Project 365 -Day 2 -Spring Snow

This was quite a pretty landscape on my way to work. Again not really what one wants to see on the 2nd day of Spring. This was a shot I wanted after previous snow falls but generally too much traffic. This was a quiet Saturday morning.
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Photos of the Day – 21 – 26

I’ve not blogged in a few day, family stuff.  My stress level is HIGH, causing me to feeling emotionally drained.

Thursday brought yet another snow storm, and Friday a tiring day. I took this photo on my way out to work in the morning. It was probably my most peaceful time of the entire day!
Friday, January 21
Snowy Sun Rise on 365 Project
Saturday found me making a trip to Philly to drop my mother off at CHOP (Children’s Hosp of Phila) to spend the day with my 15 yo great nephew who was in ICU.  My niece needed to get home to get clothes, etc as they had left home for the ER on Thursday night with nothing extra.  He was a sick boy for a couple of days.  He has been discharged, but they were unable to diagnose what made him so ill.

I was going to take the opportunity of having some alone time to drive along the river and take some pictures, only to realize I had not ONE memory card with me.  I took this one with my iPhone. Another similar photo can be seen in my ABC Wednesday post… that one I took on my second trip to the same spot with my Canon and MEMORY card!
Saturday January 22
Philly Bridge on 365 Project

Sunday, Tara and I headed back to Willow Grove Park Mall, I tried taking some more photos of the “carousel” animals hanging above the fountain, but failed. I did get this shot of the “skylight” above.
Sunday January 23
Willow Grove Park Mall Skylight on 365 Project

Monday found me making two more trips to the city. I made sure I had my memory card with me this time. I will share other photos from that day at another time, but I kind of liked this one through the fence.
Monday January 24
Fairmount Park, Philly on 365 Project

This one was taken while sitting at the bar @ Bones Grille in Lansdale. No, I was not drinking to relieve my stress, but talking to my niece about my nephew, and waiting on some food to take home!
Tuesday January 25

Bar Light - Bones Grille on 365 Project

I had hoped Wednesday would finally be a day that I could relax and regroup. Did not happen. We got a two parter snow storm today and I had a really really MOODY teen ager. This was taken around 11:30pm as I was heading to bed.

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Ruby Tuesday

Another photo from my break time walk after Friday’s snow.
Visit Mary who hosts Ruby Tuesday @ Work of the Poet.  Visit Mary and other participants by clicking on the button below.  Show us your red!

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Green Lane is White 9/365

I’ve posted pictures from Green Lane Reservoir in the past.  This is a county park, a short distance from our home.  Tara and I took Sunday sightseeing ride to check it out!  The entire center area, between the tree lines on the right and left is the lake.

This is the same lake last fall… a bit different perspective, but you can see the same bench bottom center of the snowy picture is to the lower left of the fall picture.

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Snow Art – 8/365

Day 8/365

 My over 6 foot tall great nephew Tyler made this snow angel….

Tara of course choose to show her “love” for her favorite performer Adam Lambert…

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Mellow Yellow Monday

We had a bit of snow yesterday, not as much as some areas, just enough to make it pretty!  I was out running a couple errands today, but not really out of the car much, so I thought I was shot this traffic light for MYM!
I hope all those we celebrated had a wonderful Christmas….and that 2011 brings you all you wish for!

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