Happy Birthday Kovu

It’s a day late, it snuck up on me, but KOVU our cat turned EIGHT YEARS old yesterday.

Kovu and his siblings were born early on the morning of 3/26/2006 most of them in my bed right next to Tara!

Daphne a cat we had gotten from a rescue had gotten out of the house before we had a chance to have her spayed. She was an escape artist from a very young age!  She wound up presenting us with FIVE healthy kittens. While it was not the best thing for the cat population, it was SO much fun raising the kittens and oh so hard when the time came to share them with their forever homes.

We kept the two “ginger cats” both males – Kovu and Simba. Simba, much like his mother was an escape artist and left home one morning, never to return :(.

Kovu has always been and will always be TARA’s boy!

Happy BELATED Birthday – Bubba. We <3 p="" you="">
All five of the babies – Nala, Simba, Kiara, Kovu and Sarabi – all Lion King names.

3-27-2006 photo 032720061.jpg
One day old – eight years ago today – Kovu is 2nd from the right
3-30-2006 photo 033020061.jpg
Kovu is the 2ns one from te bottom you can see his face.

 photo 04072006.jpg
4-7-2006 – Again Kovu is 2nd from the right

 photo IMG_5527.jpg
 photo IMG_6087.jpg

 photo kovucollage.jpg

Camera Critters

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My Critters

 Kovu doing what he does best… well that and look cute!

Princess giving me the “eye”. That sideways/out of the corner of her eye glance! (Yes her claws need to be cut, she has to be sedated to do them, she is that big of a baby!)

Camera Critters is hosted by Misty Dawn. Stop by and see what critters the other participants have to share!

Camera Critters

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I Heart Faces – Pets

I don’t enter I Heart Faces often, because my photos pale in comparison to most, but when it comes to my pets, I love to show them off.  I particularly love this one of Kovu for this holiday season, so I’m throwing it in the ring!

Not a creature was stirring!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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