Ruby Tuesday II – Red, White and Blue Birthday

Today we started celebrating my mother’s 89th birthday a few days early!
When you are about to be 89, you deserve a multi-day celebration.
My sister, brother-in-law, mother, myself and friends Bobbie and Denny had a nice lunch at Via Marconi Smokehouse Tavern. This is a relatively new restaurant at Station Square on Church Rd, Lansdale, right near the Pennbrook Train station.  
The bar/pub area is very open, with lots of windows and natural light. Many TVs give you the opportunity to keep up with your favorite sport, and if you so like, there is a dart board! One of these visits I’m going to throw some darts!
This is the second time I have been here, and once again the food did not disappoint. I had your basic cheeseburger today. It was very good on a great roll. It came with a pickle and chips. I considered upgrading to their awesome sweet potato fries today, but stuck to the basics! 
All were in agreement that their sandwiches are HUGE. Bobbie, Mom and Larry all brought 1/2 of their sandwiches home. 
As if the sandwiches were not enough, Bobbie baked and decorated a cake for Mom! Bobbie has made several cakes for family functions and she never fails to outdo herself! This great patriotic themed cake was just perfect for Mom. A delicious yellow butter cake with yummy icing

Looking good for nine days short of 89!

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Ruby Tuesday II – An Apple A Day

I love this perfume bottle! We sell it at my store, and as much as I love it, I had never tested the fragrance. It is very nice. I might have to treat myself some day soon!

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Ruby Tuesday – Covered Bridges

Covered bridges around Allentown, PA
If you are ever in the area and want to find the cover bridges for yourself, there is a driving self tour.

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Ruby Tuesday II – Red White and Blue

It felt so good to be out with my camera yesterday, capturing moments from Memorial Day in my town. While Lansdale is a growing suburban community, it is days like today that it still has that small town America feeling.

Not sporting much red, but too cute not to share!
Just might have been my favorite!

Memorial Day Ceremony

Rhonda Worthington – President PA Chapter of Gold Star Mothers

My Mom – A Gold Star Mother – an organization no one wants to be part of.
Pearl Harbor Survivor – Alex Horanzy

Ruby Tuesday 2
Show us your red at Ruby Tuesday 2

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Red Door in Phlly

I love doors and Philadelphia has some great ones, and the best kind of door? A RED one of course!
Join me in participating in RubyTuesday 2.

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Ruby Tuesday Two – Chinatown, Philadelphia

I love visiting Chinatown in Philly. Many times Tara and I will go for a drive and wind up on the streets of Chinatown. There are so many things to look out, even from the car.

We were stopped at a traffic light and I noticed the Chinese writing, the red hydrant and the brick walls. It just made me feel good. I love red and I LOVE weathered brick walls!

 It was one of those days where we left the house to just run an errand and I did not grab my Canon, so I had Tara roll down the window and capture this with my IPhone.

Ruby Tuesday 2

You can visit other Ruby Tuesday 2 participants here..
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RED, White and Blue

Election Day has arrived her in the United States. I have to admit I have not always taken my right to vote seriously, using the excuse my one little vote won’t count. This is when I was younger. Now of course I know how important it is to exercise my privilege. The only red, I could think of to share was Old GLory, the RED, White and Blue. This photo was taken from Camden, NJ looking across the Delaware River at Philadelphia, were the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776, to form our nation!

Ruby Tuesday 2

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Tattooed Mom

Tara and I both have a new found love of urban photography. I mean, I have enjoyed it every time we’ve taken an adventure downtown, but now that she is in a photography class at school, and they are encouraged to “get out of their back yard”, she has realized that the city is where she likes to be! There is so much too see. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature photography too, but right now the sights of the city are exciting!

This was from our adventure on Saturday. South Street Philly is a unique experience of shops, clubs and restaurants. It is the location of one of Tara’s favorite concert venues the “TLA” (Theater of Living Arts). I took this shot with my niece Jodie in mind, as she is a tattooed Mom!

We have not been in Tattooed Mom, but we just might have to check it out one of these days! They categorize the ambience as HIPSTER, DIVEY! Of those that have chosen to write a review, it gets pretty a large number of 4s. I mean who wouldn’t love Taco Tuesday or Pierogie Wednesday?

Join in the fun of Ruby Tuesday 2 and show us your RED.
Ruby Tuesday 2

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Covered Bridges of Lehigh Valley

While researching things to do in Allentown this past week, I came across a great document on a Covered Bridge Tour in the Lehigh Valley.

There are over 200 covered bridges remaining in Pennsylvania, and seven of them are in the Lehigh Valley. All were within 10 miles of where I started my journey, but I made it to just three this day. Five of the seven of these bridges are still open to vehicular traffic. Two of the three I visited I was able to drive across!

The first I came to was Bogart’s Bridge. This bridge was built in 1841, and after a truck damaged it in 1956 it was closed to traffic. The park area around the bridge is a beautiful place to spend a day. The Little Lehigh which the bridge crosses is one of the areas best places for trout fishing.

Next I traveled down Cedar Crest Blvd and found the Manasses Guth Bridge. This one is still open to traffic The sounds of the car tires driving across the planks is quite a distinctive sound! The original bridge was built in 1858, and partially rebuilt after a fire in 1882. The bridge crosses the Jordan River and is near one of the entrances to Covered Bridge Park.

The last bridge I decided to visit is just a short distance from the Manasses Guth Bridge, on the other side of the Covered Bridge Park. This is the Wehr’s Covered Bridge. This bridge was also built in 1841, and is open to vehicular traffic. 

That concludes my little tour of the bridges. This tour is well marked on the surrounding roads with red covered bridge tour signs. I will head back up there in the near future and find the other four bridges. I have to think they all might be quite beautiful in the fall as well!

Ruby Tuesday 2

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