Disney Daze

For a chronological list our our day trips to Disney, please click here.

Disney Daze

Updated through our latest visit on 2/2.

Disney Daze

A pictorial journey of our Disney visits during our first year as Annual Passholders which began on April 4, 2017

We made 50  visits in 305 days, several days, we went to two parks. For 2018, we have made 4 visits.

We did not eat at too many restaurants, but we did make it to Be Our Guest, Kona Cafe, Sci-Fi (2x), Prime Time Cafe (2x), Satuli Cafe, T-Rex, Polite Pig, We have also eaten at Cosmic Ray’s, Columbia House, Pinocchios, Electric Umbrella, and Katsura Grill.

We were able to make multiple trips a week before Tara started working which I am glad we did. We have averaged once a week, but lately we are only making the trip every other week. It was so crowded during the holidays that we choose not to go! It is difficult for us to have a day off together! Disney is our happy place, and we spent 16% of our time there!

Life is life, whether it is in Pennsylvania and Florida. It has not been all magical moments since we have moved, but we have absolutely no regrets. Life wouldn’t be perfect if we had stayed in Lansdale either!


1. Apr 4 Annual Pass purchase and Disney Springs

2. Apr 6 Magic Kingdom

3. Apr 7 Disney Springs

4. Apr 11 Epcot

5. April 14 Animal Kingdom

7. Apr 20 Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

8. Apr 24 Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

9. Apr 28 Magic Kingdom

10. May 1 EPCOT

11. May 2 Magic Kingdom

12. May 6 Animal Kingdom

13. May 9 Magic Kingdom and EPCOT

14. May 14 Magic Kingdom

15. May 17 EPCOT

16. May 20 Magic Kingdom

17. May 25 Kona Cafe & Animal Kingdom

18. May 26 Hollywood Studios

19. May 28 Hollywood Studios

20. May 30 Magic Kingdom

21. Jun 3 Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

22. Jun 4 Animal Kingdom

23. Jun 8 Magic Kingdom












24. Jun 10 EPCOT










25. Jun 20 Hollywood Studios

26. Jun 23 Magic Kingdom

28. Jun 28 Magic Kingdom

29. Jul 3 Animal Kingdom

30. Jul 10 Magic Kingdom & EPCOT


31. Jul 11 Hollywood Studios

32. Jul 15 Magic Kingdom

33. Jul 20 Magic Kingdom







34. July 29 Hollywood Studios

This photo is a huge deal for me…. I never get in character photos and especially never post full body shots!

35. Aug 7 Magic Kingdom

36. Aug 13 Hollywood Studio

Your truly and Katie from PA. It was good to see someone from back home. Katie and her family are very special to me!

Its a wrap. The last day of the Great Movie Ride and our last ride.










37. Aug 21 EPCOT

38. September 18 – Magic Kingdom








39. October 7th – Magic Kingdom








40.  October 16 – EPCOT











41. October 27th – EPCOT











42. Novemer 2nd – Disney Studios















43. November 18 – Hollywood Studios














44. November 24th – Magic Kingdom














45. December 12th – . Hollywood Studios













46 .December 16th – Magic Kingdom












47. January 15 – Disney Springs











48. January 26 – Magic Kingdom

They day Tara got 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear!














49. January 29 – EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and The Yacht Club

The day we visited with Carol and Gary!









50. February 2  – EPCOT

This was a super awesome! Lots of character photos and a walk around World Showcase,

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