

We had a pretty quiet week here. Tara continues her sleep over marathons! She actually went to Viki’s house the other night! I don’t mind the girls being here, but it is nice for a break!

Do you have a Bottom Dollar Food store in your area? I did a quick stop shopping the other day when the girls were at the movies. I was impressed. A bag of dog food that I buy from time to time, was $2.50 cheaper than what I normally pay! Just that is worth the trip that is a little out of my normal travels for the grocery store!

Tara wants to see Magic Mike. She LOVES Channing Tatum. I must admit, I do too! Yes, I know it is rated “R”, but we will probably see it. She’s 15 going on 21, and I have no problem allowing her to see it. I mean, she wants to go with ME not her friends!

 Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun @ Feeling Beachie


This week’s statements:

1.     Tara makes me laugh most of the time. She can be trying, but some times she is just too funny.

2.     Sometimes family troubles makes me sad. One family member continues to struggle with their demons. We all feel so helpless.

3.       My hair looks terrible after I sleep!  My hair is really short…. some mornings I look like I have a mohawk when I wake up.

I was horrified when I ran into the paper guy at 3:30 the other morning when I was out with the dog.

4.       When I hear wind and thunder I am happy.  I love a good storm (see above!)

I think that is it for now. It’s not been a very eventful week. Again!

Thanks A-LATTE for stopping by. I sure wish I had a latte. I’m out of creamer!


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Finally Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Time for Friday Fragments!!!


One full week of summer vacation is behind us! I hope the entire summer does not go by this fast!


Tara has friends over most of the week. She is on social interaction overload, so I think this weekend might be pretty low key. It’s NOON and she is still asleep! She always says she can’t sleep past NOON, so we will see if she’s up in the next three minutes! I love that she has finally gotten to the point where she enjoys time alone, and she understands that it is okay to not be with friends all of the time!

No work for me today (Friday). I do have to work Saturday, but then I will have three more days off! I’ve got a couple errands to run, but nothing else big planned for today! We are having an “event” tomorrow at work featuring Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, so I need to go get some luau type props for my table!
I watched Up Close and Extremely Loud this morning. It was a good movie. Last night we watched Friends w/ Benefits and I rented two more,  Gone and This Means War.


Did you know the fear of vegetables is called LACHANOPHOBIA? (Snapple Fact #730)


I got this cool package in the mail yesterday from Wawa. I answered a Twitter question and won a prize package. People who don’t get Twitter ask my why I tweet. There are many reasons, but this is the fourth thing I have won just by answering a tweet! Fun stuff!

My mom is away, she is camping (in a big trailer, but still she is out camping, just a few day short of turning 88!) I love that she is still able to get up and out. A vacation from home for her, and a little time for Tara and I to be home alone!


I like days when I can sit and just do “computer” stuff and not feel guilty!

It’s kind of cloudy out right now. I could go for a good THUNDERSTORM!


I bought an Orgreenic Non stick  fry pan! It really works well! I make scrambled eggs with peppers and onions and veggie sausage and not one bit of oil or butter in the pan… no stick!

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun @ Feeling Beachie


1.       I love a great cup of coffee.

2.       If I could live anywhere I would live near the ocean so I could walk on the beach every day.


3.       When I grow up, I want to be rich (I know money is not everything, but I would like to have a chance to find out for myself!).


4.      The best vacation I ever went on was a three week trip to Nova Scotia and Canada with my parents when I was a teen!



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Friday how do I Love thee?

Friday Fragments is hosted by Mrs 4444. I bet she’s even happier that summer is here than I am, she’s a teacher. I’m just  a mom who was over the morning routine!
Mommy's Idea
We have had a couple very lovely days as far as the weather goes These are the gorgeous kind of early summer days that I love, high 70s – to low 80s, low humidity and a little breeze.


I wish I could sleep in just a LITTLE when there is no reason to be up at 6am. This morning it wasn’t even the dog or cat, just my body waking up at 5:53am!


Tara had a good 9th grade year, once again, at the very end, she pulled out the stops and got herself out of a little grade trouble in a couple classes. She even passed German for the year! I had given up on that quite awhile ago. This just proves to me even more that I already suspected that part of the problem the first 3 quarters was the teacher. She and Tara did not connect at all, in fact she showed on more than one occasion that she just did not like Tara and was unwilling to do anything extra in the way of help That teacher left on maternity leave, a new teacher took over, and Tara’s grade improved drastically! I’m not saying the problem was all the teacher, Tara had some responsibility there too!  I’m just glad it is over!


Tara will be moving on to the high school. The same school I attended It is just much bigger now! I had 700ish in my graduating class, this year was over 900! The high school is just a little over 1 mile from home, so it will make getting to and getting from easier!


Yesterday was the first full day of summer break. I had to work, but Tara had a friend over, so I didn’t feel guilty! Another friend who is visiting from out of town will be hanging out with them today. He took the train from NJ yesterday and got in later than expected, so he just stopped by for a few minutes. Tara is always happy to see Justin.


Speaking of today it is my first of  three days off, so I might actually be able to sit and read a book I bought today. It’s not like I don’t already have enough books at home, but I liked the name and cover of this one. The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand.

I’m looking forward to our day trip to NYC tomorrow. Hopefully I will have lots of blogging material for next week!


I need to spend some time today trying to figure out a plan or we might just be standing in the middle of the sidewalk all day! I think I will read my blog friend Lolli’s blog post on visiting NYC for a day with a family of 7!  We want to see Ground Zero, Times Square and I would like to hit Chinatown, SoHo and Little Italy!  We will be driving, it’s about a 2 1/2 hr drive. Tara and I love road trips, and while taking public transportation seems to make better sense, the car ride it part of the experience for us! Tara is game to get up at any time to go on a road trip, so I’m hoping to be on our way early and in the city by 9:00! I’ll let you know how that works out!


Do you use Dropbox? I LOVE Dropbox. It is a quick and easy way to get photos from my IPhone to my laptop (or desktop for that matter!). Once they are uploaded to my account I can access them anywhere!

(Ha, embedding a tweet into WP is so simple now!)


I had forgotten about Hilary’s “Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun” over at Feeling Beachie, so glad I found my way to her blog again this morning!

1.       There never seems to be enough time to do all the things I want to do on my days off!

2.       I love to take pictures, can’t wait to get to NYC tomorrow with my camera.

3.       I could run outta money in no time if left alone in the Apple store!

4.       The last time I was in NYC, was 1992.


                                                                                                                                           Swan Lake

So many fragments! I need to finish up and get on with my day off (and go get the charger from Tara’s room – we are sharing one right now. which reminds me that I need to order a new one today!)

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! I’ll be tweeting from NYC tomorrow!

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Lightning Bugs! Summer is here!

I love Friday Fragments, but I really don’t have much to defragment this week! Head on over and visit Mrs. 4444.
Mommy's Idea
Another week has come to an end, and not really much has been going on.


It has been a crazy weather week, which has messed with some scheduled activities at Tara’s school.  I think we are down to 12 days of school remaining.


A couple of my “shows” had finales this week. Season or series. I’m still not sure how I feel about the House finale. I like the ending, but the rest of the episode, I’m still undecided. I also watched the series finale of Awake, which I found to be an intriguing show. I’m SO lost. I did not miss an episode, but apparently I didn’t pay close enough attention. I need to watch them all again!


Today is a day off of work, but I have so many things to do around the house. I have Sunday and Monday off, but it is the holiday weekend, so I am sure I won’t be getting anything done around the house. I have got to once and for all get through the clutter that has taken over my bedroom. I really wish sometimes I could just close my eyes and toss things out. I bet 75% of the things I would never miss.


I’m joining in on Aloha Friday today. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend.  So it’s a great day to take it easy on blogging too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

I saw lightning bugs outside last night. That means “SUMMER” is here
Growing up for me (and even for Tara) lightning bugs were always a highlight of warm summer nights.
I have such fond memories of nights going to sleep with a jar of lightning bugs by the bed!
I never realized until we moved to Florida that not everyone has lightning bugs.

Do you have lightning bugs where you live?

My friend Stacy at Stacy Uncorked asked if it gets humid where I live and how are weekend weather is going to be!
Since I live in the same great (humid) state that Stacy does, yes, it does get humid, only less humid a wee bit by Florida where I also lived for 6 years!


The weather for our first weekend of “summer” is shaping up to be a hot steamy and one. With hot and steamy, there is always a chance of thunderstorms!  I’m off work today (Friday). I work on Saturday and then have Sunday and Monday off. We don’t have any big plans for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will be okay and we can attend our towns Memorial Day parade.

Our hostess asked if we could be any animal, what what we want to be?

Just as being a human has it’s positives and negatives, just about any animal I can think of has the same. I often tell our cat, I wish I had his life…. so today, I’m going with a housecat. You can nap all day and prowl all night (or sleep if you choose to do so!) People understand that because you are a cat, that you need your space (unlike a dog who is the loyal companion and needs to be by her humans side at all times!)

More Friday Fun!

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