Countdown to Christmas – Remembering Robin

Day #5

Today, I would like to remember my brother Robin, on what would have been his 66th birthday. Robin was killed in Viet Nam on 3.9.1969.

Memories of Christmas’ past with Robin are very vague to be the me, I was probably 9 or 10 the last time we celebrated with Robin at home. I wish I had clearer memories of us all together on Christmas morning.

The photo I shared above is one of only a few that I have found of me (the baby) and my siblings; Linda, Bill and Robin. This would have been my first Christmas. I was 10 months old, Robin had just turned 9, Linda was 10 and Bill would turn 12 just a few days later.


Kriebel Rd housed under construction/late 1957 – early 1958


Robin skating on Freddy Hill Pond. Great times and great memories were had on that pond!

I wonder quite often what Robin would have become had he returned from Viet Nam. Would he have a family? Would he be dealing with any of the trauma or health issues so many Viet Nam vets struggle with?  How different would our family be? One can only wonder how life would have been had that one moment in time been different.

Instead I honor and remember his life by sharing bits and pieces of his “history” that I uncover. You can read about his time in the Army in post I have written by clicking on the link below.

Remembering Robin
Love and Lattes,


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Countdown to Christmas – Christmas Cookies

  Today is National Cookie Day, which works well with the topic I already choose for today.
Day #4

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie or holiday baking tradition!

I do not have just one favorite,  that is what is special about Christmas cookies, you don’t get them all year long.

Years ago my sister Linda and I would take a Saturday and bake all kinds of cookies. Spritz cookies with my favorite gadget the cookie gun, snicker doodles, snow balls, cut out cookies and several others. It was always a fun time.

Over the years I continued to bake cookies with friends,my mom, Tara and even alone. Tara always got bored after just a batch or two. Lately I have not had the energy in December to bake. We did participate in a cookie exchange for a couple years since we returned to PA. That was a fun way to get a variety of cookies!

For many years my mom has made Pizzelles, Italian waffle cookies. She would prepare several batches using her Pizzelle iron. She made them for many years and loves sharing with family and friends. She is not able to stand long enough to do too much in the kitchen but maybe we will make them together this year.

Love and lattes, Martha

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Countdown to Christmas – O Holy Night

Gwynedd Square Presbyterian Church

Day 3

Growing up in the 60s, before cassettes, 8 tracks, CDs and MP3 players and IPods,  we listened to music recorded on vinyl and a machine called a record player (for all you youngins).

One of the 33 rpm vinyl records I remember in our family collection was Ernie Ford Star Carol. In

On that album he sang Oh Holy Night. This has remained my favorite Christmas hymn throughout the years.

I remember first spinning the album on our portable record player and later our big console stereo

Click to listen:

Many other artists have recorded this song and it is always beautiful, but this old recording will always bring back memories of Christmas past. 

The photo at the top of this post was take at Gywnedd Square Presbyterian Church in Lansdale, PA. This is the church I attended growing up and my mother still attends. I always loved how this shot turned out! It is also a favorite of my friend Karl. Karl’s family also attended this church back in the day. Some how after I moved back home from FL our paths crossed through our blogs! 

What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday song? I don’t really think I can pick just one more!! As much as I hate to admit it I have found myself singing (quietly) along with the holiday music at work!

Just THREE WEEKS until Christmas!

Love and Lattes,


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If you clicked on The Daily Grind, you are probably trying to figure out how you got here… well, I made the move from Blogger to WordPress with my very own self hosted domain!  It is a great accomplishment for me, I figured it out all on my own.  Now I just have to figure out all about the other design options, widgets and plug ins. Design is still under construction!

Scroll down a bit to the most current post.


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Welcome to my new home

Say What? I shouldn’t be double spacing after a period

Did you know that everything you learned about double spacing after a period when you type is WRONG when it comes to desktop publishing. It is a carry over from typewriter days when typefaces were monospaced, and unnecessary with proportional fonts. It really is hard to only hit the space bar once at the end of a sentence after 40 years of typing.

I’ve been thinking about moving my blog for a while now, just haven’t had the undistracted time (really don’t right now either, but I need a creative outlet). I’m moving my blog to WordPress, and giving myself a new name.

This spur of the moment change was prompted by the Blog Design workshop I attended on Saturday.  The workshop was hosted by Philly Social Media Moms, and sponsored by It was a morning out that I really needed. Although, because of my “vocal challenge”, I was not able to socialize much in the “crowd”, I totally enjoyed being in the group.

The heat has been crazy, a little break today. I will take 84ish, over 100+ any day.

Mom on Caffeine ( is my new home. I will be double posting for a bit, so if you want to bookmark that one, I would love to start getting traffic there.

I have bought the momoncaffeine domain, but need to figure out (and I think pay)to use it and redirect from this blog. I’ve created a temporary header, I need a “professional” picture of myself, the one there was shot by me with my iPhone, but I like it! I’m hoping this will give me the opportunity to finally meet Becky from Life with Kaishon. She is such an awesome photographer, I knew she will be able to me even me look good!

So, I’m running out of time here.  That is the story of my life!

Mom had surgery last Monday, and it has been a crazy week. She is home, doing okay, but her energy level is taking some time to come back. She needs help with things that she would rather do herself. Since I am gone all day at work, I need to make sure she is situated before I leave. A Physical Therapist and Visiting Nurse will be here today, but other than that I am leaving her in the “care” of Tara, who can barely work the microwave and toaster!

Thanks-a-latte for stopping by,


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Still here….

 Not much to say these days, and little time to sit and blog.  It is taking more out of me than I thought to adjust to working 5 days a week again (I think I’ve said that before).  By the time I am home in the evenings I spend time doing things around the house and then I am ready to just turn off the brain.  I’m much better at Twitter and Facebook right now… I can do that on my iPhone!

The school year is almost over – 3 1/2 more days!  Not sure if summer will be a good thing or bad… since this year I will be working mostly days, last summer we were able to do things early in the day before I went to work.  I’m hoping Tara is able to spend time with some of her new friends, they just don’t really live within walking distance!  I will not miss getting her up in the morning, although that has gotten better over the past couple of months.

I really am loving my job right now.  Never was sure I would say that about retail.  I got a promotion to the Senior Beauty Advisor, wish some extra beauty came with the job!  I am able to work on displays and be involved in a bit more than before and I do like working day time better than evenings.

With the crazy weather we’ve had I’ve barely touched my camera.  It either rained for days, or was blazing hot!  Tara and I are taking a road trip to the ocean tomorrow. 

I have been keeping up with my favorite bloggers… not commenting much, but reading when I can on my iPhone!

I need to find a BALANCE!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! Martha

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Checking In….

I’m still here.  I have to send my laptop off on a little vacation to Texas again (it travels more than me!), and I haven’t gotten the knack of blogging on my phone yet…. I will be working on that in my free time. I thought I would have some time on the desktop last night, but Tara had other plans!

Here are a couple pics of our day at the beach on Saturday.  I think that might be the last time we saw the sun?  I’m trying to work on a post from that day!

 Hoping Spring arrives soon.

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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Friday Fragments

No fragments today, I can barely put two thoughts together.  My mind is a mess.  Trying to figure out some family stuff and at this moment at a loss where to turn.

Be back soon, when I get this all figured out.

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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Back 2 Blogging – Day 5 – Why I Blog?

The SITS girls are having a Back to Blogging Challenge this week, and today’s prompt is to write a post about a woman who inspires you.  I have loved being a part of this challenge, as I had strayed far away from blogging over the past months!Some lucky participant of this challenge will win “Thelma and Louse” the washer and dryer above…. thanks to the sponsors – Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.

I started blogging to share our “adventures” with family and friends while Tara and I lived in Orlando. I continued to blog as it was fun for me, and I got to meet so many awesome people.

I found myself being a little obsessive when I started not one more, but two additional blogs… a photography blog, and one to record our “adventures’ as we planned for and executed a move home to Pennsylvania, and our day trips getting reaquainted with the area. I found myself a little overwhelmed by it all…

Life got busy when I went to work and Tara was homeschooled, and blogging seemed to take a backseat. I missed it though, and I am adjusted to my new “normal”, Tara is back in “real” school, and I now have some FREE time again, so I hope to be able to blog more often, and that I will have some interesting things to say!

I love having a journal of our lives over the past (almost) two years.  Sometimes I’ll think “when did that happen” and I know I can look back in my blog and find the information!!!

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness!

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Back to Blogging – Day 4 – A Woman who Inspires Me

The SITS girls are having a Back to Blogging Challenge this week, and today’s prompt is to write a post about a woman who inspires you.  I have loved being a part of this challenge, as I had strayed far away from blogging over the past months!

The woman who inspires me is my mother, Betty.  She is 86 and is still very active .  She is a woman of strong faith and totally dedicated to her family.  She has always been selfless, and put all of our needs before her own.  She is independent and has a quiet spunkiness about her.

From New Adventures in Lansdale and beyond!

During my life, my mother had endured more sadness than any mother should.  My brother was killed in Vietnam in 1969 (he was 19) and my father passed away very suddenly, at the young age of 62, just as they were beginning the part of their lives together when they could be free!!!

From The Daily Grind (Life and stuff)
scanned photo,family,Robin B Miller

My mom was always there for me.  Even during the few years that she did work outside of our home, she worked at my elementary school, she was home when I left for school, I’d see her during the day, and she was back home by the time I got home!  We have a very unique relationship.  While many women  adore their mom’s they will be the first to say they could never live with them, well my mother and I are able to co-exist.  She has helped me to raise Tara as a single mom, there to lend a helping hand.  My mother flew INTO Orlando back in 2004, to be with me when the 4th hurricane was predicted to hit, because I had become so stressed by it all. 

My mom helped (still does) with her grand children and great grand children.  At the age of 71, she helped care full time for her newborn great grandson Tyler.  He is 15 now, and they still have a very special bond.
Mom, Tyler and Chad Brookview July 4th, 2005
My mother is still very involved in her church, which is what helped her through the loss of my brother, her mother to Azheimer’s, and my father. She is still very involved with the church, heading several service projects, and on several committees.  In her 80s, has gone to Mississippi and Louisiana to work with Habitat for Humanity and other such organizations in rebuilding homes destroyed by Katrina.

 My mother is quiet, will rarely pat herself on her back, and continues to say, “I wish I could do more”, her mind is still very active, as are her hands, however, she has pain on a daily basis in her leg, and some days that slows her down more than she likes.

Some lucky participant of this challenge will win “Thelma and Louse” the washer and dryer above…. thanks to the sponsors – Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.
A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness!

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