Ruby Tuesday Two – Chinatown, Philadelphia

I love visiting Chinatown in Philly. Many times Tara and I will go for a drive and wind up on the streets of Chinatown. There are so many things to look out, even from the car.

We were stopped at a traffic light and I noticed the Chinese writing, the red hydrant and the brick walls. It just made me feel good. I love red and I LOVE weathered brick walls!

 It was one of those days where we left the house to just run an errand and I did not grab my Canon, so I had Tara roll down the window and capture this with my IPhone.

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Coffee, Tea or…

I’m having trouble with my days of the week this week. I’m working a long seven day work week that started on Tuesday, and Wednesday was a holiday for much of the country. I realized just now that it was Thursday, and time for Thursday Challenge. This week’s theme is “Beverages”. I am ALWAYS taking pictures of my beverages. my family and friends laugh at me. The jokes on them, I am PREPARED for this challenge!

My other blog is titled Mom on Caffeine, and by the photos below, you can see why! All were taken with my IPhone.

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Lansdale Skies

We have been having some pretty strange weather this past week here in Lansdale (PA). We had crazy hot weather for Memorial Day weekend and part of last week. Then we started with the storms and cooler weather. With storms come awesome clouds and I LOVE a good cloud!

Sunday – we were driving into the storm! – Kulpsville

A wee bit of a rainbow. I only had my IPhone. I love to see rainbows! – Kulpsville

Tuesday morning sky! – Kulpsville

Wednesday evening sky! I took this out the sunroof with my IPhone while stopped at the traffic light! We never did get a storm- Downtown Lansdale

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SkyWatch Friday

It has been over a month since I updated this blog. I barely have time for one blog it seems, and even less for photography. I need to find a way to remedy this. I miss taking pictures. I am thankful for those shots I get with my iPhone!

I’ve missed participating in Skywatch Friday! If you want to see lots of amazing sky shots, head over and visit!

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74/365 – Snack Time!

Didn’t have a chance or energy after work to think about a photo for the day, so my little bowl of creamy coffee ice cream is featured as my photo of the day!  Taken with my iPhone, too lazy to get my camera out of the bag!

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