Song-ography – Photograph

Time really flies when you are having fun  working! I was doing a really good job posting regularly on one or the other or both of my blogs and then EIGHT DAYS STRAIGHT of work got in my way.  After the 5th… my ambition just hits that wall! I just had a three day weekend, but I pretty much just hibernated for those days. Tara is away visiting her boyfriend and his family, so I have had some quiet time to myself!

I am going to jump right back in with  Song-ography for this week. I have really come to LOVE these weekly songs as prompts for sharing photographs. Is “meme” still the correct term to use for such things?


This week’s song is Photograph by Nickleback. I can’t say I ever heard this song, and I really enjoyed listening to it!

The lyrics definitely make me think of the years Tara and I lived in Florida, and the occasional pangs of “homesickness” for that life. It was different then… almost (almost) like a 6 year vacation, after all we lived less than one hour from Disney World, we had a pool of our own, and we lived 1000 miles from family. There are days now that I wish we had that life back, but others I am very thankful that we are living back “home” close to family!

“Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey’s head?”

MK Tara Ta Da 2-22-06

She will kill me if she sees that I posted this.


Tara in Tub photo Tara2003MissBubble.jpg

Tara and James  - Mayhem Fest - Camden 2012 photo 62f10faae7f76f2d0a94fbe719b5f8e7.jpg

A little more recent (2012) when she had bright pink hair that garnered many comments. Plus James Cassells of Asking Alexandria is REALLY HOT!


I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane at the expense of my beautiful and funny daughter, and my interpretation of Photograph by Nickleback.

Stop by You”ll Shoot Your Eye Out and how other’s interpreted the theme!


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To Everything There is a Season


This weeks Song-ography theme is Turn, Turn, Turn. I always loved the song as recorded by The Byrds. Until today I did not realize it was “written” by Pete Seeger, using the words from Ecclesiates 3:18. In the  60s these words were very appropriate with all that was going in the US and Vietnam during that time.  I hope you like my interpretation of this theme!

This song actually crossed my mind as we started 2014, when within one short week my family celebrated the life of my uncle who had passed and the arrival of two tiny new family members!

On January 4th, I gathered with my mother, sister, aunts, cousins, and second cousins, to celebrate the life of my Uncle Doug. He has passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 85. Uncle Doug was always the life of the party and a jokester. His is greatly missed by his family!


A time to die, a time to mourn, a time to lose

We always say we only get together at weddings and funerals. Some of us don’t see each other often, but it is so wonderful when we come together as a group! There was one faction of the family that for many years had been “fractured” from my immediate family, for reasons we never understood. This gathering mended that fracture a bit I believe.


A time to love, a time to embrace

 Just six days later on Jan 11th, my mom, sister and myself patiently waited (or not) for the arrival of two very special little family members.  At 5:30 and 8:30 respectfully, Avery Elizabeth and Spencer Thomas, joined our family. They were the first babies to be born in our immediate family in close to 13 years, and Avery the first girl since Tara, 17 years ago!

A time to be born, a time to love, a time to dance

A time to be born, a time to love, a time to gain,  a time to dance (Chad is holding Spencer, Tasha is holding Avery)


A time for peace

A time for peace






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Song-ography – One is The Loneliest Number


“One is the Loneliest Number”

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.”
-Three Dog Night

I guess I’ve been a “!” for so long that I don’t really think of it being a lonely number.

I was the youngest of four kids…my siblings 10 years+ older than me, so it was kind of like being an only child. I spent a lot of time alone.

I have never really minded being alone. I like spending time with myself. Even now I relish every moment of time when I am home ALONE!

Tara is a “1” too…. an only child, she has not yet embraced loving the ONENESS!

She might be an only but she's got the looks of a "10"

She might be an only but she’s got the looks of a “10”

One Spring Daffodil - I am anxiously awaiting ours to bloom

One Spring Daffodil – I am anxiously awaiting ours to bloom

Who knew I would have so much trouble finding pictures of only ONE.

Visit You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, she’s another Philly girl!


Love and Lattes,




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Song-ography – It’s Not Easy Being Green

I found a new Sunday photo meme – Song-ography, interpreting a song prompt with pictures! I then realized that the hostess, Kath, is another Philly girl.
This week’s song prompt is Kermit’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
“…It’s not easy being green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re
Not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky…
2006 photo Muppets3DKermit.jpg
Green, I can’t wait until the world around me turns green.
This has been a long cold and WHITE winter.
“It’s not Easy Being Green”, obviously made me think of Kermit made me think of Disney (Disney Hollywood Studios to be exact) and Disney made me think of my favorite time of year, EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Expo. While all these photos aren’t just green….. there is a lot of green in them.
We had a couple “nice” days this week, I sure hope spring is around the corner and we soon start seeing the GREEN spring up all over here!

 photo IMG_5752.JPG
 photo IMG_5749.jpg

 photo IMG_5115.jpg

 photo IMG_5114.jpg

 photo 2006_EPCOT_FG137.jpg
 photo 2005_EPCOT_FG6.jpg
 photo 2005_EPCOT_FG4.jpg




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