Ruby Tuesday Too – South Philly Reds

Tara and I went to a Philadelphia Soul (arena football) game on Saturday. We went to help a team of folks from Walgreens give away freebies to spectators. I always take the opportunity on our adventures to take photos.

We were at the Sports Complex in Philadelphia home of Philadelphia Philles, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Sixers and Philadelphia Soul. Venue for many concerts and other events.

Citizens Bank Park – home of the Philadelphia Phillies

The sports complex is near the Philadelphia Int’l Airport.

The Flyers are in the playoffs… the Sixers not such a good season.
Color Guard after the National Anthem

Philly Skyline from the parking lot

Not sure what this is…. but it was big and RED!

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Ruby Tuesday Too – Chinatown

Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA
I love being in Chinatown in Philadelphia. From the signs written in Chinese, the design of the lamposts, and all the other sights and aromas coming from all of the restaurants, I feel like I have been transported to another “world”.

I’ve shared this on for RT before, but I really like this one for some reason, so I am sharing again!
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Monday Mellow Yellow – Philadelphia Trolley

Since it’s the beginning of baseball season and the PHILLIES are 6-6, I think they need a little extra cheering by way of a Philadelphia Yellow (and Green) Trolly. I love the vintage look of these trolleys. I DO NOT like driving on the streets with the trolley tracks!

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Wordless Wednesday – Coffee Sign

I believe humans get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.  ~Flash Rosenberg


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Sundays in My City – People and Pets of Philly

Unknown Mami

I didn’t have much time for new adventures this week, with work and such.
Even though spring has arrived according to the calendar, for the most part, the thermometer is not in agreement. The nicest day we’ve had so far was yesterday (Saturday) and of course I worked!

I was looking through photos of different trips into Philly, and thought I would share PEOPLE and PETS of the city! Dreaming of a nice warm day like the one on which these photos were shoot.

Love the hat! I love the different ethnic areas of the city!

How different must it be to be a dog in the city? 
Great mohawk. How awesome to be bold enough to wear a hair style that you know will attract attention (both good and bad).

I’ve got a special place in my heart for Yorkies and this one was a cutie! 

Photographer being photographed. I’m not sure if I ever figured out what she was shooting. 

Adorable pink scooter!

We took a carriage ride through the Old Town our driver was a very eccentric woman! I titled this photo Stella but now I can’t remember if that was the driver or the horse LOL
Looking forward to warmer sunnier days so I can get out and explore more of my city to share with you!
Stop by UnKnown Mami for other Sunday in My City posts!
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Mellow Yellow, Blue Monday Mosaics and Murals

Happy Monday. I should be working on falling asleep. I worked until 10:30 Sunday night and have to be back at the store at 7:30am. I am feeling a bit achy and headachy, fighting something off I suppose.I don’t have the option of calling out of work, so not matter how I feel, I will be getting up in 6 short hours!

My city, Philadelphia is covered in murals. We love to drive around the different neighborhoods of the city and see if we can find new murals. The murals are mostly part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

In addition to the painted murals (often time including other medium), Philadelphia is also the home of Isaiah Zagar, and amazing mosaic artist whose murals can be found around the city and at Philadelphia Magic Garden, a row home that is almost entirely covered in Isaiah’s works, both inside and out. It is one of my favorite places in the city!

I have shared Isaiah’s works before but never as a part of Monday Mural.

I love looking for words and quotes within the mosaics.
This is the artist Isaiah Zagar riding his bike past a wall of his work.

I’m linking up to a few Monday Meme’s with this post…

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Sundays in my City – Philadelphia

Unknown Mami
My daughter Tara and I love to take rides around our city, Philadelphia. Many times we really don’t even get out of the car, but there is always something new to see and photograph. I started calling my work from those trips as “through the car window”.
We’ve take three rides over the past two weeks… I know kind of crazy with these days of high gas prices, but we usually have a nice time talking. Tara has always loved our rides in the car, it is tie we have that is uninterrupted.
First off the Mario the Magnificent, the mascot of Drexel University. Mario is the creation of Eric Berg and can be found at 33rd and Market St. This ride was the first time I remember noticing Mario. That is what I love about our rides… I always find something I have not noticed before!

Next “stop” the “Paint Torch” by Claes Oldenburg at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This is found at Broad and Cherry Street.
Of course every city needs a giant CLOTHESPIN. This clothespin is another creation of Claes Oldenburg and is located at 1500 Market Street. This has been in place since 1976, the year of the bicentennial.
Next up is a mural. Philadelphia is covered with murals, many are part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I love is about my city. It is like being in a giant drive thru museum! 
This mural is called The Color of my Voice and is found at 2417 Ridge Avenue. To see a photo from an different perspective and to read all of the text you can go here. It also explains more about the design of this piece.
I hope you enjoyed our little drive through my city! 
Stop by again for more of my work!

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Ruby Tuesday Too…..

Another great mural in Philly. This one is on Columbus Ave, near the waterfront. I took this one on our drive last Tuesday as well as my post from blog post from yesterday.

Stop by Ruby Tuesday Too for my great shots of red!

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Monday Mellow Yellow – Philadelphia Mural

This winter has been so gloomy and colorless with all the snow we have had, maybe a little Mellow Yellow Monday will help me out. I continue to struggle with blogging and photography which makes me sad. I hope to pull myself out of that slump and take blog worthy photographs more often. I find myself using the camera on my Galaxy S4 way more than my DSLR.

My daughter and I took a ride into Philadelphia on Tuesday. It was her birthday and she unlike many teens does not like a big fuss or party, and actually prefers spending the day with just me. She had been to a concert on Sunday, and the bands were playing at the same venue on Tuesday because of the bad weather, and we thought maybe we might seeing them hanging, we did not.

I never miss the opportunity when in Philly to capture, even if it is with my Galaxy a new mural or two!

As we drove up to the intersection where this house sat I was so happy! It just brightened the already gorgeous day!

This is only one side of the mural, but we took this from the car stopped at the intersection. You can see the entire mural and more about it here –  “It Has to Be From Here…Forgotten but Unshaken”

Stop by Monday Mellow Yellow and brighten your day.

I also found a new Wednesday “meme” The Gallery. This week’s theme happens to be Yellow too. So I’m going to link up to that as well!
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery
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Monday Mellow Yellows – Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA

Good Morning.

More than a month has gone by without updating this blog.

First, I did not do anything photo worthy, and then I was having problems with accessing the blog.

I finally worked all that out, and got out for a few hours at a beautiful location with my camera so I have something to share!

Morris Arboretum, just outside of Philadelphia, PA is beautiful place to spend a day.

The land was originally owned by John and Lynda Morris (brother and sister), of the I.P. Morris family. The family made their money in the iron manufacturing business. In 1932 the land was turned over the University of Pennsylvania. It is now designated as the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During his life John traveled the world extensively bringing plants, art and ideas back home.

Tara and I enjoyed a cooler than usual summer day to enjoy some fresh air. It seems like whenever I have a day off from work she is at a friend’s house, or the weather is not suitable. You can get a decent work out on the grounds of the arboretum, there are lots of rolling hills to walk!

These are just a few photos with “yellow” since today’s post is Monday Mellow Yellows.

I want to thank my friend Karl aka Intense Guy, for the passes!

I will be sharing more photos throughout the week!
Make it a great day!
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