Skywatch Friday – Philly Skyline

I’m a little late this week.
It’s been a crazy one.
If you want to know why, you can read about it here.

The events of this week had us taking an unexpected week day trip to Philadelphia.
I didn’t have much time for photography (we were visiting someone in the hospital), but traffic light luck was with me and I was able to stop on the South Street Bridge and snap a quick shot of the skyline with my IPhone. We are headed back down today, and I might have the opportunity to take a walk to the bridge, and hopefully get a shot I have wanted for years!

Friday was a stormy day. Lucky for us we just had angry skies, no rain on our trip too and from!
The clouds make for a dramatic shot!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ruby Tuesday Two – Chinatown, Philadelphia

I love visiting Chinatown in Philly. Many times Tara and I will go for a drive and wind up on the streets of Chinatown. There are so many things to look out, even from the car.

We were stopped at a traffic light and I noticed the Chinese writing, the red hydrant and the brick walls. It just made me feel good. I love red and I LOVE weathered brick walls!

 It was one of those days where we left the house to just run an errand and I did not grab my Canon, so I had Tara roll down the window and capture this with my IPhone.

Ruby Tuesday 2

You can visit other Ruby Tuesday 2 participants here..
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Coffee, Tea or…

I’m having trouble with my days of the week this week. I’m working a long seven day work week that started on Tuesday, and Wednesday was a holiday for much of the country. I realized just now that it was Thursday, and time for Thursday Challenge. This week’s theme is “Beverages”. I am ALWAYS taking pictures of my beverages. my family and friends laugh at me. The jokes on them, I am PREPARED for this challenge!

My other blog is titled Mom on Caffeine, and by the photos below, you can see why! All were taken with my IPhone.

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Pretty Petunia

I’ve been searching for new RUBY to share, but nothing is catching my eye!

This is a lighter shade of “ruby” – a PINK PETUNIA that I took with my IPhone on my niece’s patio yesterday morning after a morning shower! I love water droplets on flowers!

“But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun”

Ruby Tuesday 2

I’m still trying to decide if I like this new template. I don’t like that I can’t have the option to have my visitors follow my blog through GFC. If you already had followed me, that info is saved and will revert if I move from this template.

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Comfy Chair with a View

I spent a damp rainy Saturday recently in Lancaster at the Marriott at Penn Square/Lancaster Convention Center. I was killing time while my 15 year old and friends were at a concert. We were there for 13 hours! This chair was a welcome spot to relax and people watch as evening set in!

I am so happy to see Ruby Tuesday 2!  I missed looking for red in the world around me!
Ruby Tuesday 2

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Mellow Yellow Monday – Chantilly Floral Boutique

There is a fabulous flower shop in our town that always has the best window designs. Christmas was wonderful with crystals and reds, sadly I never got a photo that did it justice!

Yesterday driving by I noticed they were all ready for Valentine’s Day. What caught my eye first was the big red lips! Lucky for me, I had my iPhone close by, and no traffic was coming up the road behind as I stopped at the intersection!!!

There is just something about yellow and red together!

If you are in the Lansdale area, stop in and visit Chantilly Floral Boutique (right near the train station!)

Join Drowsey Monday for Mellow Yellow Monday
I was sad to realize that Ruby Tuesday @ Work of the Poet has ended! This would have been a perfect picture fot that meme too!

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Lavender Fields forever…

It is Friday night and I am sitting in Starbucks all alone, while Tara and friends are at the mall. The mall is not far from home, but I just didn’t feel like making two round trips. I have a feeling it is not going to be a long stay for them. If I went home, I most likely would sit and stare at the TV, not accomplishing anything. This way, I am getting a chance to blog, with a Pumpkin Spice latte in a really comfortable chair! Instead of the thinking chair on Blue’s Clues, I dub this the BLOGGING CHAIR! I think I will be back often!

While celebrating National Coffee Day yesterday, Tara and I hit the road in search of books and whatever other cheap fun we could have.

We first went to Care and Share Thrift in Souderton. They moved their book section to it’s own store and it is pretty awesome. Tara found a couple Stephen King books and I got a new Jodi Picoult book. Now to find make the time for some reading.

The weather turned really bad; thunder, lightning, wind, hail, rain and flooding roads. We drove out of the storm cell, and headed to Barnes and Noble for a couple new books Tara wanted. We had gotten into a little mother/daughter squabble, so I was trying to lighten to mood.

Next we headed to Peace Valley Park, I was in search of a rainbow, the sky was looking perfect for one. I however must have been heading in the wrong direction. Sadly, I did not see one, but I saw some photos of a beautiful, bright double rainbow in the area!

We saw this buck (I assume), he was pretty far away, pushing the limits of my zoom and steadiness of hand.

The leaves haven’t started to change yet, but I can see it coming!

During past visits, I had noticed (with my eyes and nose) a lavender farm on the road that goes through the park. You can’t miss the sweet aroma of the lavender plants! I knew they had a store, but had never stopped in. As luck would have it, Peace Valley Lavender Farm was open!!

(To be continued, I just knew they would not be at the mall for long, I’m glad I did not drive home, I would have barely gotten settled.)
Good bye Starbucks!

Okay, where did I leave off? It is Saturday morning now, I never opened the laptop back up when I got home! I did get a good nights sleep though!

Oh, that’s right we were at the lavender farm!
The store is in an old barn, with purple shutters, and a field of lavender growing in front.

We drove up the driveway by the lavender plants, with the windows rolled down the aroma was wonderful. I love lavender!

Once you walk through the door you are embraced by the sweet smell of lavender and relaxing, peaceful music. We were also greeted by Lily (I believe) a very cute and friendly black and white dog. I wish I had a room in my house that smelled and sounded just like the store. It really makes you want to stay. The merchandise is displayed uniquely on rustic and antique looking pieces. I should have taken pictures inside.

They have soaps, lotions, sachets; lavender for cooking (I need to try this!) and oh so much more. Tara tends to not like to browse unless we are some place that she wants to be, so I felt a little hurried. We made a small purchase of a lavender lip balm and a sachet. The sachet is now making my car smell awesome, and hopefully Tara has not lost the lip balm! You can purchase their merchandise on line from the website. I’m going back soon to check out the culinary lavender!

Since the storm was over, they had opened the 1/2 barn door that over looked the lavender hill! There was a beautiful breeze blowing. I really could have pulled up a chair, brewed a cup of tea and been content to stay right there forever! (One can dream!)

I loved watching this cat wander through the lavender plants. I bet he was the mellowest cat having lavender fields to explore all day! He was in pursuit of a little white butterfly, and did not stand still for long, so this picture was not the best. It was a tad out of focus and reminded me a bit of a Monet painting, so I tried to get a little artsy with Picnik!

I realized after dinner with all our running we had not stopped at a COFFEE SHOP for a celebratory National Coffee Day coffee, so we headed to the small Starbucks in town. I had never been to this one (it doesn’t have a drive thru!)

This was the evening sky. I thought it was awesome! I love clouds!


Thanks a LATTE for stopping by. Until next time!



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Did you know that the iPhone 4 is the camera used most often for photos uploaded to Flickr? I’m not surprised. I’ve got a Canon DSLR and Nikon P500 P&S, however due to the fact that my iPhone is always (with the exception of on the floor at work), it has of late been my camera of choice.

I thought I would share a few shots that I found when I was looking through the photo album. These were taken in the past 6 weeks.

Bike Night, Lansdale

Kovu sleeping on my laptop

Starbucks on a beautiful Sunday morning

Walgreens – where I spend 40 hrs/week

Morning Coffee – one of my favorite iPhone pics!

I was practicing my paparazzi skills. Tara @ Clementon Park, NJ

Billy Penn and my Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

I love this sign – Red Lotus, Lansdale, PA

My Canon as photographed by my iPhone – Chad and Tasha’s wedding, Bear Creek Mtn, PA

Every football fan needs a mini bus! GO EAGLES

Just because I thought the post needed a hot guy. This was actually a screenshot I took with my phone.

Sunset – Kulpsville, PA

That’s all for today. I’m getting ready for another mini vacation. I work today until 4pm, and then I don’t go back until Sunday afternoon at 4pm!

School is closed tomorrow, so Tara and I will be spending the day together. It’s National Coffee Day!

I am working on a post that is going to take me some time. I’m hoping during my time off I can put it together. I’ve got the idea, and the materials, but is requires some scanning and reading!

Thanks A LATTE for stopping by! Time to get his Wednesday morning party started!


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