Letters of Condolence

Today, I opened an envelope that I knew contained some documents regarding Robin’s death. A few newspaper articles, and other official papers.

What I forgot this folder contained were letters from then President Nixon, General Westmoreland, our governor at the time and other local officials.

I wonder at the time my parents received these whether they were received as comforting sympathies or with some anger. Maybe both, as I remember my parents handling this differently. My mother seeemd to quietly (not with out tears mind you) accept this as what was to be. She firmly believes when it is your time, it is your time and that Robin was where he felt he was doing what he was to do at that time in his life. My father on the other hand struggled much more, it affected his health and he was never really one to discuss Robin’s death. I am sure there were memories shared, and stories told, but never much about Vietnam.

Here are some of those letters.

President Nixon

General Westmoreland

Governor Shafer


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Camera Critters – Mama Robin and the Three Baby Beaks!

Mama Robin hanging with the babies (or maybe it’s Daddy – I’ve never been good at figuring out the Robin genders, both that visit the nest look the same!)

Added this one this evening… not technically a good picture, I was shooting in the darkness, hoping I was focused on the nest! Luckily the flash did not seem to bother the babies who were waiting with open beak!

Camera Critters

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Camera Critters – Nesting

I went outside on Saturday morning with the dog, and noticed a Robin flying with nest building material in it’s beak.  It few around a bit, looking confused (or annoyed), so I figured it was building a nest nearby.  My first thought was the artificial Christmas tree (classy, I know) sitting on our patio.  (It is waiting for my nephew to pick up, don’t really have a place to store it!)

Building a nest in the artificial tree would not be a big deal, but it does tend to blow over when it gets windy!

I continued to see them fly in the area of the patio, and the next time I went out I realized where they were building their new home!

I guess we will be limiting our use of the patio door for a few weeks. 

Camera Critters
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