Project 365 -Day 2 -Spring Snow

This was quite a pretty landscape on my way to work. Again not really what one wants to see on the 2nd day of Spring. This was a shot I wanted after previous snow falls but generally too much traffic. This was a quiet Saturday morning.
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Project 365 – Day 1 – Silly Selfie

On the first day of Spring, I started a new Photo-A-Day, Project 365 project. January 1st just did not seem like the right time, with little opportunity to really get out and about for interesting photos. One can only post so many pictures of their cat and snow!

Here is a silly one for Day One! Me at work with a toy hard hat one.

We had snow on the first day of spring. not just flurries, but a 12 hour storm!

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POD #217

Another relaxing afternoon at the pool with my niece and her boys.  Tara was hanging with her besties and did not join us!  This is Gavin… he is a difficult subject, and many times will just not let me (or anyone) take his picture.

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Mellow Yellow Monday and POD #214

I have been trying for weeks to capture these adorable goldfinches with my camera.  I would see a flash of yellow zip by in the mornings when I was out tending to the pool, but they would never land in a place I could see them.  Each morning, I faithfully took my camera out with me, and this morning I was lucky.  I did not attempt to get too close for fear it would fly off again.  Just perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday!

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POD # 209 and Watery Wednesday

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Watery Wednesday is hosted by 2sweetnsaxy….click on the button above to visit more watery wonders!

This photo is the wall of a small dam in a local park we visited today.  The kids love playing in this stream!

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POD # 208 and Ruby Tuesday

Mary hosts Ruby Tuesday each week @ Work of the Poet.  Click on the Ruby Slippers to see more red!
This is one crazy tomato that was given to us in a bunch from a friend.

Ruby Tuesday
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