Disney Visits

We became Florida Annual Pass holders on 4/4/2017, just three days after arriving in Florida. Although it is a 50 mile trip to the parks we have been making frequent trips… It is our activity/entertainment as we settle in to a new life without friends and family nearby.

4/1 Disney Springs
4/4 Disney Springs – Purchase APs

4/6 Magic Kingdom (MK) with Ashley

4/11 EPCOT

4/12 Hollywood Studios (DHS)

4/14  Animal Kingdom (DAK)

4/20 MK and DHS

Be Our Guest Restaurant


4/24 DHS and MK

4/26 DHS






4/28 MK


5/2 Magic Kingdom

5/6 DHS and AK

5/9 EPCOT and MK

Last time seeing Wishes












5/12 DHS









5/14 MK

First time seeing  Happily Ever After









5/17 EPCOT









5/20 MK









5/25 Polynesian and DAK
















5/26 DHS

5/28 DHS

5/30 MK

6/3 DAK and DHS

6/4 DAK

6/8 MK












6/10 EPCOT

6/20 DHS

6/23 MK
The day I rode Splash Mtn

6/28 MK

The day I rode Thunder Mtn

7/3 DAK

Dale having a little fun!


Now that I am doing these updates in a more timely manner, I will give a little more of a synopsis

We decided to head to the parks earlier today. We arrived at EPCOT around 11:30.

We first did Spaceship Earth and then headed to Universe of Energy which will have been our last time on this ride as it is closing on 8/13/2017. We have gotten Fast Passes for Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios for that night, since it is also closing, so it is doubtful that we will make it to EPCOT as well.

We also meet Daisy Duck and I met a fellow Instagramer who happens to be a Monorail CM. Monorail Tim.

It was a hot hot day, so we decided to take a monorail ride to Magic Kingdom.  Leaving EPCOT is so much easier than Magic Kingdom.

Once we arrived we watched the castle show, rode Splash Mtn, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion.























We decided to leave EPCOT and head to Magic Kingdom on the monorail. It was an extremely hot/humid day and the thought of the tram, car, tram, monorail to get to MK by car was not appealing. It was nice to ride the monorail and go rigt to the entrance, no security either.





















We watched the new show (for us) at the castle. It was really fun! It was really HOT standing in the open sun at 4pm!
We had fast passes for Haunted Mansion, and when we came out it was pouring. With no ponchos, we rarely bring them, we walked to Tomorrowland and rode the people mover. It was still raining but not as hard. We walked to Adventureland. Our Jungle Cruise fast pass had been replaced with a FP for any ride because the ride was closed. We were going to use it on Pirates, but when we walked past, JC was open! We rode with one of the best guides I recall! I think his name was Brendan, although his name tag said Jeremy!

It was starting to rain again so we decided to head back to EPCOT to head home. I like the return ride on the monorail, as it takes a loop around the park! Once we arrived we decided to go back in the park and Spaceship Earth one more time!

The ride home was not much fun. It rained really hard! All in all, heat, humidity and rain, it was a very most excellent day at Disney.




















Disney Hollywood Studios
I worked until 3pm, so we decided to back over to Disney. Tara had been watching videos about the Great Movie ride and wanted to ride. This is such an easy park to visit for just a couple hours. She made fast passes of Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror and Pixar Live. We had not seen Pixar Live before. It was a nice performance of Pixar soundtracks by the orchestra with characters immersed throughout! Of course we also did the Great Movie ride! Tara rode TofT twice, and of course she beat me at Toy Story Mania..




Magic Kingdom

We headed over to MK for the evening. We had a FP for Pirates, Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. We also rode the people mover and Haunted Mansion. We grabbed a snack at Pinocchio’s, a Caprese Flatbread! It was very good! At the end of the evening we watched fireworks from the ferry dock at TTC.




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