A Week in Review

Sometimes the hardest part about blogging (besides turning on the laptop) is coming up with a title. With that said, I am simply calling it what it is, which is a review of my last week.

It was a good week. The weather has gotten had, really, really hot and humid and cicadas have arrived, so it is noisy, very very noisy outside!

Work was busy, I spent my shifts resetting the cosmetic wall, to add in the new products from the make up companies. I have a love/hate relationship with this bi-annual project. This is easier than the winter reset, which I worked on with a team of two others and we started at 4am!

Tara and I have continued to have fun with Pokemon Go. We took two evening drives into Philly, and found lots of new Pokemon driving the streets!

This photo below was taken last Monday when we took a drive to Valley Forge. Our flag has been flying half-staff far to often with all the violence and senseless acts of terror around the world.


Philadelphia is the host for the Democratic Convention. The city is all “dressed up” and ready to be in the spotlight. I want to try and get down one evening after dary to get some photos of some of the landmarks that are being light up for the occasion. Tara was in the city on Sunday night and she said the police presence was very noticable.


There is a new art installation from City Hall to South Street. It looks really amazing, and is called “14 Movements” A Sympony in Color and Words” by Mat Tomezsko. My picture doesn’t really show the true colors as it was evening and lots of other lights. Click here for a great arial view.


We took advantage of Tara and I having some time off together and also took a quick drive to Green Lane in hopes of finding some good Pokemon. Pokemon were not cooperating but I did see many many dragonflies. I love dragonflies. I was not  able to to get too many photos, I was not able to get too close to the waters edge. I like how this one turned out though!


Saturday, Tara and I continued our tradition since 2009 and saw Star Trek Beyond at the Movie Tavern. We have not been to many movies lately, so this was a real treat for me. I enjoy the Movie Tavern experience. The movie and the food did not disappoint!

IMG_6738 (1)

Sunday, I finally did a grocery shopping. I still HATE grocery shopping, but with the savings I can realize at Aldis on so many things I have not been using on line ordering! I loaded up on fruit and veggies and healthy foods.

Although it was really hot, I did cook a nice dinner with a couple recipes I found.

Mexican Chicken and Cauli-Rice. They were inspired by this recipe, but I made a few alterations. It was really good. I also made Blueberry Crisp with oatmeal and pecans in the “crisp”. I made sure to keep it healthy and did not add much additional sweetner. It was yummy!

Monday is here, and it is the last day of my four day break from work. I was up very early. We had a thunderstorm that woke me up, and I never really went back to sleep. Trying to make the most of the day! Maybe Tara and I will head out on an adventure once she gets up! If not I have plenty of projects here I could get into!


Thanks for stopping by.


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Camera Critters – Little Red Lady Bug!

One from the archives… nothing super special, but I wanted to participate today!

Have a great weekend! Click on the button below to join in and visit other Camera Critters participants!

Camera Critters

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Green Lane is White 9/365

I’ve posted pictures from Green Lane Reservoir in the past.  This is a county park, a short distance from our home.  Tara and I took Sunday sightseeing ride to check it out!  The entire center area, between the tree lines on the right and left is the lake.

This is the same lake last fall… a bit different perspective, but you can see the same bench bottom center of the snowy picture is to the lower left of the fall picture.

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Mellow Yellow Monday – Snow Day

Visit Drowsey Monkey and other entries for this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday, but clicking on the button above.
We had snow this weekend, in our area about 8″-10″ inches, not too far to the east in Philadelphia closer to 23″.  Tara was elated that it snowed, in December, and that it should still be white for Christmas.  We both decided this was the perfect amount…..
Just a week bit of yellow today.
This is the sledding hill at Green Lane Park.  We did not sled here, I totally forgot they used it for sledding!  We were just driving through the park for the scenery and photo ops!

no yellow, but another view of the park.

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Camera Critters & Weekend Reflections

I saw this egret (heron – I’m never quite sure how to tell them apart) in Green Lane Park on Sunday. He was attracting quite a bit of attention, as I’m guessing they are a bit rarer here than in Florida. I may not be sure if it is an egret or heron, but I KNOW it wasn’t a pelican, which was what a woman walking by with some friends was insisting that it was!

Camera Critters
I thought it would make a nice photo for Camera Critters and Weekend Reflections.

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Ruby Tuesday – Sunday in the Park continued

Ruby Tuesday is brought to us each week by Mary over on The Work of the Poet. Who doesn’t love RED. Click on the ruby slippers to visit Mary and other great shots of red!

Red foliage and kayaks

The Kids Gavin (great nephew), Tara (daughter) Kier (great nephew) – see there is a little red on Gavin’s sneakers.

This canoe was with the kayaks above

Someone lost their bobber!

and in case you didn’t visit Mellow Yellow Monday, a picture of the wonderful surprise we saw in the sky on our way home….

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Mellow Yellow Monday – Sunday Yellow


Mellow Yellow Monday is hosted by Drowsey Monday! Click on the button above and add some SUNSHINE to your day!

I had too many “yellows” from our day in the park yesterday, I could not pick just one!

and an extra special treat in the sky on the way home!

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Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday is the place to be on Friday to check out all the amazing “sky” photos from around the globe! Click on the button to visit and play along too!

We spent several afternoons this past week at Green Lane Park, on this particular day the clouds were ominous and the winds quite strong!

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Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday is the place to be on Friday to check out all the amazing “sky” photos from around the globe! Click on the button to visit and play along too!

We spent several afternoons this past week at Green Lane Park, on this particular day the clouds were ominous and the winds quite strong!

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Wordless Wednesday – Deep Creek Lake

For a different look at the same location check out CTG Ponies.
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Have a great day!


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