Marcel Moose

I think moose are cute. Some years ago, I started receiving the annual Lenox Merry Moosecapades ornament. I am not sure how many I have, I should go out to the tree and count them!

The other night I was sitting on the sofa the other night playing with my camera taking pictures of the  Christmas tree and I really like the way this one turned out! Just a wee bit of red for Ruby Tuesday.
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Ruby Tuesday/Mid Week Blues

Mom’s Patriotic Build-A-Bear – My mom was born on July 4th, and she loves bears, so this is one of her favorites!!!

Play along with Ruby Tuesday and Midweek Blues! Share your interpretation of reds and blues! 

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Ruby Tuesday -Random Redness

I haven’t had much time with my camera, so I thought I would continue with what I did yesterday for Mellow Yellow Monday, and make a Ruby Tuesday slide show as well, with Random Red Photos from my Photobucket folders!

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Tara and I took a Sunday ride (I remember as a child my mom, dad, sometimes my grandmother and myself would take a “Sunday ride” after church….. with the price of gas skyrocketing, I think we will be staying pretty close to home).  She wanted to go to Lambertville, NJ (because she ♥ Adam Lambert and she loves going on long car rides!)  I think because she has my undivided attention, she can listen to her music, and when she wants, she reclines the seat and chills.  At first I was hesitant, but then I thought about the possibility of photo ops, so I agreed.  I’m going to combine my Mellow Yellow Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Mid Week Blues and Watery Wednesday all into one post!


We followed the “yellow” line and crossed the New Hope – Lambertville Bridge.

Then we made a stop along the river in the D&R Canal State Park

I was a bit blue to see that someone had left their beer bottle behind.  I took it and put it in the trash.
I loved the look of this bridge.

Canadian Geese on the Delaware.
Mallards on the river.

Water Fowl on the Delaware

I love this yellow and red sign, especially with the coffee cup!

I’m not sure what the Yellow Zone was,
but I saw this in the parking lot of the Ivyland-New Hope Train Station.
Figured it was perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday.
I was able to add another Mule from the Miles of Mules project to my collection.
He’s got a bit of yellow on his blanket.  I posted about the Mules here.

For Ruby Tuesday – A Fire Alarm on a telephone pole. Don’t see those often.
This old lady with her yellow bag,  looked so real as we came
around the bend into the shopping area of New Hope.

I would have loved to stop in and have a cup of coffee on the patio,
but it was packed!  Love the RED brick.

Cars from the New Hope Ivyland train.  One of these days I am going to ride on the train!

In honor of the arrival of March,
I thought I would include this sculpture on the property of
Byers Choice, Chalfont, PA which is on our way home.
They make figurines… creepy looking in my opinion.
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Ruby Tuesday

Princess…. it is hard to get a picture of her when she is outside.  She is either looking for squirrels or if I call her name for her to look at me, she runs to me instead.  Just a little red around her neck for Ruby Tuesday!

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary @ Work of the Poet.

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Ruby Tuesday – No Swimming

 Visit Mary and other Ruby Tuesday participants by clicking on the ruby slippers!

Trying to catch the sunset over Lake Galena @ Peace Valley Park last night… I was a little late, but thought this was quite beautiful.  When I saw the red flag and NO SWIMMING sign in red, I knew it was my Ruby Tuesday post!  It was quite warm for February (55 degrees for the high… but also very windy as is evident by the flag!)

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Ruby Tuesday

I seem to be having some issues with the auto focus on my camera (actually I think it is just one lens), so I was playing with it one day sitting at the table after lunch!  Figured the ketchup was appropriate for this Ruby Tuesday, when I can’t seem to come up with anything else!

Ruby Tuesday is hosted by Mary @Work of the Poet.  Stop on over!

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Ruby Tuesday @ TGIFridays!

Seems lately, whenever I make plans for a day of photography, those plans fall through… I had big plans on spending a day off in Philadelphia with my daughter as they were out of school… did not happen.  Instead we had a tension filled day of shopping and lunch.  Not at all the day I had planned. 

Today did not especially go as planned either, the reason I am posting this at 10:13pm est.

I shot these photos at TGIFridays where we had lunch with my iPhone.

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