Project 365 – Day 10 – Shine On

“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon and the stars  and the sun” John Lennon

Another impressive work of the Philly Mural Arts program found at Broad and Lehigh. I need to get Rise from the other side of the building!

You can see all of my Project 365 photos on Instagram here.
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Sundays in my City – Philadelphia

Unknown Mami
My daughter Tara and I love to take rides around our city, Philadelphia. Many times we really don’t even get out of the car, but there is always something new to see and photograph. I started calling my work from those trips as “through the car window”.
We’ve take three rides over the past two weeks… I know kind of crazy with these days of high gas prices, but we usually have a nice time talking. Tara has always loved our rides in the car, it is tie we have that is uninterrupted.
First off the Mario the Magnificent, the mascot of Drexel University. Mario is the creation of Eric Berg and can be found at 33rd and Market St. This ride was the first time I remember noticing Mario. That is what I love about our rides… I always find something I have not noticed before!

Next “stop” the “Paint Torch” by Claes Oldenburg at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This is found at Broad and Cherry Street.
Of course every city needs a giant CLOTHESPIN. This clothespin is another creation of Claes Oldenburg and is located at 1500 Market Street. This has been in place since 1976, the year of the bicentennial.
Next up is a mural. Philadelphia is covered with murals, many are part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I love is about my city. It is like being in a giant drive thru museum! 
This mural is called The Color of my Voice and is found at 2417 Ridge Avenue. To see a photo from an different perspective and to read all of the text you can go here. It also explains more about the design of this piece.
I hope you enjoyed our little drive through my city! 
Stop by again for more of my work!

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Ruby Tuesday Too…..

Another great mural in Philly. This one is on Columbus Ave, near the waterfront. I took this one on our drive last Tuesday as well as my post from blog post from yesterday.

Stop by Ruby Tuesday Too for my great shots of red!

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