Thankful times Four!

It is November, and in the US, November brings us Thanksgiving!

Many folks share each day of November something for which they are thankful.

I’m getting a late start! Today is the 4th, this month is speeding along!

Without further ado, I will share with you those things for which I have been thankful for in days 1-4!

I’m not going to make any promises to posting every day, or even making it through to Thanksgiving, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Thursday, Nov 1 –

I was thankful on this day, and every day since Hurricane Sandy made it’s way through our area to have power – heat, hot water, food at the ready in the fridge, and those other things that we take for granted and swear we can’t live without – Internet, TV and phone service.  We never last power. Two days post Sandy, many of my friends and family in this area were without these luxuries (what we think of as needs, but so many in the world, including our own country). So many in other nearby by areas, NJ and NY lost EVERYTHING, I feel guilty complaining about ANYTHING!


Friday, Nov 2 –

I am thankful for my daughter. We argue, we disagree, and there are moments that we might not like each other, but at the end of each day, we love each other, and we are a team! Sometimes I get annoyed at her requests to go “for a ride” or her need to run to the store for something not really necessary. If I stop and think about it, she really just wants to spend time alone with me, where nothing but my driving, distracts me. We have some awesome conversations in the car. Sometimes just about our days, sometimes about things more serious, but we TALK, and yes, sometimes those talks result in us coming back home annoyed at one another!

How many parents for whatever the reason will never be able to talk to their teenager again? How many wish their teen would willingly spend time with them and share about their day? I read Facebook statuses and Twitter posts every day by Tara’s friends and peers that suggest not all parents are so lucky. I am blessed and thankful, and yes, if you have not read about Tara before, I LOVE her pink hair!

Saturday, Nov 3 –

I am thankful to be employed. It might not be the most glamorous, high paying or important job, but it is my job. I take pride in what I do, I would take the same pride in a job that paid $1.00/hour as I would a job that paid $1,000/hour!  It felt good during the pre-Sandy preparations for customers to come in the store and find that we had those “D” batteries that they had looked all over town for, I feel good on any day when I am able to help a customer who has a specific need, and especially our elderly customers. We have a large percentage of elderly who shop at our store. One man who cares for his wife, and comes in each week asking to be reminded where one particular product is. He rarely remembers, but as soon as he walks in the door, I am at his side to help him out!  I am thankful for the management in our store.  They are flexible in realizing that sometimes, family must come first. The need to arrive an hour late, take lunch at an unusual time, or leave a bit early causes me little stress, as I know they “get it” and the rest of the time they get my 100%! I am also thankful for my co-workers. We gripe and bitch some days, but in the end, they would all have my back if I needed them!

Sunday, Nov 4 –

I am thankful for my Mother. The list of reasons is far too long to go into here. She is and had always been there for me. Like Tara and I, my Mother and I have differing opinions and ideas sometimes. She is the definition of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  I know she is being tested recently by a certain family member, but she will not turn her back. Even though some experts might say that’s what she should be doing. Today was an extra rough day for her.

I am thankful to have had 88 years with my mother, and hope to have many more. She is slowing down, she seems to be aging much faster in recent months. Her mind is still sharp, but she tires much easier. I am sad that it is not as easy for her to get around, to go out and do things together. I do try and find something special for us to do together. Of late, it has been hard. In addition to being thankful for my Mom, I am also thankful to have had the world’s best Dad. I was only given 26 years with him, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, and what it would be like if he were still with us!

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Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL my BLOG FRIENDS, near and far, old and new.
Eat, drink, be merry.  If you are driving don’t be too merry! 

We had snow flurries here in the Philly ‘burbs’.  Doesn’t happen often in these parts.  A FB friend posted that the last time was 1989.  I was living in VA then, so not sure if it snowed there.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and all the blessings in our lives.
My thoughts are with the Cain/Serratore/Ordway families who are celebrating the first holiday without my Aunt Alice.  I know she will be missed today!

I am thankful that my friend Leslie was able to “tweek” Tara’s hair so she now loves it!  (See Wed post!)
If you are one who ventures out on Black Friday, I wish you successful shopping.  A day I normally stay out of the stores, but I will be working.  Today was Walgreens BIG sale, although we have other specials that run through Saturday!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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Random Tuesday Thoughs – All Aboard

Good Morning!  I have time to blog this morning! I’m being random today and boarding the Thanksgiving Tuesday Train!

Tara’s heading into school a little late this morning, she woke with a headache, so I gave her Motrin and sent her back to bed for a couple hours.  (Only to be woken by her friend calling incessantly on her cell phone to see why she wasn’t at the bus stop….ARGHH, some people don’t get that maybe if you don’t answer on the FIRST, or at least by the SECOND call, that you don’t or can’t answer.  When she didn’t answer on her cell phone, she called on our house phone.  Note – Tara does NOT do this when this same said friend is not at the bus stop! (Venting over)
Our family seems to be “plagued” with cycle related headaches, so I can relate to how crappy she feels.  I offered to let her stay home for the day, but she didn’t want to miss the entire day.  I think she will miss her friends since today is the last day before Thanksgiving break.

In store for me – laundry and some straightening up around the house, oh and shopping for a few things for Thanksgiving.  I work tomorrow until 4:00pm, and I will not enter a grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve!  I need one of these… I have washed TWO pair of good Apple headphones in the past month.  One pair was only 2 days old.  I should have paid the $9.99 replacement fee. 

Breaking News – the Royal Wedding will be April 29, at Westminster Abby.  Don’t you think it is a little unfair for them to keep comparing this wedding to Charles and the late Diana?  really, it is such a different situation.  I’ve got it penciled in on my calendar, now to go dress shopping HA!

I have an addiction that I had control of that is again rearing it’s ugly head.  Yes, I am a magazine-aholic.  I LOVE magazines, but had stopped buying them.  Used to be I could not go through a grocery or drugstore check out line without buying one.  I even kept it under control for TEN months of working in a store that sells magazines.  Slowly but surely (maybe it is because of all the Christmas issues), I seem to be bringing one home time I go into a store.  There is always a recipe or a craft that catches my eye.  This one had me buying the Martha Stewart Living December issue.  Wish I would have thought about searching for it online!  Not that it is not a pretty easy concept, but I am visual and needed a picture for the layout of the strings!

I have a new twitter follower…..”NorthWales_news”.  I live next to a small town called North Wales, and this would be great if this North Wales weren’t in the UK.  Maybe it will come in handy when I attend the wedding in the spring!

We are keeping Thanksgiving simple this year.  My nephew and his fiance (where we are dining) are providing the turkey and mashed potatoes, and the rest of us will split up the rest.  There are SO many dishes that you think of for holiday meals, and then there are so many left overs.  I think we will be cooking a turkey at home over the weekend (since I have Saturday and Sunday off) so we can make our other favorites.

Tara and I saw THREE movies over the weekend.  First, and by far the LEAST was Skyline.  Your typical aliens take over the world movie.  It was really NOT good, so not good you had to laugh.  This was Tara’s choice, not mine!   We saw this on Friday evening.
Next was a Saturday afternoon DOUBLE FEATURE.  No we did not see Harry Potter, we will wait until this weekend or later (I don’t like crowded theaters).
We did see Unstoppable with Denzel and Chris Pine.  I LOVE to watch Chris Pine.  He was the reason I did not argue seeing Star Trek in the theater FOUR (maybe FIVE) times when Tara wanted too.  He is HOT.  I could just stare at his eyes for two hours.  That is worth the price of admission. I love Denzel too, and they had a good chemistry in the movie.

Then we saw The Next Three Days.  It was action packed and suspenseful.
More than likely we will see Tangled on Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition since Tara was three to see a movie on Thanksgiving Day. I don’t think we have missed too many, except maybe one while we lived in Orlando when we were in Magic Kingdom for the day.

I had to take a little break and go smash open a pumpkin for my little squirrel friends.  One was sitting at the patio door looking in at me, I was waiting for him to start knocking.  I have not been around much during the day since Thursday!

Well, I think that’s enough randomness for the day!  Stop over and visit Keely and other randomizers!

Have a great Thanksgiving in case you don’t get a chance to stop back by this week!
Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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A Thousand Words Thursday -Thanksgiving

Wow, how different this year is than last. This morning as I sit here wide awake at 4am (I’ve been up since 3am!), I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with friends and family.

“So once in every year we throng
Upon a day apart,
To praise the Lord with feast and song
In thankfulness of heart.”
Arthur Guiterman, The First Thanksgiving

I am so thankful that we are living back home in PA with family. The past two years the holidays were a little “tougher” because we had hoped to have been moved back home.

I am also thankful for my families health. I am thankful. that my 85 year old mother, is still active and healthy. She was able to go to Louisiana this year and work with Habitat for Humanity.

I am thankful for all the new people that I have met through blogging this year. While I have not met many face to face, there are some of you who I look forward to “meeting” with each and every day!

The past 6 years Tara and I have spent the day alone, since we lived 1,000 miles from family! We were always anticipating the arrival on my sister’s annual trip to Disney, and looking forward to all of the holiday festivities that Disney had to offer, but in the end, it was just the two of us celebrating the day and giving thanks! We have a tradition of going to the movies on Thanksgiving, it started even before we moved away, one that I think we will break this year.

“Without Thy sunshine and Thy rain
We could not have the golden grain;
Without Thy love we’d not be fed;
We thank Thee for our daily bread.

2003 – This was our first Thanksgiving in FL! I tried to make it really special. Tara even lost her first tooth.

2006 we had our meal at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and spent a little time in Magic Kingdom.

2008 – helping to make dinner!

This morning, we will go to the annual Thanksgiving breakfast at church. This is something I did with my parents for many years when I was growing up. Lots of memories there! Many of the faces have changed, but there are still many from “back in the day”. It will be nice to attend once again!

After breakfast, we will probably come home and watch some of the Macy’s Day parade (which I will record). I never really make it through the whole thing.

Dinner today will be at my nephew’s house at 4pm. We will probably head up that way around 2pm. We don’t have much to prepare for the meal. We are taking a veggie tray, my Aunt Marie’s Blueberry Jello Salad and my mom’s pizzelles that she loving made last night.

I realized looking back, that Thanksgiving seems to be a much less documented holiday, so this year, I am going to document well.

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Have a fabulous day!

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Day 18 – Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27 – THANKSGIVING DAY 2008

What are you thankful for today? I have so many things to be thankful for. On the top of that list is my family. I am thankful for my amazing daughter, who is growing up from a little child to one special young girl. I am thankful for my mom, whose never fails to be my rock solid support. I don’t know if she realizes how special she is…. words seem inadequate to express what she means to me. I am thankful for our home and my job, and our health. Through the internet this last year, I have gotten to “know” several families whose are battling every day for the life of a loved one to cancer and other serious illnesses. Many of these are children stricken with cancer… it has helped me realize even more than I knew before, that we can’t take one day for granted.

Changing leaves, one of the things that I miss about the north. The fall is by far my favorite season, and always has been. I remember visiting the Adirondacks during the fall to visit Paul Smiths College where I eventually attended college. The crisp cool mornings, with mist rising from the lakes and streams and the tapestry of colors from the leaves against the crystal clear blue sky are images forever etched in my memory. I did find a few branches of changing leaves on our maple tree this year, and thought it would make a good Thanksgiving day picture!

Tara and I don’t have any real Thanksgiving traditions, each year I think, we really need to start a tradition that is just ours. I guess going to the movies could be one, I can only think of one Thanksgiving that we have not seen a movie, and that day we spent at Disney.

Our Thanksgiving Day started out quietly. We had cold pizza from the night before for breakfast, and watched the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon. Later we did continue our semi tradition and saw the movie Bolt (in 3D). It was good (as Tara says what I saw of it, as I snoozed… this is my new thing in movies. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I am sitting still, it is dark, and no one is bothering me…. the perfect time for a snooze!) I think every time we see a movie in 3D the technology is improved. No longer do you get those cheap cardboard glasses, but nice plastic ones. They do have a recycling bin just like at Disney outside the theater, but Tara chooses to bring them home! After the movie, we came home. It was a gorgeous day. I decided to sit outside for a bit with Tara and the dogs before I started dinner. Tara peeled the potatoes for me!
I cooked our cornish game hens in beer can chicken style, and they turned out really well. Tara loved dinner. I did too, but I was full in a flash, and wanted the mandatory Thanksgiving Day nap! We continued on with more of Jon & Kate, reliving some memories of PA before we moved to FL. They visited Sesame Place and Strasburg Railroad with Thomas the Tank, both which Tara remembered visiting. Also Sight and Sound, which I had been to for the Christmas show one year with my cousin Diane, and I have fond memories of that day we spent together. All of these things make us even more homesick for PA!!!

It was a good day! Hopefully (if all works out) we will be spending next Thanksgiving with family in PA!

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