Happy Birthday Kovu

It’s a day late, it snuck up on me, but KOVU our cat turned EIGHT YEARS old yesterday.

Kovu and his siblings were born early on the morning of 3/26/2006 most of them in my bed right next to Tara!

Daphne a cat we had gotten from a rescue had gotten out of the house before we had a chance to have her spayed. She was an escape artist from a very young age!  She wound up presenting us with FIVE healthy kittens. While it was not the best thing for the cat population, it was SO much fun raising the kittens and oh so hard when the time came to share them with their forever homes.

We kept the two “ginger cats” both males – Kovu and Simba. Simba, much like his mother was an escape artist and left home one morning, never to return :(.

Kovu has always been and will always be TARA’s boy!

Happy BELATED Birthday – Bubba. We <3 p="" you="">
All five of the babies – Nala, Simba, Kiara, Kovu and Sarabi – all Lion King names.

3-27-2006 photo 032720061.jpg
One day old – eight years ago today – Kovu is 2nd from the right
3-30-2006 photo 033020061.jpg
Kovu is the 2ns one from te bottom you can see his face.

 photo 04072006.jpg
4-7-2006 – Again Kovu is 2nd from the right

 photo IMG_5527.jpg
 photo IMG_6087.jpg

 photo kovucollage.jpg

Camera Critters

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Sundays in My City – People and Pets of Philly

Unknown Mami

I didn’t have much time for new adventures this week, with work and such.
Even though spring has arrived according to the calendar, for the most part, the thermometer is not in agreement. The nicest day we’ve had so far was yesterday (Saturday) and of course I worked!

I was looking through photos of different trips into Philly, and thought I would share PEOPLE and PETS of the city! Dreaming of a nice warm day like the one on which these photos were shoot.

Love the hat! I love the different ethnic areas of the city!

How different must it be to be a dog in the city? 
Great mohawk. How awesome to be bold enough to wear a hair style that you know will attract attention (both good and bad).

I’ve got a special place in my heart for Yorkies and this one was a cutie! 

Photographer being photographed. I’m not sure if I ever figured out what she was shooting. 

Adorable pink scooter!

We took a carriage ride through the Old Town our driver was a very eccentric woman! I titled this photo Stella but now I can’t remember if that was the driver or the horse LOL
Looking forward to warmer sunnier days so I can get out and explore more of my city to share with you!
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A-Z Blogging Challenge – D is for Dog

This one is going to be quick, work yesterday, and errands and homework with my daughter last night left me little time to blog.  My day off is tomorrow, I think I will have to get myself a little ahead of schedule for the rest of the week!  I have not had time to visit much since Sunday, but promise I will make it around.  I got word yesterday that my laptop that had to make a trip to Texas is on it’s way home and as good as new, which will make my time on the computer easier.  I have to fight for time on the desk top with my daughter.  (She has a laptop too, but prefers to do some of her things on the desktop!)  Next week I should be good to go for the rest of the alphabet! 

Yesterday was all about cats, and I would be amiss not to take the opportunity today with the letter “D” to talk about dogs!

Dogs were always my pet of choice.  I got my first dog, as a birthday present when I was six.  I still remember that day.  A day when my parents went out without me (that was rare) in 1964.  I asked them to bring me home a book about puppies in reward for staying home with my older brothers and sister.  When I heard the garage door open, I ran to the door to ask them if they had gotten me a puppy book, and to my surprise, they were not holding a book at all, but a cute little brown puppy!  I named her Duchess, and she was my buddy for six years until she became ill and “crossed the Rainbow Bridge”.

Duchess loved to chase cars, and play in the fields behind our house.  We lived in the country at that time, and dogs could run free.  She hated thunderstorms and car rides.  The only time she willing got in the car was one time during a really bad thunderstorm.  I was very sad they day the decision was made to “put her to sleep”, I didn’t forgive my parents for quite some time.  It was for the best, she was in pain and nothing could really help at that time.

Isn’t it funny how memories like these from over 40 years ago can be so clear, but what I did two days ago sometimes eludes me!

I went many many years, with no dog of my own.  Loving to visit friends and family who had dogs in their family.

Finally in 2003, when Tara and I moved to Florida, after years of  being a cat only household, we added Princess, a weimeraner-lab mix puppy from a pet rescue.  She has been my faithful companion ever since.  No matter how we tried to have her be “Tara’s dog”, she undeniably prefers me to anyone else.  That’s not to say she doesn’t love everyone.  She is a sweetheart.  Princess loves car rides, could care less if it thunders, (she’s a FL dog after all!).  Her favorite people food are cheeseburgers and pizza.  Princess’ dream day is a car ride to McDs for a cheeseburger treat!

We also had another dog while we lived in Florida.  Maia, was a crazy Yorkie that we got as a puppy in 2005.  She got into all kinds of mischief, but her big brown eyes, and little stumpy wagging tail melted my heart.  Surprisingly all of the cats and dogs co-existed pretty well.  When we relocated to PA, we had to downsize our pets and we found Maia a good new home.  She was doing well last I heard.  I still miss her!

Princess is now 8, and she has had a hip problem since we got her,  This week has been a little harder for her to get around.  I’m hoping with some rest, she will be feeling better soon.  When the time comes though, and she does not seem to be enjoying her life, some tough decisions will need to be made.

I love having pets in my life, but there are tough decisions and heart break that come with that privilege. 

I have to go now, and finish getting ready for my day.  We had an early morning spring thunderstorm and it seems to be a beautiful morning out there now……  Make it a great day!

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Ruby Tuesday

Princess…. it is hard to get a picture of her when she is outside.  She is either looking for squirrels or if I call her name for her to look at me, she runs to me instead.  Just a little red around her neck for Ruby Tuesday!

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary @ Work of the Poet.

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34/365 – Who Says Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend?

Mine would be my “puppy” Princess.  She has been close by my side all week, she does not like when I cry or when Tara and I argue.  I was either saying “pizza” or “cheeseburger” when I snapped this snot!

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I Heart Faces – Pets

I don’t enter I Heart Faces often, because my photos pale in comparison to most, but when it comes to my pets, I love to show them off.  I particularly love this one of Kovu for this holiday season, so I’m throwing it in the ring!

Not a creature was stirring!

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Camera Critters – Snow Princess

Princess in the snow.  She rarely will stand still in the snow long enough for me to get a 1/2 way decent picture.  I think she was focusing on a squirrel but didn’t really want to run through the snow to chase it! (Gray dog, white snow does not a very colorful picture make!)

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Camera Critters – Princess

Princess was watching the squirrels, and wanting so much to jump off the sofa and bark at them!

Visit Camera Critters hosted each weekend by Misty Dawn.

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