Alphabe-Thursday – F is for Flowers

Jenny Matlock
I was having trouble coming up with something for “F” for this week, so I’m going with something everyone loves – FLOWERS. Hopefully they will brighten your day!
Red, yellow, white, pink
Blossoms to brighten the day
Mother Natures gifts

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Monday Mellow Yellow Mosaic – CHOP Mural

It takes just one thing (in this case, as big thing, Justin’s accident) to derail me from regular blogging. I needed some “down time”.  Justin is home and healing. Tara is in contact with him daily. He had an appointment today at CHOP and things are progressing.

My blogs and photography are my only real creative outlet, so when I procrastinate, I get upset with myself!

Time moves so quickly
Good intentions, time wasted
New week a new chance
When I took Tara to visit Justin at CHOP on Saturday, we were there for much of the day to allow his mother time at home to prepare for his homecoming. I was asked to vacate the room so they could visit alone! 
I had no problem with this. CHOP has many welcoming comfortable areas for families and visitors to get away from the patient rooms when needed. I did not explore too much of the hospital as I found a very comfortable corner right on the 4th floor with a view of the street below and this wonderful mosaic mural! 
Give me free WIFI, my IPad and people to watch and I’m good for a few hours!

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Night and Day

HuMp DaY Haiku button sunflower

Distant thunder rolls,
The fireflies flashing brightly
Lovely summer night

I’ve heard people say writing haiku’s is addictive, I think they are write. I tried it last Wednesday, and now I feel like I “think” in haiku, especially when I am outside! I love the early morning and summer nights. In the quietness of the dark, I feel I can hear Mother Nature more clearly. I wrote this weeks on Sunday evening around 9pm!

Wordful Wednesday

After a very hot few days (for May), we started Monday off a bit wet and stormy. I was off on Monday, so I totally enjoyed the rainy morning!,It turned into a nice day to be outside and I spent some time on our patio. Tuesday was even more gorgeous. Low humidity, high 70s, slight breeze, blue skies! I did however spend most of the day inside at work! I would love this weather 300 days a year!

The squirrels and birds have been very happy visiting the patio for peanuts and food! I try and keep them supplied! It’s like a big screen TV for the cats!

We’ve had a pair cardinals, blue jays, house finches, sparrows,Robins, mourning doves and a woodpecker. Most were not very cooperative for photos this week except this little guy! He even stopped and posed (begged) for me so I could take his photo! It’s hard to tell, but I think we have three regular visiting squirrels. One is getting pretty brave and will come within just a few feet of me when I am putting their peanuts out! .

I hope you all have a great week, once again, Wednesday does not mean hump day for me, it’s just day two of six. I am looking forward to NEXT weekend when I will have a nice four day break!

It’s 4:44am, and the cats are acting foolish, they think no matter what time I wake up, (even though it’s still dark outside) that it is BREAKFAST time!



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