2017 - Our Days at Disney

April 4 - Disney Springs

Today we visited Disney Springs with Ashley, purchased our Annual Passes and had lunch at TRex.

April 6 - Magic Kingdom

Finally "back home" as they say.  It was a beautiful moment to finally step back on Main St.  Tara, Ashely and I had a great time!

April 11 - EPCOT

A much needed day off from work and Tara's and my first trip back to EPCOT!

April 14 - Animal Kingdom

April 20 - Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Be our Guest at Magic Kingdom

We had breakfast at Be Our Guest and then hopped over to Hollywood Studios and splurged on lunch at Primetime Cafe!

April 24 - EPCOT

April 28 - Magic Kingdom

May 1 - EPCOT

May 2 - Magic Kingdom

May 6 - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

May 9 - EPCOT & Magic Kingdom

May 12 - Hollywood Studios

May 14 - Magic Kingdom

Mother’s Day

It was an emotional visit.  We also saw the new Happily Ever After firework show for the first time.

May 17 - EPCOT

May 20 - Magic Kingdom

May 25 - Animal Kingdom

We had dinner at Kona Cafe at the Polynesiian before we headed to Animal Kingdom for the evening.

May 26 - Hollywood Studios

May 28 - Hollywood Studios

May 30 - Magic Kingdom

June 3 - Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

June 8 - Magic Kingdom

June 10 - EPCOT

June 20 - Hollywood Studios

June 23 - Magic Kingdom

June 28 - Magic Kingdom

July 3 - Animal Kingdom

July 10 - EPCOT & Magic Kingdom

July 11 - Hollywood Studios

July 15 - Magic Kingdom

July 20 - Magic Kingdom

July 29 - Hollywood Studios

August 7 - Magic Kingdom

August 13 - Hollywood Studios

Today we met Katie Young and her parents at the parks!  It was nice seeing someone from back home!  

August 21 - EPCOT

September 18 - Magic Kingdom

It was awesome seeing the Halloween decorations!

September 26 - Magic Kingdom

October 7 - Magic Kingdom

October 16 - EPCOT

October 21 - Animal Kingdom

The day I rode Mt Everest!

October 27 - EPCOT

November 2 - Disney Springs

We needed to get out of the house for a bit!

November 18 - Hollywood Studios

Christmas decorations are up!

November 24 - Magic Kingdom

December 12 - Hollywood Studios

The animated show on Towere of Terror was awesome to see!

December 16 - Magic Kingdom

I needed to see the castle with the icicle lights!  Even 9 days before Christmas the crowds were crazy.  We pretty much walked in and walked back out!

2018 - Our Days at Disney

January 15 - Disney Springs

January 26 - Magic Kingom

January 29 - EPCOT and Animal Kingdom

We made a quick stop at EPCOT before meeting my high school classmate Carol and her partner Gary at Animal Kingdom. We were treated to Yacht Club Club Level lounge for dessert and a cocktail!

February 2 - EPCOT

Fun day getting character autographs and lunch at Japan

February 22 - Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingom

The big 60 for me.  Lunch at Sci-Fi Diner and a stop at Magic Kingdom. Sadly I wasn't feeling my best on this special day!

March 4 - EPCOT

Today Tara turned 21!  She visited Magic Kingdom with Ashley and Dani from PA and John, while I had a solo day at EPCOT!

March 17 - Hollywood Studios

March 25 - Magic Kingdom

April 28 - EPCOT

May 22 - Hollywood Studios

May 28 - Magic Kingdom

June 14 - Hollywood Studios

Tara was back in PA for a wedding, so I made a solo trip to HS and met my long time friend from AT&T for lunch at Sci Fi diner.

August 17 - Hollywood Studios

After 2 long months of no trips to Disney.... work schedules are hard, we took a drive to see Toy Story Land finally.  I was not feeling well and it was really crowded!