Random Thoughts Tuesday – Summer is winding down

It has been a couple weeks since I have defragged, and boy does my brain need it.  I have become very forgetful lately…. the Unmom gives me a place to get it all out!

We have been keeping rather busy the past couple of weeks.  I know everyone is saying the same thing, but where the heck did the summer go?

I went to my first concert in a really long time… I took Tara and her two friends to see Adam Lambert.  It was a pretty amazing concert.  I didn’t really follow AI when Adam was on, so I did not know much about his music.  The girls are in &hearts with him.  The music was very loud, but I was prepared with ear plugs, which made it enjoyable.  I loved taking pictures!

Later that same week, Tara and I spent a day in Philly.  I did not do as much as I had hoped… the weather got warmer than I anticipated, and my ankle was hurting which made walking uncomfortable.  We did a little shopping, ate a little lunch and went on a carriage ride.

Anyone remember the Partridge Family?  Well Danny B. is DJing in Philly again!

We also have seen three movies recently.  Nothing to rave about, but Tara enjoyed them all.  We saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Cats & Dogs – Revenge of Kitty Galore and Vampires Suck.

Tara had placement testing for school last week.  I don’t know how well she did, I thought the testing was the day after it really was, only realizing two hours before she had to be there, at 9am.  She was NOT happy with me, and at one point refused to go.  In the end she did go, and after I rewarded her with school clothing shopping!

We headed to the neighboring township Aquatic Center with my niece and the boys last week too.  It was a beautiful day out and the kids had lots of fun.

Work at Walgreens is still okay.  Not my dream job, but it helps pay the bills.  As much as I miss having a real weekend, I loved having my days off during the summer.  I am still cleaning the pool, probably another 4-6 weeks, last year they kept it open until the end of September.  The extra money and discounted rent made all the early mornings worthwhile, but I will be glad to have my morning computer/blogging time back… no, wait, I probably won’t have my morning time back, it will be spent getting Tara off to school.

Tara is not a morning person.  It is one of the aspects of school I am dreading.  Cyber school didn’t matter when she got up.  I am really looking forward to some “me” time once she is back.  I had thought about looking for a “day” job, but think for now I will stick with what I have, so I have some free time!  I’ve got some things I am looking into doing.

I took the tres amigos to the mall yesterday.  I went my way and they went theirs.  I am not quite ready to drop them off and go.  I did a little shopping and had myself an iced coffee in Starbucks. (I am trying to learn PS, so I did a little playing with this one)

I returned something, so I decided to put that money towards some “learnin” books…

and a new purse…. I was never into Vera Bradly much, but I love this print!

We  had some rain yesterday, after a very hot, dry summer, we’ve been having some rainy days.  I love these waterdrops on the leaf!

 Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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Disneynature – Earth

Tara and I are at the theater to see Disneynatures Earth.

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Tara and I finally got ourselves to the theater to see Earth today. We were out doing some shopping at Oveido Marketplace, and decided while we were there to go to the movies. We had a coupon for a free ticket from our Regal Crown rewards card, so it was a “cheap date”. This is a rather quiet mall (at least the times that we go), and the entire upstairs is a Regal movieplex. We even had a little cellphone looking gadget with four buttons that could be used if there was trouble in the theater, with the movie, sound, guests, etc. If something occurs, you press the appropriate button, and an employee would come to the theater. I know in the past we were in a theater that had an awful hum to the audio, we were as far away from the front desk, and several people had gotten up to go complain. One of these gadgets would have come in handy.

Anyway, back to EARTH. First let me say the videography in this movie was AMAZING. I would like to see a documentary on making the documentary! The extreme climates and weather conditions that they endured to capture the footage were simply incredible. Being an amatuer photographer who loves to photograph nature (plants and animals), I was in awe.

James Earl Jones’ voice is well suited as the narrator of the film. (Side note, did you know that for much of his childhood James Earl Jones was a stutterer and functional mute? He had a teacher in high school that insisted that he recite a poem each day in class which helped him overcome this and become the amazing speaker that he is today!)

The movie follows families of polar bears, elephants and whales as they endure harsh conditions in their particular environment in an attempt to survive. Yes, there are moments where a stronger animal prevails over one that is weaker, but nothing too graphic. (I recall much worse as a child watching Wild Kingdom!) If your child is very sensitive to this kind of thing, you might want to reconsider seeing this movie. There was one family leaving when we did that seemed surprised at what was shown due to the G rating. I for one have never sheltered Tara from “the circle of life” since she was little so I would have never thought it might have been upsetting to some. Every family is different!

You will also see amazing time lapsed photography, as well as some incredible aerial and underwater video that will make you say, “how did they do that?”, at least it did me. I want to be a nature photographer when I grow up!

The movie is both educational and entertaining with the antics of the wild! When the movie is over, do yourself a favor and stay for the extra 5 minutes or so to see some behind the scenese video! With the purchase of our tickets, two trees will be planted in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which is considered one of the most endangered rain forests in the world.

We totall give it two thumbs up, and will be anticipating Earth Day 2010, when Disneynature Ocean is released!

Guess what, I had my camera with me, but I didn’t take one single picture (even with my IPHONE, all day!)

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Tara.. Growing up

Peace! Here is Tara this morning in one of her new shirts. I think she looks SOOO grown up! I didn’t realize how long her hair was getting either! We both really need haircuts! I did not realize that Peace signs were back in style, but they were all over the clothes at Target last night!

I was thankful we found shirts she liked and feels good in. She had been so picky recently that any attempt to even look at shirts ended in a little “tiff” between us! Last night’s shopping was actually enjoyable! She now has eight new shirts, and she is going to start deciding which one she is going to where which day ahead of time! She told me she wanted a hook for each day! I told her that’s what HANGERS were for! We could label them with the days of the week! I will do anything in an attempt to help this girl find some organization and planning skills!

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