Project 365 – Day 10 – Shine On

“Yeah we all shine on, like the moon and the stars  and the sun” John Lennon

Another impressive work of the Philly Mural Arts program found at Broad and Lehigh. I need to get Rise from the other side of the building!

You can see all of my Project 365 photos on Instagram here.
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Project 365 – Day 9 – Love Park

Another photo from our drive through Philly on Friday.
I am dedicating this day to my co-worker Ashley who will be running LoveRun 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I admire those who are dedicated and fit enough to run any distance.

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Project 365 – Day 8 – Philly Streets

Tara and I went out for coffee today (Friday) and wound up on one of our quick drives down Broad St and back home. We both just love the energy of the city, I needed some new material for my Project 365 since I would be working all weekend, so we figured why not before I headed to work for the evening.

This bike and background caught my eye. It was a bright spot on a crowded city street on a pretty dreary day!

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Project 365 -Day 2 -Spring Snow

This was quite a pretty landscape on my way to work. Again not really what one wants to see on the 2nd day of Spring. This was a shot I wanted after previous snow falls but generally too much traffic. This was a quiet Saturday morning.
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Project 365 – Day 1 – Silly Selfie

On the first day of Spring, I started a new Photo-A-Day, Project 365 project. January 1st just did not seem like the right time, with little opportunity to really get out and about for interesting photos. One can only post so many pictures of their cat and snow!

Here is a silly one for Day One! Me at work with a toy hard hat one.

We had snow on the first day of spring. not just flurries, but a 12 hour storm!

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