Morning Randomness

Good Morning! It is soon time for me to enter the “lioness” den and wake Tara up for School. One more week… just one more week. I will go bearing iced coffee and turn and run quickly out the door. Be right back! Okay, that went well. All I needed to tame her besides the coffee wast TOAST! Only 6 1/2 days left of school left. Only six more mornings to get her up!


This year has been pretty good as far as mornings, but the past two weeks have been a bit more tense! To make it worse – she’s extra moody and cranky this week! The internet was VERY slow last night, Netflix kept buffering and our laptops were running slow. She kept telling me to FIX IT, just FIX IT! If I could FIX IT, don’t you think I’d be working for Verizon and NOT Walgreens?


Tara has a final almost every day this week, and in the other classes, pretty much nothing. She gets so bored.


It is a beautiful morning out! I was just out with the dog. She is really good about just going out and doing her business. I should put her on a leash each time, but she gets so excited it is quicker to just open the door and let her out. We live in the back of our complex, and no one else comes back here but our neighbors. This morning however, I was cleaning up her business, and when I turned around, she was all the way out in the parking lot! Bad dog. I guess she wanted to go for a car ride! She is now sulking because I told her she was a bad girl and I was mad at her!


I worked all weekend, so we really didn’t have much excitement. In fact with the exception of a few bad storms, last week was pretty BORING. We were out for a ride on Sunday. I had one of my good cameras with me, only when a photo op arose, I realized the battery was dead, and the other one was home, in the charger! UGH. Never leave home without it!


You know, I had a bunch of Random Thoughts that I wanted to share, but now I don’t remember them!


On my day off , I did laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Yeah, exciting. I had thought maybe I would go out and take some pictures around town, but it rained off and on all day. This time last week it was 9,000 degrees out and today it was 65ish! Tara and I have watched Hairspray and Star Trek since she came home from school. These were two of her favorite movies in years past. We have watched both so many times that at one time I could repeat a a good portion of the dialogue.


You know the kiosks in the mall that sell the Dead Sea lotions and nail buffers? I was innocently headed to the cell phone case kiosk (IPhone cases are an obsession), while Tara was changing in the rest room, and I was snagged. His name was Matan and he was French. I knew what he was going to show me, and I knew that my hands were a mess. In his sexy French accent he told me “your cuticles are a HOT MESS Marta!” I gave in and bought a set.. the buffer, cuticle oil and lotion. (Remember, I work in Walgreens and can buy similar products MUCH cheaper). I have to admit, my nails and cuticles are looking and feeling quite nice after two weeks of using the product! I have a hard time keeping polish on my nails at work, but the buffer keeps them nice and shiny, and they are actually starting to grow again! We have “suggestive selling” at Walgreens. I can barely sell a candy bar. Maybe I need a sexy accent!


I work today and I’m off again tomorrow. Today should go pretty quickly.


I wish I could figure out which code in this template makes me have to double space for a single space between paragraphs! Annoying!


Out of time! Gotta go!


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Weekend Randomness and Memorial Day Moments

Wow, it was another hot weekend, that went way too fast! I worked on Saturday, but had Sunday and Memorial Day off, two days off in a row, as I’ve mentioned before, is a treat in retail. I will now pay with six days straight INCLUDING both next Saturday and Sunday! Oh well! I’ll have two weekdays off when Tara will HAVE to be in school as they will be having finals.  (11 more days of school… but who’s counting?)


Tara’s 9th grade class is scheduled to go to Dorney Park today, (an amusement park not too far from home) but Tara is not going. She will have another day off from school. She does not do well on buses, or trips where she has to follow the schedules set by others. She is used to me tailoring our outings to her! I’m rather glad she is not going, it is supposed to be REALLY hot again, near 88°, and they did not include the water park in the admission for this trip! I fear they may be dealing with some heat related issues with the kids today. The school is not air conditioned either.


We really had a quiet weekend. I enjoyed “hanging out” on the computer on Sunday. I did some photo editing. I had not played much with photos in a long time. Tara and I ran a couple errands and she redyed her PINK hair!


Speaking of photo editing, have you tried PicMonkey? Since Picnik went away, this is a great alternative. It is free, and they just released a collage feature. I love this look!


Memorial Day was a low key day. My family is not big on picnics. In fact we did not eat anything that even resembled picnic food! I cooked tofu if that tells you anything! It was too hot to be in the kitchen. I was rather selfish with my time this weekend, I did not want to be running all over, sometimes I just like to be HOME on my days off!


We did go to a Remembrance Ceremony held on the grounds of Tara’s school (which was the high school when my older brothers and sister attended school).


There is a memorial built to alumni who have died while in service to our country from VietNam to Beruit. It is conducted by the Key Club. My hats off to the advisor Mrs. Law (below) and all those who gave part of their holiday to help remember our fallen heroes! In the town’s Memorial Park there is a memorial honoring those from all the wars.

This is part of my family.  Yours truly is in the red and white stripes. My Mom is in the center, my niece-in-law, Tasha is in front of me, my nephew Chad, next to me. The big guy in red is my great nephew Tyler. My sister (who is not short) is hidden but the top of her head. My brother in law Larry, in the hat! I like that our family always has a nice attendence for the ceremony. The families of those memorialized here are dwindling.

Time to run! I love my new short hair, especially on hot humid days like today. It takes me about 3 minutes to dry and “style” it, which affords me extra computer time!

Ruby Tuesday 2StacyPhotobucket

(I usually just link up to Ruby Tuesday 2 on my Photo blog, but I wanted to share the pics over here!)

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Random Tuesday Train Ride

Tuesday again, and again it is raining! At least the weekends have been nice!

I got a much needed haircut on Friday. If you’ve follow me on FB or Twitter you’ve probably seen the picture, but if you haven’t, here it is.

Speaking of weekends, Tara and I had ANOTHER great Saturday! Two in a row. I think it is some kind of record since she’s been a teen.


After spending the week in school with her friends, many times Tara prefers to  not see them on the weekends. She is in almost constant touch with them through Twitter and texting, but she prefers spending time with ME!  While I enjoy when she hangs with her friends, I love when we have these great mother-daughter times!


We headed out to the local farmer’s market that opened for the season on Saturday.

The crowd was great, since I don’t think the weather could have been any better. I bought a pair of earrings from The Rosie Collection of North Wales, PA, Patchouli lotion from Green St Luxuries, guacamole from Anita’s Guacamole, Phila, and focaccia bread from Alice Bakery and Confectionary. I like supporting local businesses.

After the Farmer’s Market, we headed to King of Prussia Mall. We wanted to check out a few things in JCPenney (I was disappointed in their women’s selection… after all that I saw in Boscov’s I was sure JCP would have a great selection!) Tara also wanted to head to her favorite store Hot Topic, the last thing she needed were more band t-shirts… but she got a few more!


We then went to see The Avengers. It was good and long! Two movies in two weeks. We haven’t done that in a very long time!


Saturday evening was a quiet one at home.


Sunday I worked! We got lots of new summer merchandise from the make up companies. So many new things I want to try. More types of mascara? There are already so many, and it almost always seems the newer versions are the ones that get discontinued. Great Lash has been around forever for a reason!!!


I like the Saturday off/Sunday work schedule. It seems our weekends are less stressful! One day for Tara and I to spend together, and another for her to just “veg” at home and do her thing. Which is basically, tweeting, texting, Tumblr, listening to music and watching a little TV. The life of a teen!


Now we are back to another school/work week! Tara has 16 days of school remaining. This week and into next are field days, 1/2 day field trip to the high school (she will be a sophomore next year) and a trip to Dorney Park on Tuesday. Tara will probably miss two of those three days. She isn’t going to Dorney Park (they go with their homeroom as a group, and she is not really friends with her homeroom – she didn’t want to spend all day with people she does not really care for…. Tara tells it like it is!)  She also doesn’t really want to go to the HS field trip. There will be another one during the summer. It’s my day off, while I love my days off at home ALONE, I might let just go for 1/2 day. I wish they would get their finals over with early, and then have the last week of school for all of the activities. She does not have finals until the last 3 days of school???


Well, the alarm just went off.. I’ve been up since 4:30am! I don’t mind getting ready so much now that I don’t have to bother with my hair. This one really is wash and go if I want it to be. A little product and I’m ready to go. My makeup does take a bit longer… with so little hair, I feel like I need to make sure my make up is perfect!



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Riding the Random Tuesday Train!


This is going to be a quick!

I was off from work yesterday (my other day off for the week was Saturday, and I spent that in Philly so I got absolutely nothing accomplished around the house this past weekend!)

I had hoped to get through the clutter and boxes in my bedroom. I got through about 1/2 of what I had hoped to. Two bags of trash later!

I did get a few loads of laundry done, so I felt pretty accomplished for the day.

I also stayed off the laptop (and my IPhone) for the majority of the day… those things are such time suckers when I am trying to get things done!

It seems whenever I have a day off during the week, Tara tries to figure out a way to stay home or come home early. You would think by this time she would be over wanting to be with me!  I just don’t get as much accomplished when she is around. I get side tracked! I did pick her up about 1 1/2 hrs early, after she went to the nurse.

We have been having such crappy weather. I wonder if we will ever see the sun again! We totally missed the super moon!

I’ve got some pictures to share and stories to tell from my adventures in Philly on Saturday, but they will have to wait until I have more time at the computer.

Tara did get to meet two of her favorite band members from the group Attack, Attack. (Never heard of them? I’m not surprised. They are not played on the “pop” stations much.)

This is Tara with Caleb Shomo. He is only 19 years old. He’s been with the band since he was 14. We ran into him out on the street near their bus, and Tara and her friends had his undivided attention for about 15 minutes. I was impressed by his graciousness and maturity. He even took the time to shake my hand and chat with me a bit! She was so happy, she cried most of the way home! Some parents might dread the thought of being the transportation to concerts for their teens, but I actually enjoy the rides too and from. I love listening to the conversations!  Helps me stayed engaged in what interests my girl! (Yes, if you don’t follow me on FB, or haven’t seen the picture before, my daughter’s hair is BRIGHT pink – she totally ROCKS it too!)

I had better run, it’s six minutes until departure time. I’m ready, just waiting on Tara!!!


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May Day

Twenty Twelve is already one third of the way done. I feel like it was just New Years Day!  (This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I don’t like a post without pictures. We have these giant pinwheels at the entrance to our community!)

I remember in elementary school having a May Day – May Pole “celebration” . The details are sketchy, it was over 40 years ago, but I have memories of a white dress, on a sunny day, holding onto the ribbons attached to the May Pole!  I am sure there are no pictures to document the event.  Do schools still do this? I know none of Tara’s ever did.


I woke up early this morning (what’s new) and instead of picking up my IPhone and playing Words and Scramble with Friends, and my latest addiction, Draw Something, I picked up the laptop. I have not been making time to blog and that has been upsetting me!


Life is quiet and normal, and with the exception of a few “hiccups” pretty boring lately. It is hard to find things to blog about when life is just plain old life! No exciting trips, no great shopping deals, no new outfits to share, just get up and go to work every day kind of stuff! But blog I must if for no other reason, than for ME!


I changed my theme last night. I was attempting to get a plug in to work that I have been having trouble with, but to no avail! I did contact their development team and got back a quick response, and they will be helping me out. I really know very little about all the internal Word Press stuff! I miss the coffee cup on my old theme, but it feels new and fresh this way! There is a link on the side to my photography blog as well.

I’ve been ignoring my cameras lately as well as my blog. I want to try and start looking for photo ops each day to share! Not committing to a photo a day, that just sets me up for failure! (We can see how far I got in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge… I made it to E!)


It is raining today, for this first day of May. I guess the April Showers were just a little late. In fact it just thundered LOUDLY! One of the things Tara and I often comment that we miss about Florida, are the frequent thunder storms. I’m not crazy about this morning storm, and hopefully the rain will stop in time for me to drop Tara off at school!


I had a great three day break from work. The schedules just worked out that way, giving me Friday – Sunday off. Sometimes if I am off too many days in a row, it gets stressful around home. Tara wanting to be running all the time, or “needing” to go out and buy things that I really don’t have the money for at the moment. She was pretty content to just hang out quietly at home, just the two of us!


Tara likes to pick a series on Netflix to watch from start to finish. It is fun. We will usually sit and watch and episode or two after dinner. Last week she picked Married with Children. It is so funny to watch the fashions from the 80s and how different life was such a short time ago.


Tara’s been in a baking mood!  She has a recipe from her cooking class at school for an apple pie. She bakes a mean pie! She made brownies (from a mix the other night too). She even helped with a Vegetarian Stir Fry the other night! There is hope that she will be able to provide food for herself when the time comes for her to be on her own! Once the recipe plug in is fixed for my blog I will share some recipes I’ve been saving!


Join in with Stacy for Random Tuesday Thoughts!



Make it a great day and thanks A-LATTE for stopping by!




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The Final Countdown Has Begun

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends.

5-4-3-2-1 That’s how many days we have left until Christmas!

Things are finally starting to fall into place. Good thing since I don’t have any more days off until Christmas Day!

I finished the majority of my shopping in a three hour spree today! My Mom tagged along, so I was not able to get her gift. I was kind of looking forward to shopping solo, but she had a couple things to get, and it was silly for us to go separately! I thought maybe she would slow me down, but I did pretty well! Luckily three of the stores that Tara wanted gifts from are almost right next to each other in the mall! I did not have to travel far! I still have one more family member to buy for, and if all else fails, cash will work!

Until a couple hours ago (just on Dec 20th), I had no idea what we were doing for Christmas Eve. It has been tradition since we returned from Florida for us to get together with my sister and her family (niece, nephew, spouses and great nephews). If you read my blog, you may know that there has been some family tension this year. So we were unsure as to what decisions had been made. I was not offering to host since I am working all week, and it is just too much for me to do alone. Mom is just not up to the extra work that is required around the house, it is just too stressful all around. We will be going to my nephew and his new wife’s house. Neutral grounds!

I still need to prepare and mail Christmas cards… maybe I will do a New Years card instead. Give everyone something to look forward to in January!

I have not yet baked one single cookie. I might be doing that on Christmas Day, which I am thinking will be a quiet day at home with just Mom, Tara and myself. I can’t wait! Some people thrive on busy holiday’s, I long for one on which I can stay in my jammies all day and watch movies!

I’m still having trouble getting in the holiday mood. I’m just ready for it to be over! That is terrible. I’ve heard from numerous retail folks that feel the same! That is probably why I have not baked or written one single Christmas card!

Today (#26) I am thankful for GIFT CARDS, the gift you can give when you have no clue what else to give!

I am also glad that I got the kinks worked out of my blog, so I could go back to the theme that I love!

We are having RAIN today. As much as I would love a white Christmas, would like for it to start about 7pm on Christmas Eve. Too much to do the rest of the week to have it falling now! The weather however looks like it is going to stay pretty “warm”. Do yo have snow where you live? Snow would definitely put me in the Christmas frame of mind.

Another year has gone by and I have not gotten myself to Philly during the holidays. I don’t have any extra time off between now and the New Year, so probably not much of a chance! I would love to see the Wanamakers (I mean Macy’s) Holiday Light Show. One of those Philly traditions that I’ve shamefully never seen!

I’m watching the TV show ‘Til Death from the beginning. I loved the first couple seasons of this show, with Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher! I like finding 30 minute comedies that I can watch on Netflix or Hulu on my lunch break at work!

I’m joining in Random Tuesday Thoughts and hopping on the Tuesday Train!



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Happy Holidays,

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Tuesday Tidbits!

I wanted to thank everyone for your beautiful comments yesterday in regards to my late brother Robin’s birthday. He was a special young man. It was coincidental, or maybe not, that the matriarch and one of the daughters from the Freddy Hill Farm family was in the store yesterday. I had to write her a rain check, and writing the date reminded me again of Robin’s birthday. We had a touching, brief conversation about Robin. She echoed my thoughts for the day, that Robin was a very very special young man. We wondered what he might have become had he the chance to return from the war.

So on to today! Tuesday, and it is my day off.
Today, day #12, I am thankful for my DAY OFF. Now, I have two days off every week, but in recent weeks, those days off were not all MINE! I love having time off when Tara is in school, and no one else has plans for my time. Once again, I will more than likely spend the day in my bedroom, once again trying to find the flat surfaces, which so quickly become cluttered! I have 12 Christmas movies recorded on the DVR to watch, so I am looking forward to the time! (It’s only 7am, and Tara is already throwing a twist in my schedule. I keep forgetting she needed an immunization for school this year, and she wants to get it today (she is MAD at her German teacher and does not want to go to the class today. She has decided getting an immunization is LESS painful than Frau Rudy!)

Now, on to some Randomness! Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked continues to host Random Tuesday Thoughts!


I can’t believe the weather we have been having. So warm for December, but I am sure we will pay for this weather in some way later in the winter. The next ten days however are looking pretty good!

I have been meaning to share this simple recipe since I used it Thanksgiving week. We had a “pot luck” lunch at work, and I decided to make an old party favorite from our recipe box.

They go by many names – Grape Jelly & Chili Sauce Meatballs, Sweet & Sour Meatballs, etc. The first name pretty much sums up the recipe!
32 oz Grape Jelly
2 15 oz jars Chili Sauce
2 lb bag of Frozen Meatballs (or you can be daring and use cocktail sausages too!)
(I actually used 16 oz of jelly and 1 jar of chili sauce when I made them the other week, and they were plenty saucy!)
Mix the jelly and chili sauce together. Some folks heat it on the stove, but on the day I made it, I simply mixed everything together in the crock pot at work. I put the crock pot on high for about and hour and then turned on low.

The “boys” raved about how good the break room smelled during mid-morning breaks, and taste tested them for me! They thought they were AMAZING. When lunch time came around, the “boss” could not get enough of them! They were a huge hit. I think I will make them for our Christmas Eve pot luck too. This time, adding in the sausages! You can eat them as an appetizer, or make a meatball sandwich on a nice roll!

I have not really started my Christmas shopping. I don’t have too many gifts to buy, mostly for Tara. She keeps changing/adding things to her mental list. I told her the other day she needs to put them on paper. Telling me when we are in the car does not help me when I get to the store. We keep it pretty simple for the rest of the family. I actually would prefer to just buy gifts for the “kids”.

Hopefully some evening this week Tara and I can go out on a Christmas Lights adventure. We love driving around looking at all the lights. We still remember how much fun we had in Florida. We would get hot chocolate and turn the A/C in the car way up, put on Christmas music and drive around all the surrounding neighborhoods.

Last night we drove through town to see the “Lansdale Tree” light up. I love this years tree! I took this with my iPhone. I didn’t grab my camera before we ran out!

My dog goes crazy over squirrels, but on two recent mornings, there has been a rabbit less than 10 feet away from her, and it has not phased her? I can’t figure that one out!

Hopping on the Tuesday Train!

I am going to set aside one hour of my DAY OFF, to do some blog visiting.

Thanks A-LATTE for stopping by!


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A Day to Myself

On the mornings that I work, I wish I could get up at 5am, to ensure that I have plenty of me computer time in the morning. I plan things out so I should have 1/2 hr of social media time, but it always seems like Tara or the dog need me for something just as I settle in at the keyboard.

It is time for Random Tuesday Thoughts (hosted by Stacy while Keely is on hiatus) and Tuesday Train (hosted by Christy @ My Mad Mind The Survival Mama and The House on the Corner.

I wish I had time to hop the train to Philly today.


I worked all weekend, so I am so looking forward to a DAY OFF today. Tara will be off to school in less than and hour, and my Mom who is doing awesome, and able to drive again, will be heading out to “Circle” at church for a couple hours. You know what that means? I will be home ALONE for a couple hours. I can’t tell you the last time I was at home ALONE.

I have so much cleaning/decluttering/organizing to do. I was supposed to start on my last day off, but Tara was home with a stomach bug. This week I have a unique schedule that will give me three mornings in a row at home, so I should be able to balance some down time with the cleaning time, maybe even some PHOTOGRAPHY time.

Fall is really in the air, in the mornings at least. I am just thankful that there is no RAIN in the air for at least today! I am ready for fall – sweaters and pumpkins and all the aromas that go with it!

I gave in an allowed Tara to get her lip pierced. She wears just a small stud, I will not go for a hoop! Shhh, don’t tell her I posted a picture of her. She took this with her iPhone. You can just about see the stud near the left corner (your right) of her mouth.

Tara has a different German teacher this year. She is incorporating the use of technology into the class. Maybe more of her teachers do this, but this one sent an email home with the information, so I’m in the loop! Hopefully with these tools Tara will do better in German. They are using Wikispaces, Wordle, Storybird…. I love Wordle!

I finally polished my nails last night. I got this great new color at work – Sinful Dancing Nails. Sinful is a great inexpensive line of polish. They are only .99 cents this week!

Tara is safely delivered to school and I have 6 1/2 hrs to myself. I’ve straightened up the bathroom, and gathered laundry and have started a load! Now I’m allowing myself a few minutes of computer time.

Tara wants to go to the mall to look for a new backpack after school.

Maybe I will bake brownies or a cake.

I need to get moving, the laundry is ready to move to the dryer!

Have a great RANDOM day!

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If I wanted to get up at 6am, I would have set the alarm

Welcome to my new home, it is still under construction, so please bear with me!

StacyWhile I have been a bad (lax) blogger, it  seems as if Keeley has taken a hiatus from Random Tuesday Thoughts. I loved RTT because I could do a brain dump of all the things that weren’t enough material for a single post, but that were cluttering up my already too cluttered brain. My PA blogger friend, Stacy, at Stacy Uncorked is carrying on in Keeley’s absence. Yeah Stacy (queue clapping!)

  • I really wish pets come with a reset button. The dog, cat, and guinea pigs all think that if I am not up by 6am that something is wrong. In unison, they each make their own most annoying noise long and loud enough to compel me to get out of bed. I am tired, I don’t go to work until 3pm today, and then 9 1/2 hrs after I get home, I have to be back. I wanted to SLEEP in this morning, just a bit. Not happening, even with everyone feed and watered I can’t go back to sleep!
  • My mom is still recovering from her surgery and it is going much slower than she would like. This little taste of home nursing that I am getting, makes me appreciate the jobs of healthcare workers even more than I already did. Last evening was really for her, she can tolerate pain that would bring many of us to tears of agony. Five Percocets (over a 3 1/2 hr period, per Dr instructions) seemed to have helped. She is annoyed that she can’t do more to help herself. I totally do not mind. I am just struggling with having to be at work 8 hours out of the day. The surgery was not planned too far in advance, and I could not schedule extra time off.
  • The teen in the house is being pretty quiet and cooperative these days. She likes to sleep, oh and talk on the phone to her boyfriend for many minutes in the middle of the night. I guess teens are a bit like vampires. I am glad that he is on the AT&T network like us! Oh, and last month, 10,500 text message were sent by her alone. Thanks to my friend Art, he pointed out that there were only 42,300 minutes said month! All I can say is thank goodness for unlimited messaging and data plans!
  • Last week, on the second hottest day of the year, Tara and two other girls went to Vans Warped Tour. A very loud, outdoor concert in Camden, NJ. I drove them there, returned home, and later went back to pick them up! The reason I bring this up, is that I actually was given permission to take a photo of Tara (and friends) at 8:00am. This is honestly the first photo I have been allowed to take of Tara since she turned 14 in MARCH. There is sun glare, but I could not spend too much time setting up the shot, they barely stood still for this!  Tara is the one on the right.  No, the one in the middle did not wear ANY sunscreen, just saying!Before the Warped Tour
  • Had it not been so freaking hot, and if it was not the day my mother was discharged from the hospital I would have loved to spend some time in Philly (across the bridge from Camden) taking pictures. Instead, I resorted to a few pictures from the car!

Chinatown, murals, victor landing, philly, camden


I’m hopping on the Tuesday Train!
Joining in on Tiggerific Tuesday too!
Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

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Random Tuesday Thoughts


RTT is hosted by Keely the UnMom.  Why don’t you join along in some randomness.

Good Morning.  Another week, another snow storm.  Not so much snow this time around, but freezing rain (rain that falls from the sky, and freezes upon contact, not to be confused with sleet that falls from the sky frozen), on top of the 1-2 inches of snow.  No snow day for Tara, the schools were already closed for a long four day weekend.  No work for Martha, I took a vacation day, giving me three days off, one (tomorrow) without Tara at home!

The squirrels are hanging out on the patio waiting for me to throw them some peanuts.  I feel really bad for them today, it is hard to dig through that crunchy coating.

I hoped to have a fun day with Tara yesterday, but I have come to the conclusion with a teenager (especially a girl) that is almost impossible.  One comment that she took differently than I had intended, ruined the whole rest of the day.   We did a little shopping, went out to lunch, and lots of arguing.  Oy!  It was a CRAPTASTIC DAY.

The dog is sleeping on my feet.  They are nice and toasty.  Only now, I don’t think I can stand up without disturbing her and my coffee is in the other room!

I’m burning this lovely scented candle, hoping that it will bring peacefulness to the house today.

I am going out for lunch with Joanie from Joanie’s Random Ramblings tomorrow.  I read on Facebook that she thinks she is coming down with a cold.  I hope not, we’ve been trying to get this lunch thing together for months!

I started typing this at oh, about 6:30am, and it is now 10:47am…. I guess that is how today is going to go.  Easily distracted!  I have had breakfast, made Tara breakfast, gathered laundry, picked up “clutter”, cleaned the litterbox, taken some photos and shoveled some messy icy/snowy combination off the sidewalk since then!

Homemade waffles (by my mom) with raspberry syrup!  Yummo!

Jumping on the Tuesday Train…. is there a stop where there are no teenagers?


Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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