28 years ago

my dad passed away.

He was 62 years old.

Dad grew up in Norristown, PA. He was the  oldest of four kids.

He went to Norristown High School.,

Joined the Navy, serving in WWII.


Married my Mom on Dec 8th, 1945 and spent the rest of us life as a devoted and loving husband and father.


He was dedicated to his family and to his job.

He worked for Bell of PA for over 40 years when he retired.


He came home every night after work, unless there was a work function he was required to attend. He was not one to “hang out with the guys.”

He was great father, and grand father. Sadly he did not get to meet any of his great grandkids.

He was a Mason, and a Lion, and elder in his church.


He loved to be outside. I think he even liked mowing the grass. He mowed 3/4 of an acre on foot, no riding mower for him. For years he tended a garden.

He and my mother loved to travel together. He the driver, she the navigator, drink and snack retriever.

Camping was his favorite type of travel. He and my mother traveled many many miles in their camping years. He also loved the time spent on St Croix, USVI.




He almost always wore a hat when outside. He took his “piloting” of his Suburban and travel trailer quite seriously!



When he was relaxing at him, most likely he would be found in his Lazy Boy chair. It was his 50th birthday gift. My mom kept that chair MANY years after he passed.


He taught me to be punctual and never to be late for work, he taught me to drive (that did not always go well) and that whenever you can you should back into a parking place so you can pull out. Sorry Dad, I don’t always follow that suggestion! 

I know I speak for my family. We all miss him very much. I wish we had been gifted many more years than we had with him here on earth.






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Happy Father’s Day


Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.
Bill Cosby


We don’t celebrate Father’s Day in our house, my grand fathers, my dad and Tara’s father have all passed.


That’s not to say there aren’t some great dad’s in our extended family, because there are many! To those I say Happy Father’s Day!


Instead on this day, as every day, I remember my Dad, William Miller.


My father was hard working. He loved to be outside. I enjoyed spending time with him. Even as a teen ager, I loved running errands with him. Trips to the office, or the hardware store, or to church where he volunteered his time to care for the grounds. Time working in the yard or garden gave him “quiet” time.


We always went on great summer vacations. One image that comes to mind when I think of Dad is of him driving our Suburban pulling our trailer. He loved to drive. I get that from him too. I will drive about anywhere!


He wore hats to shield his bald head from the sun and cold! He loved camping. It was the type of weekend or vacation getaway that got him away from work and the phone! I am sure he would not have been a big fan of the cellular explosion. He was in the communication business all of his life, worked for Bell of PA, an early predecessor of what is now Verizon.


My dad loved photography. As evidenced by the 100s if not thousands of photos and slides. I wonder what he would have thought the digital age, and home computing. Technology has changed so much since 1986. I would have loved to have shared our hobby more!

A favorite photo of a favorite place – Nova Scotia 1972


He wore Old Spice, loved peanuts and ice cream!


My father taught me it is always better to back into a parking spot, than out of one. From  him I also learned it is better to be 1/2 hour early for something and just one minute late. (I tend to be punctual to a fault!)


He was a great dad and Pop Pop to my niece and nephews. I wish he had been around to be Pop Pop to Tara and to have met all the later additions to our family!


I wish I had another day to spend with him. To catch him up on all that has changed over the past 26 years, and to tell him how much I love him and how proud of was to have him for my Dad.


Tara’s father, Rick Kasper, was only in her life for a short time, gone from us before she was 1 year old. He chose another life, in other places.  He had a restlessness inside that he was never able to quiet. Sadly he passed in December 2009.  I hope he has found the peace on the other side that he longed for all of his short life. RIP

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On Getting a Life and Father’s Day

Good Morning.

Getting a life you ask?  Why that title?  I will tell you.  On more than one occasion, when in the midst of a mother/teenager argument, my daughter has told me to “GET A LIFE”.   Ouch!  But, maybe the wake up call I needed!

I started this post on Saturday morning over my morning coffee…. it got too wordy and long, and I got distracted, so I am sure anyone reading would have too.  Back to the drawing board.  Let’s try bullet points shall we?

  • School is out for summer.  While I am sure it will bring it’s own set of challenges and drama, I am thankful that I will be able to get up for work each morning and just think about getting myself ready, and that my commute is back to a mere 6 minutes.  This was one tough school year, the must trying and stressful one yet.
  • I have decided that I need to start putting ME first, and making time for ME to do the things that I enjoy or at least need to do to take care of myself.  It is difficult because while Tara tells me to GET A LIFE when she is angry at me, she is still very demanding of my time.
  • Along with the GETTING A LIFE theme, I have embarked on (again) a healthier living regime.  The good news when I got on the scale (that was in storage) is that I had maintained my weight over the past year.  Not that it is a good weight to maintain, but at least it didn’t go UP!
  • I was hating meal time… or at least the planning of the meals.  I would dread walking in the house after work I dreaded it so much.  Tara and my mother both have totally different eating styles, and Tara has become picky as far as the protein part of the meal.  I have decided to keep things simple, and if I need to make two things as the main dish for dinner, so be it!
  • I am using SparkPeople to journal my food and activity.  I bought a SmartHealth Pedometer/Heart Rate Monitor. I wanted to track the number of steps I put in every day at work!  Some days I feel like I walk ten miles.  Just in the first 45 minutes on Friday I put in 1,500 steps! 
  • These have become one of my new favorite things…. Biggest Loser Protein Shakes.  Yummy.  I love both the vanilla and chocolate.
  • I have been taking little time for photography the past couple of weeks.  I did change that a bit on Saturday.  We went for a drive and I made a couple photo op stops (and put in some steps on my pedometer).  Still working on editing the pictures.
  • I bought a new computer monitor and speakers yesterday.  Our monitor kept shutting off.  I think it might be something with the cord, but I found a good sale at Best Buy.  I need to buy new speakers though, as our other speakers plugged into the monitor.  I need to hook that up today.  Hopefully this will be one less thing for Tara to be frustrated over.  She has very low tolerance when technology is functioning 100%.
  • So, as you can see, life is pretty boring (with the exclusion of TEEN DRAMA), and as a result, nothing notable to blog about.  I think of ideas some mornings in the shower, but by the time I have time to sit down and blog, I have forgotten.
  • We have no vacation plans for the summer.  It is too hard to get away with the pets, and taking the time off from work.  One thing I miss about AT&T are the 6 weeks of vacation days!  We seem to do better on day trips (when we aren’t fighting)

Today is Father’s Day, not one we really celebrate in our household.  I remember my father with much love on this day as all other days, and Tara’s father was not in her life, and he sadly passed away about 18  months ago. 

Happy Father’s Day to all those single Mom’s out there who are having to play dual roles in the children’s life.  I’ve been doing it for 14 years and it is not an easy road!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by! Martha

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Unconscious Mutterings

I had gotten away from participating in unconscious mutterings, however, I always enjoyed “playing” along, so I’m going to start the year off right!

    1. Carwash ::  wet
    2. Intuition :: razor
    3. Desperate ::  housewives
    4. Tears ::  cry
    5. Purple ::  rain
    6. Storage ::  stuff
    7. Duct :: tape
    8. System ::  error
    9. Cabinet :: maker
    10. Manager :: page


Twenty five years ago today, my dad passed away.  He’s been gone for almost 1/2 of my life.  There are so many situations when I wish he was here to give me advice.  I miss him so very much.

Tara and I had a quiet NYE.  I got home from work around 4:30, we had a quick dinner, nothing fancy, and then we headed out to the movies.  I had been wanting to see The Tourist, so this was the pick for the night.  It was an enjoyable movie.  I love Johnny Depp!

After we got home we went up and spent the rest of the evening with our neighbor Vivian and her family.  I had a glass of wine, and some champagne at midnight.  We had a nice time visiting, my mom even joined us to ring in the New Year.

New Year’s Day had Tara and I making a quick trip to King of Prussia Mall.  I had to exchange the phone case I bought myself for Christmas, and Tara wanted to spend some of my money in her favorite store – Hot Topic.  I then picked up a rotissierie chicken for a quick lunch, as I had to go into work at 4pm.  I was fortunate that this holiday season I had only to work New Year’s Day as my holiday since the store was open Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Today was SUPPOSED to be my day of “rest”.  To stay at home, go no where, and do just what I wanted too.  Well, that didn’t last long.  I wound up taking Tara and her friends to the mall and picking them back up.  It really isn’t that far, or even really a big deal, but I was so annoyed that she did not stick to agreement.  I love how most of the time no other parents are available to be the taxi!

Although I did not miss not having to get Tara up for school, I am glad that she goes back tomorrow.   I am glad that I am not scheduled to work until Tuesday, so I will have a day to myself to get re-centered/re-grouped!

Thanks A-Latte for stopping by!

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Veterans Day 2010

I have recycled parts of this post the last two years, I added a new poem that I found that I just love.

Americans and Americans abroad, Please take a moment out of your day to think about what all of the veterans past and present have done for you and our country.

They Did Their Share 
On Veteran’s Day we honor Soldiers who protect our nation. 
For their service as our warriors, They deserve our admiration. 
Some of them were drafted; Some were volunteers; 
For some it was just yesterday; For some it’s been many years; 
In the jungle or the desert, On land or on the sea, 
They did whatever was assigned To produce a victory. 
Some came back; some didn’t. 
They defended us everywhere. 
Some saw combat; some rode a desk; 
All of them did their share. 
No matter what the duty, For low pay and little glory, 
These soldiers gave up normal lives, For duties mundane and gory. 
Let every veteran be honored; Don’t let politics get in the way. 
 Without them, freedom would have died; 
What they did, we can’t repay. We owe so much to them, 
Who kept us safe from terror, So when we see a uniform, 
Let’s say “thank you” to every wearer. 
By Joanna Fuchs

From The Daily Grind

From The Daily Grind

Today is a day to take special time out of our busy lives to pay tribute to those who have fought for our nation throughout history. Without their sacrifice, and for many it was the ultimate sacrifice, we might not enjoy the freedoms that we do today. Things may not be “right” with the nation at this time, but we still can speak freely, vote for our leaders, and worship as we choose!

Today I will pay special tribute to my late father, William Sr. who fought in WWII, and to my late brother Robin, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation in Viet Nam. He was killed in action on 3/9/1969! You are both forever in my heart and forever on my mind.

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