Remembering Robin

Sgt. Robin B. Miller

This page is in rememberance of my brother, Robin B. Miller, who made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life for his country.  Robin was killed in Viet Nam at the young age of 19, on March 9, 1969.

I am launching this on 3/9/1969, the 50th anniversary of his death.

It is still a work in progress. Check back for additional photos and content.

Preserving the Memories

I want to preserve and share Robin;s photos and letters sent home during his time in the Army. Robin was very faithful in writing home as often as possible. My mother saved every letter from day 1 in basic training.

I had worked on tnis project in the past but unfortunately lost much of the data.

Gone but not forgotten

Robin was much more than a soldier. He was a son, a brother, a friend. He made a quiet impact on all who knew him. As his "little sister", who was only 11 at the time of his death, I have always wondered what would have been, how our family would have been different had this tragedy not impacted our lives.

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