Project 365 – Day 1 – Silly Selfie

On the first day of Spring, I started a new Photo-A-Day, Project 365 project. January 1st just did not seem like the right time, with little opportunity to really get out and about for interesting photos. One can only post so many pictures of their cat and snow!

Here is a silly one for Day One! Me at work with a toy hard hat one.

We had snow on the first day of spring. not just flurries, but a 12 hour storm!

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My Day in a Camden Parking Garage…

Too too long again since I have shared photos on this blog. It really is hard to be “creative” in a sense with so much negativity around in our home. It is exhausting just being here sometimes, once I walk back through the door all energy and ambition I might have while I am out is just zapped away.

It is hard to believe that spring has come and gone and we are 1/2 way through summer. As usual we have no big summer plans, affording a vacation away from home is just not something we can do at this point. Tara and I spend lots of time on “road trip” adventures just to kill time out of the house.

As she has done in the past four years, Tara attended Vans Warped Tour in Camden, New Jersey two weeks ago. This is a HUGE all day outside concert with more bands that I can name. It is a great time for Tara and her friends.

This year, as I have also done the past four years, I was the transportation to and from! I learned through experience that it is best for me to stay in the area due to the distance, traffic and uncertainty of how long they will stay. I found that the parking garage is a comfortable place to spend the day enjoying some alone time in my car. DVDs, IPad, books and snacks make the day quite a little get away for me!

I was kept company on this day by the cutest baby Robin’s. They were big enough to be out of the nest, but not yet big enough to fly. Mama Robin was close by all day and I could hear them “talking” to one another.

Looking out over just a small part of the concert venue for the day.

As I was parked on top of a parking garage, I had a great view of what I thought was the Super Moon, however, I was a night early. I got some pretty cool shots of the night before the Super Moon moon!


Philly from across the river.

Ben Franklin Bridge – I went for a walk and forgot to bring my normal lens so I could not get the whole thing in the frame! This is my favorite bridge.

The shark and flower are part of the aquarium.

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Ruby Tuesday Too – South Philly Reds

Tara and I went to a Philadelphia Soul (arena football) game on Saturday. We went to help a team of folks from Walgreens give away freebies to spectators. I always take the opportunity on our adventures to take photos.

We were at the Sports Complex in Philadelphia home of Philadelphia Philles, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Sixers and Philadelphia Soul. Venue for many concerts and other events.

Citizens Bank Park – home of the Philadelphia Phillies

The sports complex is near the Philadelphia Int’l Airport.

The Flyers are in the playoffs… the Sixers not such a good season.
Color Guard after the National Anthem

Philly Skyline from the parking lot

Not sure what this is…. but it was big and RED!

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Ruby Tuesday Too – Chinatown

Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA
I love being in Chinatown in Philadelphia. From the signs written in Chinese, the design of the lamposts, and all the other sights and aromas coming from all of the restaurants, I feel like I have been transported to another “world”.

I’ve shared this on for RT before, but I really like this one for some reason, so I am sharing again!
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Monday Mellow Yellow – Philadelphia Trolley

Since it’s the beginning of baseball season and the PHILLIES are 6-6, I think they need a little extra cheering by way of a Philadelphia Yellow (and Green) Trolly. I love the vintage look of these trolleys. I DO NOT like driving on the streets with the trolley tracks!

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Song-ography – Photograph

Time really flies when you are having fun  working! I was doing a really good job posting regularly on one or the other or both of my blogs and then EIGHT DAYS STRAIGHT of work got in my way.  After the 5th… my ambition just hits that wall! I just had a three day weekend, but I pretty much just hibernated for those days. Tara is away visiting her boyfriend and his family, so I have had some quiet time to myself!

I am going to jump right back in with  Song-ography for this week. I have really come to LOVE these weekly songs as prompts for sharing photographs. Is “meme” still the correct term to use for such things?


This week’s song is Photograph by Nickleback. I can’t say I ever heard this song, and I really enjoyed listening to it!

The lyrics definitely make me think of the years Tara and I lived in Florida, and the occasional pangs of “homesickness” for that life. It was different then… almost (almost) like a 6 year vacation, after all we lived less than one hour from Disney World, we had a pool of our own, and we lived 1000 miles from family. There are days now that I wish we had that life back, but others I am very thankful that we are living back “home” close to family!

“Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey’s head?”

MK Tara Ta Da 2-22-06

She will kill me if she sees that I posted this.


Tara in Tub photo Tara2003MissBubble.jpg

Tara and James  - Mayhem Fest - Camden 2012 photo 62f10faae7f76f2d0a94fbe719b5f8e7.jpg

A little more recent (2012) when she had bright pink hair that garnered many comments. Plus James Cassells of Asking Alexandria is REALLY HOT!


I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane at the expense of my beautiful and funny daughter, and my interpretation of Photograph by Nickleback.

Stop by You”ll Shoot Your Eye Out and how other’s interpreted the theme!


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To Everything There is a Season


This weeks Song-ography theme is Turn, Turn, Turn. I always loved the song as recorded by The Byrds. Until today I did not realize it was “written” by Pete Seeger, using the words from Ecclesiates 3:18. In the  60s these words were very appropriate with all that was going in the US and Vietnam during that time.  I hope you like my interpretation of this theme!

This song actually crossed my mind as we started 2014, when within one short week my family celebrated the life of my uncle who had passed and the arrival of two tiny new family members!

On January 4th, I gathered with my mother, sister, aunts, cousins, and second cousins, to celebrate the life of my Uncle Doug. He has passed away on Christmas Eve at the age of 85. Uncle Doug was always the life of the party and a jokester. His is greatly missed by his family!


A time to die, a time to mourn, a time to lose

We always say we only get together at weddings and funerals. Some of us don’t see each other often, but it is so wonderful when we come together as a group! There was one faction of the family that for many years had been “fractured” from my immediate family, for reasons we never understood. This gathering mended that fracture a bit I believe.


A time to love, a time to embrace

 Just six days later on Jan 11th, my mom, sister and myself patiently waited (or not) for the arrival of two very special little family members.  At 5:30 and 8:30 respectfully, Avery Elizabeth and Spencer Thomas, joined our family. They were the first babies to be born in our immediate family in close to 13 years, and Avery the first girl since Tara, 17 years ago!

A time to be born, a time to love, a time to dance

A time to be born, a time to love, a time to gain,  a time to dance (Chad is holding Spencer, Tasha is holding Avery)


A time for peace

A time for peace






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Oh the Places I’ve Been

I love to travel. When I was young, my parents and I traveled quite a bit. Not to many exotic locations, but I feel quite fortunate to have been able to travel as much as we did on summer vacations.   We traveled mostly in the continental US as we camped with a trailer. My dad liked having his own space!

In the “early” years, we did travel to Canada on several vacations. One of my favorite vacations and destinations was Nova Scotia. This is a place I would love to return some day! Even though it was 42 years ago, I still have some very special memories of that vacation. We started the trip from Portland, ME, and took a ferry to the southern tip of Nova Scotia. We traveled most of the way around the province and also took a trip to Prince Edward Island, and on the way back home we traveled through New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.   This is a beautiful vacation destination!

We also visited Canada on at least two other vacations. I don’t remember those quite as well. I also was able to visit Montreal on day trips when when I was in college, it was just 90 minutes away from Saranac Lake, NY.


Peggy’s Cove- taken by my father

In high school, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe during spring break in 10th and 11th grade (1972 and 1973). These were group trips and I traveled with other students and teachers from our school. During the 10th grade trip, I was fortunate enough to have my best friend from high school, Bonnie as a travel partner. This was the first time either of us had traveled without family! It was also the first time I got DRUNK, I put back a little too much beer at the Hofbrau Haus in Munich.

During these trips, I visited Iceland (just the airport), Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and a brief stop in Metz, France. Highlights of the trips for me were Salzburg, Austria,  Oberammergau, Germany, Castle Neuschwanstein and Dachau.


Drinking in Germany!

Fast forward to 1982 when I visited St. Croix, USVI for the first time with my family. My aunt and uncle had a condo there, and my mother, father and I traveled there with them. I immediately fell in love with the island. Shortly after that trip, my parents invested in the condo next store, so we made several trips there over the years. From there we also traveled to St. Thomas.

My father unfortunately passed away in 1986, not long after spending six weeks on the island with my mother. I traveled there several more times with family and friends. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo destroyed much of the island and my mother was able to sell the property back to the original owner who had it rebuilt with insurance funds.  While on a cruise that stopped in St. Thomas, my mother and I took a seaplane to St. Croix for the day, hired a driver and toured the island once again. Some day, I would like to return to St. Croix.



I also have traveled to several other islands while on cruises.  One of the cruises was with friends from work in 1990 and the other was with my mother in 1993.

In 1996, for our first anniversary, my late ex-husband and I visited Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This was a very last minute spur of the moment trip which made it quite fun.


A skinny tan me with my $600 slot machine winnings!

Since I became a Mom, we have not traveled much. Tara and I made one trip to Disney World in 2003, and moved to Orlando shortly after. We spent the next six years pretty much not leaving that state!

Since moving back to PA, finances have not really allowed for any major vacations. Maybe one day soon I will be able to start checking things off my bucket list again!

This is my entry into Mama Kat’s writing workshop for this week. Head on over and check out the prompts and join in!

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Happy Birthday Kovu

It’s a day late, it snuck up on me, but KOVU our cat turned EIGHT YEARS old yesterday.

Kovu and his siblings were born early on the morning of 3/26/2006 most of them in my bed right next to Tara!

Daphne a cat we had gotten from a rescue had gotten out of the house before we had a chance to have her spayed. She was an escape artist from a very young age!  She wound up presenting us with FIVE healthy kittens. While it was not the best thing for the cat population, it was SO much fun raising the kittens and oh so hard when the time came to share them with their forever homes.

We kept the two “ginger cats” both males – Kovu and Simba. Simba, much like his mother was an escape artist and left home one morning, never to return :(.

Kovu has always been and will always be TARA’s boy!

Happy BELATED Birthday – Bubba. We <3 p="" you="">
All five of the babies – Nala, Simba, Kiara, Kovu and Sarabi – all Lion King names.

3-27-2006 photo 032720061.jpg
One day old – eight years ago today – Kovu is 2nd from the right
3-30-2006 photo 033020061.jpg
Kovu is the 2ns one from te bottom you can see his face.

 photo 04072006.jpg
4-7-2006 – Again Kovu is 2nd from the right

 photo IMG_5527.jpg
 photo IMG_6087.jpg

 photo kovucollage.jpg

Camera Critters

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