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I am half way through my first full weekend off since the beginning of August. It has been a nice relaxing (so far) weekend for me. I slept in until 10:30 on Saturday morning, and except for a quick trip to Towamencin Fire House to pick up Chicken BBQ dinner, I stayed home all day! It was a rainy day, and just what I needed. A total day of down time.

Working retail wrecks havoc on any kind of schedule. From the ever changing shifts, open some, close some, to different days off every week, sometimes two in a row, sometimes only one at a time, it is difficult to actually decompress.  I have not had any type of vacation… more than 3 or 4 days off in quite a long time. Twice I planned a 7 day stretch of time off and twice those plans were changed for me. Top that with probably the most stressful time I have had in the 5 1/2 years at the store, and I have been quite on edge. We have turned over almost all of our staff in the last few months. We are left with one gentleman that was there prior to me, myself and the store manager that have been there for any length of time. Staffing retail jobs is not easy, people don’t like the pay and they don’t like the nights, weekends and holiday schedules! With new staff comes training, and falling behind in projects, and stress. It is a vicious cycle we seem to be in!

Sometimes we all need a little quiet time, alone time, silence. For me that does not come often! I know some for whom perpetual motion is what makes them tick, but I guess I am just getting too old for that. I like peace and solitude. I enjoy my time alone.

See how nature, trees, flowers, grass, grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls. – Mother Teresa

PicMonkey Collage


I am soaking in the last few quiet hours of this weekend. Once Tara is done work, along with Mom, we will be headed to Wal-Mart (ugh). Mom does not venture out too often any more, but needs a new lamp and Tara needs an Eagles shirt for work tomorrow night. I of course, am sure I will find something there I can’t live without. Maybe a new crock pot. Cooking is one thing that I have come to dislike after a busy day at work, so this fall I am going to try out all the “dump dinners” and crock post recipes I see every where!

Make it a great day,

Love and Lattes!


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Sundays in My City – People and Pets of Philly

Unknown Mami

I didn’t have much time for new adventures this week, with work and such.
Even though spring has arrived according to the calendar, for the most part, the thermometer is not in agreement. The nicest day we’ve had so far was yesterday (Saturday) and of course I worked!

I was looking through photos of different trips into Philly, and thought I would share PEOPLE and PETS of the city! Dreaming of a nice warm day like the one on which these photos were shoot.

Love the hat! I love the different ethnic areas of the city!

How different must it be to be a dog in the city? 
Great mohawk. How awesome to be bold enough to wear a hair style that you know will attract attention (both good and bad).

I’ve got a special place in my heart for Yorkies and this one was a cutie! 

Photographer being photographed. I’m not sure if I ever figured out what she was shooting. 

Adorable pink scooter!

We took a carriage ride through the Old Town our driver was a very eccentric woman! I titled this photo Stella but now I can’t remember if that was the driver or the horse LOL
Looking forward to warmer sunnier days so I can get out and explore more of my city to share with you!
Stop by UnKnown Mami for other Sunday in My City posts!
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Sundays in my City – Philadelphia

Unknown Mami
My daughter Tara and I love to take rides around our city, Philadelphia. Many times we really don’t even get out of the car, but there is always something new to see and photograph. I started calling my work from those trips as “through the car window”.
We’ve take three rides over the past two weeks… I know kind of crazy with these days of high gas prices, but we usually have a nice time talking. Tara has always loved our rides in the car, it is tie we have that is uninterrupted.
First off the Mario the Magnificent, the mascot of Drexel University. Mario is the creation of Eric Berg and can be found at 33rd and Market St. This ride was the first time I remember noticing Mario. That is what I love about our rides… I always find something I have not noticed before!

Next “stop” the “Paint Torch” by Claes Oldenburg at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This is found at Broad and Cherry Street.
Of course every city needs a giant CLOTHESPIN. This clothespin is another creation of Claes Oldenburg and is located at 1500 Market Street. This has been in place since 1976, the year of the bicentennial.
Next up is a mural. Philadelphia is covered with murals, many are part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I love is about my city. It is like being in a giant drive thru museum! 
This mural is called The Color of my Voice and is found at 2417 Ridge Avenue. To see a photo from an different perspective and to read all of the text you can go here. It also explains more about the design of this piece.
I hope you enjoyed our little drive through my city! 
Stop by again for more of my work!

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The Vietnam Moving Wall – Hatfield, PA

Unknown Mami
Our community had the unique opportunity to have replica of the Vietnam Wall, The Moving Wall, on display at American Legion Post 933 this past week. This project took months of preparation and fund raising. The Moving Wall is required to be open to the public 24 hours/day, so you can imagine the amount of volunteer time just to staff this undertaking for the 4 1/2 days.

Maybe to some, this does not seem like a big deal, but I grew up during Vietnam, and my brother was killed in Vietnam. If you have read my blog over the past month, you know that I have been sharing letters and pictures that Robin sent home during his tour in Vietnam. This “project” was spurred on in anticipation of The Moving Wall’s arrival.

In research I have done while sharing these letters, I realize that over 40 years later there is still much pain, physical for some and emotional for most, endured each day for the veterans from this era. It was an unpopular war and these brave fighting boys and men, were not welcomed home by parades and yellows ribbons, more so they arrived home to protests and picket signs.

I have actually been to to visit four times. I am not sure if I will get back there today before it closes and moves on to it’s next destination as I have to work and it is a rainy morning.

During my visits, there were of course couples and families (I was so thankful to see many families with children who for them the war is just history), but also lone men. Many wearing caps depicting them as Vietnam vets, some in their motorcycle leathers with patches that identified them as a vet, and some who just stood and stared at one panel in particular for a long time in silence. Surely remembering a comrade, friend or family member.

I visited with my mother on Friday evening, my sister, mother and I went on Saturday evening to see it in the dark with the lights illuminating it, I went for a quiet solo visit Sunday morning and I took Tara yesterday evening. I used to visit The Wall in Washington DC weekly during the five years I lived nearby, and my mother and sister have seen it as well. All though this is a scale replica, the emotions are still the same. It is quite overwhelming to see all of the names etched on the wall.

MovingWall-005 MovingWall-001 MovingWall-008 MovingWall-012 MovingWall-020 MovingWall-022 MovingWall-014
movingwall-010 movingwall-014 movingwall-007 MovingWall-007



My sincere thanks go out to all the members of American Legion Post 933 in Hatfield, PA, and other local veteran groups, and everyone who volunteered their time. Also those who helped in fund raising and helped by financially sponsoring this event. I had hoped to be be able to help in some way, and regret that the craziness that has been my life the past couple months did not allow me to attend a planning meeting.





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Sundays in My City – Upper Gwynedd Carnival

 Unknown Mami hosts Sundays in My City so we can share a little of our “universe” with the blogoverse.

Unknown Mamia

This is our new welcome flag by our patio celebrating fall!

This week I had hoped to get out and about  a little more, but the weather turned back to summer, and I was just not motivated!  However Upper Gwynedd (the township in which I live) did have their annual carnival this weekend , and I headed there with Tara and her friend Sidney for a little 13th birthday outing for Sidney. The best part, it is less than 10 minutes from home…. lately most of my outings that have been further have resulted in traffic delays!

Tara (left) and the birthday girl Sidney on the left.

That’s Tara and Sydney in the back row on the left.

Took a picture, but we didn’t get any treats, we went to DQ instead!

I love all the lights at a carnival at night.  It is just not the same in the day.

The Zipper – this ride was crazy… yes the girls rode it.  No, not me!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami

Sunday’s around here have become pretty quiet laid back days for the most part, since I almost always work on Sunday.  There were quite a few weeks when I worked Sunday from 8am-4pm, and that pretty well took care of the day, now I am on a much preferred shift from 4pm-10:30pm.

Now that I don’t have to clean the pool on Sunday (or any other morning) I can enjoy my coffee and computer time!

Fall is coming quickly, and two local farms have fall festivals which they run every weekend, and I can’t wait to attend.  Last fall brought many rainy weekends, so I am hoping for lots of sunshine.  I will have lots of pics to share then!

So for today, Sunday in my City (the big booming metropolis of Lansdale) consists of a stop at Saxby’s for coffee, then to our favorite nail salon (Iris Nails), a movie at home (via Netflix on the Wii), and then work.

I didn’t take this one today… but it is one of my favorites, and I did pass this building today, so if I wasn’t such an honest person, I could have just said I took it today!!  Back in the “old” days when my town was a manufacturing town it relied heavily on the railroad.  This used to be a stop on the railroad where goods were loaded and unloaded.  It is for sale, I don’t know what it could be used for, sadly, if the property is purchased, it will probably be torn down.  Many other old train stations around have been turned into cafe’s, one a very successful fireplace/wood burning stove store….

We are celebrating a win by our hometown high school football team – the North Penn Knights last night, the Penn State Nittany Lions also won.  My PHILLIES continue to be in first place in the National League East and at the moment there is no score in their game against the Wash Nationals.  My Eagles, well, they are playing the Lions today… losing right now, I think this is a “rebuilding” year for them (aka they will SUCK).   If I didn’t have to be getting ready for work soon, I would be watching the games!

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness!  

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