Hyrdrangeas are Blue

Alternately titled “Missing EPCOT BLUES!

Hydrangeas in France

Donald of course!
Spaceship Earth and the Blue Monorail!

one of the Friendships (Water Taxis) that cross the World Showcase Lagoon and the EPCOT resort area

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Ruby Tuesday/Mid Week Blues

Mom’s Patriotic Build-A-Bear – My mom was born on July 4th, and she loves bears, so this is one of her favorites!!!

Play along with Ruby Tuesday and Midweek Blues! Share your interpretation of reds and blues! 

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Lady in Blue – Esmeralda

Last Wednesday was not a good day, so I totally missed the letter “D” for ABC Wednesday.
This week I am sharing a picture of a character meet and greet at Disney World – EPCOT, of Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  She is also wearing blue, so it qualifies for an entry in Mid-Week Blues!! Character “hunting” was one of my favorite things to do in the Disney Parks when Tara and I lived in Orlando.  If you would like to see other characters you can click here.

Hunchback of ND - Esmerelda

Since I missed “D” – I will throw a “D” character in this week!
Tara and Dale @ the Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club in 2006.  It was one of our favorite places for breakfast, and Dale (along with Chip) were Tara’s favorite characters!  These photos bring back such wonderful memories, during this time of change from my little girl, to the teenager that now inhabits her body!
Dale - Beach Club

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ABC and Watery Wednesday, MId Week Blues too. – Cocoa Beach

We are in the midst of a storm here in the Philadelphia suburbs that has encased us in ice.  What a winter we have had…. so for today, I would like to transport us to a place that is warm, watery, blue and starts with the letter C!

COCOA BEACH, FL.  When Tara and I lived in Orlando we were about 45 minutes from the beach.

Stop by the above blogs and check out what everyone is sharing this week.  In particular Rebecca is starting a new Project 64….. can you guess what it is?  Very cool, but you will have to visit her to see!

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Watery Wednesday and Mid Week Blues

Today I’m combining Mid-Week Blues and Watery Wednesday… as I said in my Ruby Tuesday post, I had big plans for photography this week.. but my teenage daughter and the weather each in their own way derailed my plans.

These photos were hastily taken at the Willow Grove Park Mall, in Willow Grove PA.  The mall is on the property of an old amusement park, and has a carousel theme.  At one of the entrances there is a carousel to ride.

Over the fountain, shown below, you will find all sorts of mythical carousel creatures.  The mall is three stories and these are suspended from the very top.

You can see one more photo here.
Stop by Water Wednesday and Mid Week Blues for more great photos.
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Mid Week Blues and Watery Wednesday

MId Week Blues is hosted by Rebecca at The Dusty Cellar and Water Wednesday is hosted by 2sweetnsaxy.

Trying to come up with something blue and watery in the confines of my house on a snowy evening wasn’t easy, until I came into the bedroom and noticed the blue glow of my humidifier.

 Then there is the new blue shovel I bought today that will be used for clearing “frozen water” when the snow stops tomorrow.

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Mid Week Blues – For the love of Pug

Just a wee bit of blue for Mid-Week blues today!  I love these pug salt and pepper shakers I got Tara for Christmas.  She LOVES pugs!

Stop by The Dusty Cellar and check out more Mid Week Blues!

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December in Valley Forge

I took a little break from all the hustle and bustle of Christmas after a quick shopping trip to the King of Prussia Mall (if you are not familiar with this it is one of the biggest shopping complexes on the east coast) today.  I have not spent much quality time with my Canon lately, and remembered to bring it along for the ride!

Mellow Yellow Monday

The yellow traffic signs surrounding this one lane covered bridge is my splash of yellow for the week.  This bridge spans the Valley Creek and was originally built in 1865.  It was restored in 1960.  I was out on my little expedition today sans Tara, so i was able to drive over the bridge, not once, but twice.  She is sure it will collapse soon, and does not want to be riding over it when it does!  Silly girl!
Burr Arch Truss built by Robert Russell in 1865. It is located in Valley Forge National Historical Park. It is named after Philander C. Knox (1855-1921) United States Senator from Pa. & General Henry Knox (1750-1806) an officer quartered at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. The GPS location is Lat. 40.0867N & Long. -75.4558W.

Not a great picture, but all of a sudden I saw this flash of yellow coming at me and wanted to capture it for MYM! 
Ruby Tuesday

 Whenever I stop by Valley Forge, I always make sure to go by the National Memorial Arch.  It is an impressive structure which was built from 1914-1917.  The wind was pretty strong today, perfect for capturing Old Glory through the arch. 

Today I was greeted with hundreds of wreaths with red ribbons on the grounds surrounding the arch.  Very beautiful to say the least.  I was able gleen very little information while I was there, but researched more when I got home.

VF National Park is taking part in Wreaths Across America.  Two thousand wreaths were placed to honor those that died during the encampment.  14,000 soldiers marched into Valley Forge on Dec. 19, 1777, while no battles were fought on this ground, 2,000 died of disease.

The Wreaths Across America program started in Arlington Cemetery and now 425 locations participate.  The 2nd Saturday in December has been declared “Wreaths Across America” day by Congress.


These wreaths, that surrounded the flag pole each represented a branch of the Armed Forces.

Mid-Week Blues

Blue cannons, shot with my Canon.

and a bit of blue winter’s (well almost) sky over the replicas of huts in which the Continental Army spent the long cold winter of 1777.

Sometimes I take for granted (well, maybe just forget) how much history took place right in my “back yard”.  Valley Forge is a short 1/2 hr drive from my home, and Philadelphia is just another 1/2 hr (on a good traffic day) from there!!!

Mellow Yellow Monday is hosted by Drowsey Monday, and this week is week 100!!!  Monday’s are better with a bit of yellow!
Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet.
Mid Week Blues is hosted by Rebecca @ The Dusty Cellar.

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Mid-Week Blues and Watery Wednesday – Green lane Park

The fall foliage seems to have held onto the trees a bit longer this year than last… but after yesterday’s rain and wind, I fear that when I leave the house today many of the trees will bare. I thought I would combine Mid Week Blues and Watery Wednesday and share a few photos from a walk Tara and I took a couple weeks ago at Green Lane Park.

I am not “suffering” from mid-week blues this week, as after working this evening, I am off for a LONG “weekend” – Thursday – Saturday. That is a rare treat for me these days!!!

Mid Week Blues is hosted by Rebecca @ The Dusty Cellar and Watery Wednesday is hosted by 2Sweetnsaxy


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