The Vietnam Moving Wall – Hatfield, PA

Unknown Mami
Our community had the unique opportunity to have replica of the Vietnam Wall, The Moving Wall, on display at American Legion Post 933 this past week. This project took months of preparation and fund raising. The Moving Wall is required to be open to the public 24 hours/day, so you can imagine the amount of volunteer time just to staff this undertaking for the 4 1/2 days.

Maybe to some, this does not seem like a big deal, but I grew up during Vietnam, and my brother was killed in Vietnam. If you have read my blog over the past month, you know that I have been sharing letters and pictures that Robin sent home during his tour in Vietnam. This “project” was spurred on in anticipation of The Moving Wall’s arrival.

In research I have done while sharing these letters, I realize that over 40 years later there is still much pain, physical for some and emotional for most, endured each day for the veterans from this era. It was an unpopular war and these brave fighting boys and men, were not welcomed home by parades and yellows ribbons, more so they arrived home to protests and picket signs.

I have actually been to to visit four times. I am not sure if I will get back there today before it closes and moves on to it’s next destination as I have to work and it is a rainy morning.

During my visits, there were of course couples and families (I was so thankful to see many families with children who for them the war is just history), but also lone men. Many wearing caps depicting them as Vietnam vets, some in their motorcycle leathers with patches that identified them as a vet, and some who just stood and stared at one panel in particular for a long time in silence. Surely remembering a comrade, friend or family member.

I visited with my mother on Friday evening, my sister, mother and I went on Saturday evening to see it in the dark with the lights illuminating it, I went for a quiet solo visit Sunday morning and I took Tara yesterday evening. I used to visit The Wall in Washington DC weekly during the five years I lived nearby, and my mother and sister have seen it as well. All though this is a scale replica, the emotions are still the same. It is quite overwhelming to see all of the names etched on the wall.

MovingWall-005 MovingWall-001 MovingWall-008 MovingWall-012 MovingWall-020 MovingWall-022 MovingWall-014
movingwall-010 movingwall-014 movingwall-007 MovingWall-007



My sincere thanks go out to all the members of American Legion Post 933 in Hatfield, PA, and other local veteran groups, and everyone who volunteered their time. Also those who helped in fund raising and helped by financially sponsoring this event. I had hoped to be be able to help in some way, and regret that the craziness that has been my life the past couple months did not allow me to attend a planning meeting.





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Ruby Tuesday II – Red, White and Blue Birthday

Today we started celebrating my mother’s 89th birthday a few days early!
When you are about to be 89, you deserve a multi-day celebration.
My sister, brother-in-law, mother, myself and friends Bobbie and Denny had a nice lunch at Via Marconi Smokehouse Tavern. This is a relatively new restaurant at Station Square on Church Rd, Lansdale, right near the Pennbrook Train station.  
The bar/pub area is very open, with lots of windows and natural light. Many TVs give you the opportunity to keep up with your favorite sport, and if you so like, there is a dart board! One of these visits I’m going to throw some darts!
This is the second time I have been here, and once again the food did not disappoint. I had your basic cheeseburger today. It was very good on a great roll. It came with a pickle and chips. I considered upgrading to their awesome sweet potato fries today, but stuck to the basics! 
All were in agreement that their sandwiches are HUGE. Bobbie, Mom and Larry all brought 1/2 of their sandwiches home. 
As if the sandwiches were not enough, Bobbie baked and decorated a cake for Mom! Bobbie has made several cakes for family functions and she never fails to outdo herself! This great patriotic themed cake was just perfect for Mom. A delicious yellow butter cake with yummy icing

Looking good for nine days short of 89!

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Skywatch Friday – Morning Sunshine

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson #sky #clouds #morning #lansdale by Photos_by_Mak

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We won’t be seeing any blue skies this morning! It is a RAINY day here in Lansdale, PA

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Ruby Tuesday II – Red White and Blue

It felt so good to be out with my camera yesterday, capturing moments from Memorial Day in my town. While Lansdale is a growing suburban community, it is days like today that it still has that small town America feeling.

Not sporting much red, but too cute not to share!
Just might have been my favorite!

Memorial Day Ceremony

Rhonda Worthington – President PA Chapter of Gold Star Mothers

My Mom – A Gold Star Mother – an organization no one wants to be part of.
Pearl Harbor Survivor – Alex Horanzy

Ruby Tuesday 2
Show us your red at Ruby Tuesday 2

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Little Deuce Coupe

Blue cars from the Lansdale Under Lights Car Show 6/16/2012.

These vintage and classic cars remind me of so many movies (and songs) from the 50s and 60s era.

If you want to see any of the photos I took at the car show in a larger view, you can go here.

Under The Lights Car Show

MidWeek blues is hosted by Rebecca @ The Dusty Cellar.

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Revving up the Ruby!

Yesterday, I shared the Big Banana Car with you that was on display at the Lansdale Under the Lights Car Show.

Started twenty two years ago, this car show began as a fund raiser for the Fairmont Fire Company, over the years it has grown and is now one of the highlights of the year in Lansdale!

Main Street is closed for the entire length of the downtown area and cars are lined up on display on both sides of the street.

You will also food and beverage vendors, as well as those selling T-shirt and other “stuff”. I decided to make a slideshow for today’s post, and I stretched a bit an included a couple orange cars!

Do you have a favorite antique/vintage/classic car? I have to say it’s the BelAir for me!
Ruby Tuesday 2

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What would you do if you saw a banana driving down the road?

No, really, a GIANT BANANA CAR!

Can’t think of a better Mellow Yellow photo for the week! BIG YELLOW BANANA CAR!

Every June, for the last 22 years, Fairmount Fire Company in Lansdale has been hosting Under the Lights Car Show. I remember in years past going to see the cars in a shopping center parking lot, but now, they close down the town, at least the main street!

Cars, cars and more cars. I believe there were close to 400 registered this year! Yummy food vendors were along the way, the smell of funnel cake followed me down Main Street. I resisted though! Couldn’t hold my camera, my phone and a funnel cake!

This post is about the BANANA CAR! It’s not the best picture, it was a busy spot, with parents putting their kids in the car for a photo op! I had to wait five minutes for a guy and his girl to get out of my way to get this view. They were talking to the guy (I’m thinking one of the owners) in the yellow chair, and I did not want to be rude!

The BIG BANANA CAR has a Facebook page and a website. You can check them out for more details!
Here’s a video interview of Steve Braithwaite.
He along with his brother and a crew of other folks have built this car. Until I saw this car, and checked out their page, I did not realize that car is housed locally in Coopersburg, PA. Gosh I wish I had the opportunity to see it driving down the road!
The brother’s plan an around the world trip in the car to raise awareness of and money for DVT. Deep Vein Thrombosis. Their mother passed away suddenly from DVT. 
I did not know that more people die from DVT each year than breast cancer, AIDS and traffic accidents combined. I remember when I was in college my father was hospitalized for DVT.
If you are on a long plane flight, make sure you get up and walk around!
Stop in and visit Drowsey Monkey and other Mellow Yellow participants.  Let’s see if they can top a banana car!

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Weekend Reflections – Lansdale Kugel Ball

Lansdale’s Kugel Ball – the sphere spins on a thin sheet of water.
The guys in the background were probably wondering why I was taking their picture.. because they were in the frame of my shot, that’s why!

I just realized the name Kugel Ball is really redundant…. since Kugel is ball in German, so it’s Ball Ball!!!

I have not joined Weekend Reflections for a long time.. I just didn’t have any good reflection shots. I found this one on a card that I shot the other week and thought I would post.

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Lansdale Skies

We have been having some pretty strange weather this past week here in Lansdale (PA). We had crazy hot weather for Memorial Day weekend and part of last week. Then we started with the storms and cooler weather. With storms come awesome clouds and I LOVE a good cloud!

Sunday – we were driving into the storm! – Kulpsville

A wee bit of a rainbow. I only had my IPhone. I love to see rainbows! – Kulpsville

Tuesday morning sky! – Kulpsville

Wednesday evening sky! I took this out the sunroof with my IPhone while stopped at the traffic light! We never did get a storm- Downtown Lansdale

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Stoney Creek Sunset

I took this on Wednesday evening while Tara and I were out for a walk. It was a beautiful evening, I wish we could have a whole summer of evenings just like this one!

Stoney Creek park is a small park run by the borough of Lansdale. There is a labyrinth path, as well as other walking paths. The park includes a gazebo, man made pond and great playground!

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