Day of Leisure

After a ‘busy’ early morning, the rest of the last day of our long weekend has been pretty laid back.

Tara and I played the new game we bought at Magic Kindgom yesterday, Disney version of Wheel of Fortune! It is fun, the phrases are all Disney related, songs, characters, etc.

Then we headed out to the movies, where we saw Hotel for Dogs. It was a good movie. Of course, I cried, but didn’t feel so bad…. the mom next to me was crying too! I don’t know why I never remember to take tissues. I cry at commercials for goodness sake!

After the movies, we headed for Target. Tara really needed some new shirts, and thankfully we were succesful on the first stop!

I had some many other things that I wanted to accomplish this weekend, that I did not, but we had a great time, and all of the other stuff can wait! The room behind closed doors, will remain behind closed doors, and hopefully will be my “tackle it” project for this week!

Here are some pics I took as we walked to the theater, I love all of the ads for upcoming movies. All of these happen to be movies on our “list”.

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Paul Blart – Mall Cop

Tara and I started our long weekend today. Tara didn’t have school(well, she was off all week due to an injured ankle) and I am off from work. The tendency is for her to want to do all the fun things right away, but I made sure she knew we would do 1 thing today. She choose Paul Blart – Mall Cop. I’ve been pretty sure that this movie would not be breaking any box office records from the trailers we have seen, but the humor is just what Tara likes! Just plain silliness! I have never had an issue with going to a movie that I know I won’t really enjoy, as long as Tara does. Hey, where else can I sit quietly still, in the dark, with no one really bothering me for 2 hours? I’ve been known to nap through my share of movies, but today I stayed awake!

Kevin James character is a mall security guard with low self esteem,who uses food to “fill in the cracks in his heart!”. He takes his job a little to seriously! The plot is lacking a bit, but I didn’t go expecting to get a “message” from the movie, I went to laugh, and in the mood I was in today, it delivered! I can’t really say I would recommend it, but I was not upset that I spent money on it! Does that make sense? !
Paul Blart – Mall Cop – Mall Maze Game – This game is rather fun – like Pac-Man, only it’s Mall Cop on his segway chasing the bad guys!!!

Tara is off playing with her friends, ah a quiet (except for the occasional dog barking) house.

Later this weekend, I think we are going to see Hotel for Dogs.

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Quiet Christmas

Merry Day after Christmas. Wow, all the pressure is off now isn’t it? Not that the holidays really brought much pressure here, but sometimes the anticipation is exhausting. The photo above is of my mom and Tara at Christmas dinner and of Tara and our tree!

We had a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, mixed with the mood swings of an 11 year old, just never sure what we can or can’t say around her anymore!!

My mom finished decorating our tree (she is good at it and enjoys it… who am I to stand in her way?) Christmas Eve dinner was meat loaf, rice and veggies. Simple, and what Tara requested. Mom headed to church, and Tara and I drove around for a bit to look at lights. Picked Mom back up around 8:45 and came home (Tara was upset at something I said in the car…. I really can’t even remember), so she went right to bed.

Mom and I had our traditional Christmas Eve egg nog and pizzelle treat. I also had dug up my high school yearbook while we cleaned the garage earlier in the day, so I sat up looking through and reading all the signatures. It is so funny looking back… Remeber the good times, I will miss you, keep in touch! I do still keep in touch with THREE out of a class of 750ish! I have hooked up with a couple people on Facebook, and I needed to go back and refresh my memory!

Back to the holiday…. Mom wrapped the presents (again, she loves it, me not so much, and it is like the “days of old” when she would always be wrapping gifts until almost midnight!) and I put them under the tree. I then headed off to bed.

I was awake at my normal early time with the animals. Once everyone was up, I threw together monkey bread and a breakfast casserole, and we opened gifts. After breakfast Tara and I played a few games of Guess Who (simple, but suprisingly fun game – Tara beat me 5 games to 3, while I sipped on my holiday treat – mimosas. Then we played Sorry -I won, barely!

Our gifts were simple this year, but Tara was happy! Her favorite gift… a CARD SHUFFLER… that I picked up at the last minute. We have been playing Rummy since Mom arrived, and Tara can’t shuffle well, so now she can shuffle when it is her turn. Also Princess, does not like the sound of shuffling cards, so when we use the shuffler it does not bother her. Can’t for the life of me figure out why a dog is afraid of the sound of cards shuffling…. we’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old, so unless she had an unpleasant encounter with a deck of cards before that, I guess it’s just another one of the crazy things that makes me love her so much!

I got some kitchen gadgets – bundt cake (so I can make a rum cake without melted butter all over the oven), spatulas – all mine had broken, and some cookie sheets – I had only one, and it made baking cookies (on the rare occasions that I do) a lengthy process! I also got a Hallmark Mickey Mouse Nutcracker ornament (actually two… my work friend from CA sent me one too), a Lenox Moose ornament which I have been getting for several years, and then 2nd year of a Yorkie ornament.

My mom mentioned that my gifts were not very exciting, and honestly, it did not matter. Tara was happy with her gifts and my mom liked her gifts as well. In years past I tried to do TOO MUCH for Christmas, setting expectations too high, feeling like I was a bad mom if Tara didn’t have as much under the tree as some of her friends, who had two working parents, 2 sets of grand parents, and lots of aunts and uncles. For Tara it is pretty much me and my mom. She also got an early gift from my sister when she visited. I do for Tara throughout the year… sometimes buying things that other kids have to earn for or wait till a special occasion. I think it is more fun to give gifts JUST BECAUSE, and not because we are supposed to!

Tara and I headed out for our traditional Christmas movie. We saw Marley and Me. It was very good. I laughed myself to tears several times!!! I don’t know about other places, but the movies do a booming business on Christmas Day in our neighborhood. I’m thinking it is everywhere or movie companies would not release movies on Christmas Day. The whole complex was bustling with people, and our theater which was one of the larger was quite full, with the exception of the few rows of seats closest to the front! “Marley” even came to see the movie. A gentleman in a wheelchair came in the theater with a service dog that looked very similar to Marley.

We then headed home for Mom and went to Summer Palace for our not so traditional Christmas Dinner! We had CA roll, FL roll, Shrimp and Veggie Tempura, and Chicken and Broccoli! It was good. The restaurant was quiet, most of the time we had a “private” dining room except for the folks coming in for takeout! We feel very welcomed by the owner of this restaurant, and it was nice sharing part of our day with Vivian! Chinese for Christmas was something my mom and I did years ago… (before A Christmas Story!) and it was fun to find a restaurant open this year!

That was pretty much it for our day. The rest of the evening was spent quietly at home. I feel blessed that I was able to spend the day with the two people who are my life, my mom and my daughter. Three generations from 84 to 11!

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Day 18 – Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27 – THANKSGIVING DAY 2008

What are you thankful for today? I have so many things to be thankful for. On the top of that list is my family. I am thankful for my amazing daughter, who is growing up from a little child to one special young girl. I am thankful for my mom, whose never fails to be my rock solid support. I don’t know if she realizes how special she is…. words seem inadequate to express what she means to me. I am thankful for our home and my job, and our health. Through the internet this last year, I have gotten to “know” several families whose are battling every day for the life of a loved one to cancer and other serious illnesses. Many of these are children stricken with cancer… it has helped me realize even more than I knew before, that we can’t take one day for granted.

Changing leaves, one of the things that I miss about the north. The fall is by far my favorite season, and always has been. I remember visiting the Adirondacks during the fall to visit Paul Smiths College where I eventually attended college. The crisp cool mornings, with mist rising from the lakes and streams and the tapestry of colors from the leaves against the crystal clear blue sky are images forever etched in my memory. I did find a few branches of changing leaves on our maple tree this year, and thought it would make a good Thanksgiving day picture!

Tara and I don’t have any real Thanksgiving traditions, each year I think, we really need to start a tradition that is just ours. I guess going to the movies could be one, I can only think of one Thanksgiving that we have not seen a movie, and that day we spent at Disney.

Our Thanksgiving Day started out quietly. We had cold pizza from the night before for breakfast, and watched the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon. Later we did continue our semi tradition and saw the movie Bolt (in 3D). It was good (as Tara says what I saw of it, as I snoozed… this is my new thing in movies. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I am sitting still, it is dark, and no one is bothering me…. the perfect time for a snooze!) I think every time we see a movie in 3D the technology is improved. No longer do you get those cheap cardboard glasses, but nice plastic ones. They do have a recycling bin just like at Disney outside the theater, but Tara chooses to bring them home! After the movie, we came home. It was a gorgeous day. I decided to sit outside for a bit with Tara and the dogs before I started dinner. Tara peeled the potatoes for me!
I cooked our cornish game hens in beer can chicken style, and they turned out really well. Tara loved dinner. I did too, but I was full in a flash, and wanted the mandatory Thanksgiving Day nap! We continued on with more of Jon & Kate, reliving some memories of PA before we moved to FL. They visited Sesame Place and Strasburg Railroad with Thomas the Tank, both which Tara remembered visiting. Also Sight and Sound, which I had been to for the Christmas show one year with my cousin Diane, and I have fond memories of that day we spent together. All of these things make us even more homesick for PA!!!

It was a good day! Hopefully (if all works out) we will be spending next Thanksgiving with family in PA!

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Day 9 – Movies


Today was another day of work from 8-5, with little time to think about much else. I did however watch two movies will I was working. I had one on the desktop while I worked on the laptop!

Tara and I are big movies fans. We’ve been going to movies together since she was about 2 1/2. It took a few times before we would make it all the way through, but now it is one of our favorite things! I go to the movies to be entertained, not to have to think too much about why they did this or that with the plot, and not to get some message, so you will not find me doing movie reviews!

What was the last movie you saw, in the theater or on DVD? Do you rent from the store, get movies on line or both. We do both. I love the Blockbuster All Access… get them in the mail, trade them in for “free” movies in the store. I try to go as many times as we can without putting anything extra out of pocket than my on line monthly membership of $18.00. We get our monies worth most months, that’s little more than 2 tickets to a movie in the theater. We also like the “Red Boxes” that are popping up. Wal-Mart Market has one, and you can rent a movie for $1.00 for one night. On occasion will will grab one there only if we know we will watch right away. I get a free rental code textedd to m every Monday, but I don’t seem to ever get there to use. Monday is a good TV night and not a big movie night!

Today I watched on DVD –
What Happens in Vegas – very funny, predictable love story
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 – it too was good. The young actresses in these movies are very talented. I have used to enjoy Amber T in Joan of Arcadia, and Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls. I will probably watch this one again, as I know I was concentrating on some numbers at one point and had a phone call at another, so I missed some of it.

Last weekend we saw Madagascar 2 when we were in Downtown Disney. It was funny! (I think I blogged about that already!)

We have a list of coming attractions over the holiday season that we want to see too. Now that she is a bit older, we have a bigger selection of movies that we can watch together!

You can go here to see a list of movies we have seen the last two years. The DVD list is not by any means complete….

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