Project 365 – Day 17 – Easter on South Street

Only Philly has a Zombie Walk on Easter Sunday. The people in front of Tattooed Mom’s were getting zombifiied.

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Project 365 – Day 12 – Philly Newstand

Another in my Philly series from last Friday’s cruise up (and back down) Broad Street. The turquoise of this newstand caught my eye. I think I would feed my magazine addiction far too often if I walked by one of these everyday.

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Project 365 Day 6 – Therapeutic Coloring

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”  – Buddha
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Project 365 – Day 5 – Harmony Buddha

This little guy is my copilot. I believe I got him in Animal Kingdom when we still lived in FL.
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Project 365 – Day 3 Robin Red Breast

“The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” Harriett Ann Jacobs.
Nothing makes me think of spring like a Robin.
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Project 365 -Day 2 -Spring Snow

This was quite a pretty landscape on my way to work. Again not really what one wants to see on the 2nd day of Spring. This was a shot I wanted after previous snow falls but generally too much traffic. This was a quiet Saturday morning.
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Project 365 – Day 1 – Silly Selfie

On the first day of Spring, I started a new Photo-A-Day, Project 365 project. January 1st just did not seem like the right time, with little opportunity to really get out and about for interesting photos. One can only post so many pictures of their cat and snow!

Here is a silly one for Day One! Me at work with a toy hard hat one.

We had snow on the first day of spring. not just flurries, but a 12 hour storm!

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