Birthday, Babies and other Babbling!


Yes, Stacy is back….. I needed somewhere to blog that random stuff that clogs my brain cells. I have been having trouble coming up with blog topics, so this is great!

I am so happy for Stacy and her family in their new state and home. Pennsylvania will miss you. I am glad we had the opportunity to met in person!

So what have I been up too?

Working, parenting, repeat, working parenting, repeat! I feel like I rarely do anything else.

In November I was promoted at work from the Senior Beauty advisor to a Shift Lead. I am one of three “key holders” in addition to the store manager. That just means that I have a key, and am responsible for the money handling and all lots of other management duties on my shift. On weekday day shifts 90% of the time the store manager is there as well. Evening shifts, I am the “boss” once the manager leaves.

I loved my beauty advisor job, and I was fortunate to not have to work evening shifts. With this position, I generally work two and sometimes three 2:30-10:30 shifts. I don’t much mind working evenings, but it is not a big hit at home…. even at 17 Tara likes having me at home with her.  When offered the promotion I felt I could not turn it down. It did mean a raise and for the most part the learning curve has not been too big.

Speaking  of 17, I am the mother of a SEVENTEEN year old. Her birthday was last Tuesday. This birthday more than her 16th has me realizing how much fast she is growing up. We are working on getting her driver’s permit, she originally had not showed an interest in driving so we are a year behind in the process. Isn’t she gorgeous? (Photo credit… Tara Kasper selfie!)

tara_selfie_3914                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        So who has had enough of winter? We have had enough of the white stuff. It is strange this week to be able to see the ground! While not a lot for some places but I believe we are at the third snowiest winter with 15 storms. The Robin’s this year seemed to be very confused or decided to winter up north. I don’t ever recall seeing so may Robin’s when there was snow!


Have you see any good movies lately? We don’t go to the movies as often as we used to. It is just so darned expensive. Tara and I went to see Non-Stop on Friday. My work schedule was really crazy, and I worked three evenings in a row, so we had a movie “date”. Even at a matinee, sharing one drink and pretzels. it cost $33. That is just crazy!  It was a good “edge of your seat” movie. While the ending was predictable, the story line to the reveal of the antagonist kept me guessing!

Oh, did I tell you, we have BABIES, TWINS. My nephew and his wife become the proud parents of Spencer Thomas and Avery Elizabeth 2 months ago today!  Avery is the first girl in our immediate family since Tara was born.


Today (Tuesday) begins my weekend. I don’t need to be back at work until 2:30 on Thursday. Not sure what I will do with my time off. Tara has school work to do part of the day before we can go out and have fun.

Well, that’s it for this week!

Love Luck and Latte,


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Catching up

I’ve been completely distracted from blogging lately. It seems every time I get into a good routine, something happens to distract me! I’m hoping this big black cloud that seems to be hanging over our house this summer goes soon. Many little bothersome situations seem to keep cropping up!

Me being silly at Five Below

Me being silly at Five Below


Tara was gone for five days visiting her friend (boy friend, I guess is the correct title) and except for working, I did little while she was gone! During my down time, I pretty much just sat and stared at whatever was in front of me. Computer, wall, TV, phone. You get the picture. Hot weather, no motivation!

2013-07-14 09.49.23

We did take the drive from home to Brigantine Beach, NJ (just past Atlantic City) to pick Tara up one evening after I got done work. My mom rode with me, and we had a nice drive. it was just about 200 miles round trip and it took about 4 1/2 hrs! I hope that is not my ONLY trip to the shore this summer. It’s not looking good though! A day trip would make me happy. I love the beach in the early morning and evening. Not so much in the day when it is hot and crowded! I had a couple nice pics of the setting sun, but I must have forgotten to get them off my phone before I reset it to trade it in!


Two days later, on July 12th, the summer concert season for Tara and her friends began! I drove Tara and two friends to Camden, NJ for Warped Tour. It was an overcast, and then rainy day. I spent about 8 hours on the top of the parking garage in my car. It was kind of fun. I had DVDs to watch, and my IPhone and IPad to keep me busy! The rain was actually kind of nice! The girls didn’t seem to mind it much either. Much better than the first year Tara went and it was 100°.


Tara and Lani. I don’t think these girls ever take a “serious” photo!


The only glitch in the day was a DEAD car battery! I was careful not to plug my technology in too much, but didn’t realize that there is a light in the back of the mini van that is one when the side door is open. I had that door open quite a bit enjoying the air and breeze! A call to State Farm, and within an hour road side service was there to jump my car! I haven’t had to use road side service in a very long time, and never when I was any distance from home! I had both friends delivered home by 10pm! It was a good day!

Saturday I decided to look into upgrading my phone. You might remember I BROKE the screen on my IPhone! I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy. I know, I’m a traitor to Apple! I loved my IPhone, but really I needed a change! I am loving the Galaxy. Still trying to figure out all the features.






I “splurged” at a time I really shouldn’t have splurged and Tara got one too. She was having some operating issues with her phone, and I thought we would get the $150 trade in for her phone on the spot. That however did not work out. More on that in my next post! She was a bit frustrated at first. I should no to run fast and far away when Tara gets new technology! She gets so angry until she figures things out! She had 14 days to switch to an IPhone 5, but I think she’s happy with it now.

Tara has been here and there this summer. She sleeps over at a friend’s or friends sleep over here. She has mended some “broken’ friendships and that makes me happy!

We are still watching Big Brother. Not our favorite cast, but Judd is our favorite house guest. I made this for Tara! I got the live feeds for one month so I can keep up with what is going on daily! There is so much that you don’t see if you only watch the three network episodes a week! Again, Big Brother is a summer tradition for Tara and I.


Today was day one of my “weekend’. I doubt by the looks of things at work I will have many actual weekends off for the rest of the summer! We are very short staffed as well as having a very small hours budget for our schedule! As with so many places, do more with less people. I don’t have a problem working hard, but I am afraid if we are too short staffed too often it will impact customer satisfaction!

Not sure what I will be up too tomorrow. If the weather is not too hot and humid I might go on an excursion early in the morning with my camera! I wish I could make my self sit and read. I bought the new Dan Brown Book – Inferno after having the library copy for 2 weeks and not opening it once! I have loved all his books I have read and I know if I can just get started I will have no trouble finishing! Again, I’m having trouble keeping my mind on task!

Well, that’s all for tonight! I’m enjoying having the windows open. It was not as hot today, and with the windows open and a fan on, it was quite comfortable. Tonight I am listening to the choir of crickets and watching the light show of the fireflies out the patio door!







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Late Randomness

Picture-56I feel like I am behind on everything right now! Not to keep bringing it up, but ever since Justin’s accident things have continued to be a little “off” around here. I don’t think either Tara or I have totally recovered emotionally. Our issues aside, he continues to heal and is doing as well as anyone can expect! It will be good when we can see him again.

I totally need a coupe of “mental health” days for myself. Time ALONE, doing what ever I want or don’t want to do. You know, get a hotel room for a night and just be there alone! I had a couple nights alone the other week, but I was not able to enjoy them with all the other worries.

On Saturday, one of my days off this week, I helped my mom with a “booth” at a church flea market. We were trying to sell some stuff. We made only about $40, but it prompted the purging of some toys, games, and such that have been packed away since we moved from Florida. Most of the things of Tara’s and mine that did not sell, I took directly to the Salvation Army. My mother is holding on to a few things for the church rummage sale in the fall. It was a pretty day, but on the hot side to be sitting on a black top parking lot with no shade! I am not accustomed to being in the sun like that anymore and it really wiped me out! Luckily Tara had a friend over for the night and I was able to just crash!

Today was another day off, my last for six days. I did not accomplish much of anything, but we did go out to lunch for an early birthday celebration for my mom. She turns 89 on July 4th, so I figure we can celebrate a week or two! My sister, brother-in-law, and  friends Bobbie and Denny were there as well. Bobbie made a very patriotic cake for Mom. It tasted as good as it looks!

Any of you watch the HBO series, Big Love? I just finished watching all five seasons on HBO on the Go on my IPad. It was on from 2006-2011. It was a very good show. I really enjoyed it. It is the story of a polygomist family living in Utah trying to keep their lifestyle a secret will still trying to be out in the community. Imagine three wives, each with their own home side by side with a large shared back yard! The main characters were played by Bill Paxton and Jean Tripplehorn.  I like having a series such as this to watch when there is nothing else on TV to watch.

Speaking of TV, BIG BROTHER starts tomorrow night! I can’t wait! Summer is really here when Big Brother comes on! There are some new shows, and several other shows with season premieres coming up! I am also excited for Dexter!

If you are a working mom, don’t you sometimes wish that you had summer’s off with your kids? I’ve only ever had one summer off in Tara’s life, and one other I worked part time, I totally enjoyed those casual laid back days (and nights). I like staying up late watching movies and TV shows with Tara, but when I have to be at work at 8am, I can’t always pull off staying up too late. It sucks getting old!

It’s gotten hot again this week. I broke down and turned on the A/C. We made it through 24 days of June! My goal was until July 1st. I love that time when you don’t need the heat nor the A/C, and the money savings!

Looking forward to the Vietnam Moving Wall – The Wall that Heals arriving in Hatfield on Thursday!

Well, I think that’s enough randomness for this week!


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Random Tuesday Thoughts

My heart goes out to all those impacted by the horrific tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. I can not imagine. I know I’ve been going through some family “stuff” here, but it is dwarfed in comparison to what all of those people will be dealing with for days, weeks, months to come. Mother Nature has no mercy.

Joining in with Stacey at “Stacey Uncorked” for Random Tuesday Thoughts! Thankfully she’s back up and running after a couple of very frustrating days last week with her laptop! Cloning is bad, very very bad!

It seems as if spring has finally arrived. We’ve had some pretty nice days lately, as well as some rain. It looks like Memorial Day here will be very nice. We have a ceremony and a parade to attend, and a couple years it has been so hot it was uncomfortable for us, not to mention all those in the parade!

I’ve been off work for a couple days. These days have been the most relaxed that I have been in some time. There is still some “anxiety” under the surface, as there are still some unanswered questions, and details that need working out, but I am not living every moment in a heightened state of anxiousness.  Teenagers are tough!

Tara and I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness on Sunday.

photo (3)

I had won a contest at work and the prize was a $25.00 gift card of my choice. I choose a movie gift card with just this movie in mind!

photo (4)

The movie was GREAT. The “first” Star Trek movie back in 2009 was the one movie of all time that I saw the most often in the theater. FIVE TIMES. I could have sat through this one several more times on Sunday. I do not know what it is about these movies that make me love them so much. Oh wait, maybe it’s Chris Pine’s beautiful eyes?

We went to a new theater to us, inOaks, Pa,  and on the way in we say this… it reminds me of the globe that was at the World’s Fair in NYC. (Yes, I am old and I was there!)

photo (2)

 Yesterday (Monday) my mother and I spent time at our storage unit. When I moved back from FL, we combined two households, and Mom already had stuff in storage of her own. I downsized from a house with a garage and two extra rooms. At the time Tara was still into many of her toys, and while she parted with a great deal, she was obviously not ready to part with everything. I am just as guilty. There were several boxes that were never really even unpacked. Many Disney keepsakes, stuff for scrapbooking projects (who am I kidding?) and much more. I was able to get rid of a huge back of trash, and have sorted through some things to get rid of. Tara and I are headed over today for her to take a look at things. Mom’s church is having a Flea Market in a few weeks, maybe we can make some money off the stuff!

I’m working on a Memorial Day blogging project. I have shared the past two days letters that my brother Robin sent home from Vietnam. Robin was killed in Vietnam. I am finding it an interesting project. As I read and transcribe the letters to my blog, I find things I want to know more about. If you get a chance, check out my Letters from Robin series.

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m still in the midst of a mess with Tara and school. I have probably already shared more than Tara would like, so I won’t go into much detail. We had a rough start to the week, but getting the help that she needs. The school is no necessarily make it easy, but why would they, nothing is easy. I’m still doing the one step forward, two step back dance!

Things have calmed a bit with my mother. I am not sure if an “official” diagnosis is what helped or whether she just realized this needed to be between Tara and I. Maybe a combination. I do think last week she was also in a bit of pain with her arthritis acting up.

We had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Nothing extravagant, but Mom got to spend time with family.I think that is what she needed.  My nephew, Chad,  stopped by on Friday and had dinner with Mom and I, On Saturday my sister, brother-in-law and I went out to breakfast with her. Larry’s treat since the rest of us were mothers! Sunday she had brunch at my nephew’s house. Chad and his wife Tasha like to entertain and are great cooks, so she got to spend time with Linda and Larry again too. Tonight she went out to dinner with a group of ladies from church. It is good for her to socialize.


I WORKED on Mother’s Day. Two of the three mother’s worked. I am not complaining. I offered so one of my co-workers could spend time with her family. I was home by 6:00 and the day went pretty quickly! Most people were making last minute purchases of Mother’s Day cards! I didn’t get a card, actually I barely got a Happy Mother’s Day. The girl just isn’t into Hallmark moments. If Jack and Kovu could write, or get to the store, I’d like to think they would have gotten me this card!


Tara has had a friend visiting from NJ. He is visiting his dad, but spends most of his time with Tara. It was a break for me, that she had someone to “entertain” her this weekend!They have been friends since 8th grade. He goes back home tomorrow.

I can’t wait until the weekend. The new Star Trek movie comes out on Friday!! Chris Pine (sigh!)


We have had some nice weather. It has gotten chilly again. I am hoping we continue to have a cool to moderate “spring” and we don’t go right into the hot weather!

Did you know you can get your Instagram pictures printed at Walgreens? They are so cute. 4′ x 4″ square photos. A flashback to the old instamatic photos from the 60s! You can sent them to Walgreens directly from your smart phone using the Walgreens app!

Can you believe Memorial Day is just two weeks away? I am totally just taking one day at a time right now, but it really is hard to believe summer is almost here.

Well, that’s it for now. I wish I had better blog “fodder” but life is pretty much consumed with the stuff going on with Tara. I’ve not really had time to do much for myself!


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Morning Randomness

Good Morning! It is soon time for me to enter the “lioness” den and wake Tara up for School. One more week… just one more week. I will go bearing iced coffee and turn and run quickly out the door. Be right back! Okay, that went well. All I needed to tame her besides the coffee wast TOAST! Only 6 1/2 days left of school left. Only six more mornings to get her up!


This year has been pretty good as far as mornings, but the past two weeks have been a bit more tense! To make it worse – she’s extra moody and cranky this week! The internet was VERY slow last night, Netflix kept buffering and our laptops were running slow. She kept telling me to FIX IT, just FIX IT! If I could FIX IT, don’t you think I’d be working for Verizon and NOT Walgreens?


Tara has a final almost every day this week, and in the other classes, pretty much nothing. She gets so bored.


It is a beautiful morning out! I was just out with the dog. She is really good about just going out and doing her business. I should put her on a leash each time, but she gets so excited it is quicker to just open the door and let her out. We live in the back of our complex, and no one else comes back here but our neighbors. This morning however, I was cleaning up her business, and when I turned around, she was all the way out in the parking lot! Bad dog. I guess she wanted to go for a car ride! She is now sulking because I told her she was a bad girl and I was mad at her!


I worked all weekend, so we really didn’t have much excitement. In fact with the exception of a few bad storms, last week was pretty BORING. We were out for a ride on Sunday. I had one of my good cameras with me, only when a photo op arose, I realized the battery was dead, and the other one was home, in the charger! UGH. Never leave home without it!


You know, I had a bunch of Random Thoughts that I wanted to share, but now I don’t remember them!


On my day off , I did laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Yeah, exciting. I had thought maybe I would go out and take some pictures around town, but it rained off and on all day. This time last week it was 9,000 degrees out and today it was 65ish! Tara and I have watched Hairspray and Star Trek since she came home from school. These were two of her favorite movies in years past. We have watched both so many times that at one time I could repeat a a good portion of the dialogue.


You know the kiosks in the mall that sell the Dead Sea lotions and nail buffers? I was innocently headed to the cell phone case kiosk (IPhone cases are an obsession), while Tara was changing in the rest room, and I was snagged. His name was Matan and he was French. I knew what he was going to show me, and I knew that my hands were a mess. In his sexy French accent he told me “your cuticles are a HOT MESS Marta!” I gave in and bought a set.. the buffer, cuticle oil and lotion. (Remember, I work in Walgreens and can buy similar products MUCH cheaper). I have to admit, my nails and cuticles are looking and feeling quite nice after two weeks of using the product! I have a hard time keeping polish on my nails at work, but the buffer keeps them nice and shiny, and they are actually starting to grow again! We have “suggestive selling” at Walgreens. I can barely sell a candy bar. Maybe I need a sexy accent!


I work today and I’m off again tomorrow. Today should go pretty quickly.


I wish I could figure out which code in this template makes me have to double space for a single space between paragraphs! Annoying!


Out of time! Gotta go!


Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

Share some Randomness!

Hop on the Tuesday Train!

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Weekend Randomness and Memorial Day Moments

Wow, it was another hot weekend, that went way too fast! I worked on Saturday, but had Sunday and Memorial Day off, two days off in a row, as I’ve mentioned before, is a treat in retail. I will now pay with six days straight INCLUDING both next Saturday and Sunday! Oh well! I’ll have two weekdays off when Tara will HAVE to be in school as they will be having finals.  (11 more days of school… but who’s counting?)


Tara’s 9th grade class is scheduled to go to Dorney Park today, (an amusement park not too far from home) but Tara is not going. She will have another day off from school. She does not do well on buses, or trips where she has to follow the schedules set by others. She is used to me tailoring our outings to her! I’m rather glad she is not going, it is supposed to be REALLY hot again, near 88°, and they did not include the water park in the admission for this trip! I fear they may be dealing with some heat related issues with the kids today. The school is not air conditioned either.


We really had a quiet weekend. I enjoyed “hanging out” on the computer on Sunday. I did some photo editing. I had not played much with photos in a long time. Tara and I ran a couple errands and she redyed her PINK hair!


Speaking of photo editing, have you tried PicMonkey? Since Picnik went away, this is a great alternative. It is free, and they just released a collage feature. I love this look!


Memorial Day was a low key day. My family is not big on picnics. In fact we did not eat anything that even resembled picnic food! I cooked tofu if that tells you anything! It was too hot to be in the kitchen. I was rather selfish with my time this weekend, I did not want to be running all over, sometimes I just like to be HOME on my days off!


We did go to a Remembrance Ceremony held on the grounds of Tara’s school (which was the high school when my older brothers and sister attended school).


There is a memorial built to alumni who have died while in service to our country from VietNam to Beruit. It is conducted by the Key Club. My hats off to the advisor Mrs. Law (below) and all those who gave part of their holiday to help remember our fallen heroes! In the town’s Memorial Park there is a memorial honoring those from all the wars.

This is part of my family.  Yours truly is in the red and white stripes. My Mom is in the center, my niece-in-law, Tasha is in front of me, my nephew Chad, next to me. The big guy in red is my great nephew Tyler. My sister (who is not short) is hidden but the top of her head. My brother in law Larry, in the hat! I like that our family always has a nice attendence for the ceremony. The families of those memorialized here are dwindling.

Time to run! I love my new short hair, especially on hot humid days like today. It takes me about 3 minutes to dry and “style” it, which affords me extra computer time!

Ruby Tuesday 2StacyPhotobucket

(I usually just link up to Ruby Tuesday 2 on my Photo blog, but I wanted to share the pics over here!)

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Random Tuesday Train Ride

Tuesday again, and again it is raining! At least the weekends have been nice!

I got a much needed haircut on Friday. If you’ve follow me on FB or Twitter you’ve probably seen the picture, but if you haven’t, here it is.

Speaking of weekends, Tara and I had ANOTHER great Saturday! Two in a row. I think it is some kind of record since she’s been a teen.


After spending the week in school with her friends, many times Tara prefers to  not see them on the weekends. She is in almost constant touch with them through Twitter and texting, but she prefers spending time with ME!  While I enjoy when she hangs with her friends, I love when we have these great mother-daughter times!


We headed out to the local farmer’s market that opened for the season on Saturday.

The crowd was great, since I don’t think the weather could have been any better. I bought a pair of earrings from The Rosie Collection of North Wales, PA, Patchouli lotion from Green St Luxuries, guacamole from Anita’s Guacamole, Phila, and focaccia bread from Alice Bakery and Confectionary. I like supporting local businesses.

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed to King of Prussia Mall. We wanted to check out a few things in JCPenney (I was disappointed in their women’s selection… after all that I saw in Boscov’s I was sure JCP would have a great selection!) Tara also wanted to head to her favorite store Hot Topic, the last thing she needed were more band t-shirts… but she got a few more!


We then went to see The Avengers. It was good and long! Two movies in two weeks. We haven’t done that in a very long time!


Saturday evening was a quiet one at home.


Sunday I worked! We got lots of new summer merchandise from the make up companies. So many new things I want to try. More types of mascara? There are already so many, and it almost always seems the newer versions are the ones that get discontinued. Great Lash has been around forever for a reason!!!


I like the Saturday off/Sunday work schedule. It seems our weekends are less stressful! One day for Tara and I to spend together, and another for her to just “veg” at home and do her thing. Which is basically, tweeting, texting, Tumblr, listening to music and watching a little TV. The life of a teen!


Now we are back to another school/work week! Tara has 16 days of school remaining. This week and into next are field days, 1/2 day field trip to the high school (she will be a sophomore next year) and a trip to Dorney Park on Tuesday. Tara will probably miss two of those three days. She isn’t going to Dorney Park (they go with their homeroom as a group, and she is not really friends with her homeroom – she didn’t want to spend all day with people she does not really care for…. Tara tells it like it is!)  She also doesn’t really want to go to the HS field trip. There will be another one during the summer. It’s my day off, while I love my days off at home ALONE, I might let just go for 1/2 day. I wish they would get their finals over with early, and then have the last week of school for all of the activities. She does not have finals until the last 3 days of school???


Well, the alarm just went off.. I’ve been up since 4:30am! I don’t mind getting ready so much now that I don’t have to bother with my hair. This one really is wash and go if I want it to be. A little product and I’m ready to go. My makeup does take a bit longer… with so little hair, I feel like I need to make sure my make up is perfect!



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Riding the Random Tuesday Train!


This is going to be a quick!

I was off from work yesterday (my other day off for the week was Saturday, and I spent that in Philly so I got absolutely nothing accomplished around the house this past weekend!)

I had hoped to get through the clutter and boxes in my bedroom. I got through about 1/2 of what I had hoped to. Two bags of trash later!

I did get a few loads of laundry done, so I felt pretty accomplished for the day.

I also stayed off the laptop (and my IPhone) for the majority of the day… those things are such time suckers when I am trying to get things done!

It seems whenever I have a day off during the week, Tara tries to figure out a way to stay home or come home early. You would think by this time she would be over wanting to be with me!  I just don’t get as much accomplished when she is around. I get side tracked! I did pick her up about 1 1/2 hrs early, after she went to the nurse.

We have been having such crappy weather. I wonder if we will ever see the sun again! We totally missed the super moon!

I’ve got some pictures to share and stories to tell from my adventures in Philly on Saturday, but they will have to wait until I have more time at the computer.

Tara did get to meet two of her favorite band members from the group Attack, Attack. (Never heard of them? I’m not surprised. They are not played on the “pop” stations much.)

This is Tara with Caleb Shomo. He is only 19 years old. He’s been with the band since he was 14. We ran into him out on the street near their bus, and Tara and her friends had his undivided attention for about 15 minutes. I was impressed by his graciousness and maturity. He even took the time to shake my hand and chat with me a bit! She was so happy, she cried most of the way home! Some parents might dread the thought of being the transportation to concerts for their teens, but I actually enjoy the rides too and from. I love listening to the conversations!  Helps me stayed engaged in what interests my girl! (Yes, if you don’t follow me on FB, or haven’t seen the picture before, my daughter’s hair is BRIGHT pink – she totally ROCKS it too!)

I had better run, it’s six minutes until departure time. I’m ready, just waiting on Tara!!!


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May Day

Twenty Twelve is already one third of the way done. I feel like it was just New Years Day!  (This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I don’t like a post without pictures. We have these giant pinwheels at the entrance to our community!)

I remember in elementary school having a May Day – May Pole “celebration” . The details are sketchy, it was over 40 years ago, but I have memories of a white dress, on a sunny day, holding onto the ribbons attached to the May Pole!  I am sure there are no pictures to document the event.  Do schools still do this? I know none of Tara’s ever did.


I woke up early this morning (what’s new) and instead of picking up my IPhone and playing Words and Scramble with Friends, and my latest addiction, Draw Something, I picked up the laptop. I have not been making time to blog and that has been upsetting me!


Life is quiet and normal, and with the exception of a few “hiccups” pretty boring lately. It is hard to find things to blog about when life is just plain old life! No exciting trips, no great shopping deals, no new outfits to share, just get up and go to work every day kind of stuff! But blog I must if for no other reason, than for ME!


I changed my theme last night. I was attempting to get a plug in to work that I have been having trouble with, but to no avail! I did contact their development team and got back a quick response, and they will be helping me out. I really know very little about all the internal Word Press stuff! I miss the coffee cup on my old theme, but it feels new and fresh this way! There is a link on the side to my photography blog as well.

I’ve been ignoring my cameras lately as well as my blog. I want to try and start looking for photo ops each day to share! Not committing to a photo a day, that just sets me up for failure! (We can see how far I got in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge… I made it to E!)


It is raining today, for this first day of May. I guess the April Showers were just a little late. In fact it just thundered LOUDLY! One of the things Tara and I often comment that we miss about Florida, are the frequent thunder storms. I’m not crazy about this morning storm, and hopefully the rain will stop in time for me to drop Tara off at school!


I had a great three day break from work. The schedules just worked out that way, giving me Friday – Sunday off. Sometimes if I am off too many days in a row, it gets stressful around home. Tara wanting to be running all the time, or “needing” to go out and buy things that I really don’t have the money for at the moment. She was pretty content to just hang out quietly at home, just the two of us!


Tara likes to pick a series on Netflix to watch from start to finish. It is fun. We will usually sit and watch and episode or two after dinner. Last week she picked Married with Children. It is so funny to watch the fashions from the 80s and how different life was such a short time ago.


Tara’s been in a baking mood!  She has a recipe from her cooking class at school for an apple pie. She bakes a mean pie! She made brownies (from a mix the other night too). She even helped with a Vegetarian Stir Fry the other night! There is hope that she will be able to provide food for herself when the time comes for her to be on her own! Once the recipe plug in is fixed for my blog I will share some recipes I’ve been saving!


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Make it a great day and thanks A-LATTE for stopping by!




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